Wear A Little Black Dress This Winter!


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little black dress

Black Little Dress, ‘LBD’ is going to stay here for long, wear it in all seasons and reasons. Winter can be chilling, but layering clothes can be cozy! Fashion is important, and so the necessity of being warm. “Winter has come, hide all your little dresses away, until the temperature goes normal”, is the common phenomena that everybody uses. Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean that you have to hide your dresses away. Your little black dress can be worn at the time in the winter, all it takes is, little extra layering knowledge. Wearing a dress with extra layering gives you an adorable and stylish look.

You might need few fashion basics to wear a little dress this winter. Pieces like tights, leggings, thick socks, boots, scarves, gloves and cardigans would help you in giving a stylish look. Here are a few tips to which makes you look adorable by choosing the right layering for your dress.

5 Styles To Get Dressed With Little Black Dress

1Tights and Pants

Tights and Pants

It is winter, and you would like to be all covered and feel warm. In order to protect yourself from cold, choose tights, body hugging pants or thick socks to cover your body as much as possible. You can also choose sheer tights which makes the look more appealing. You can wear black sheer or try other shades and experiment neon colors.

2Step into Warm Boots

Step into Warm Boots

Stop shivering, and choose warm boots! Wear ankle boots or whole shoes to protect your legs from freezing. Also, your black dress looks attractive with warm boots. Choose neutral and solid colors to make you look more adorable and interesting. Black and brown rule the shoe world.

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3Wrap a Scarf Around

Wrap a Scarf Around

A Scarf is an easy and beautiful option to prevent from cold this winter with the little dress. Black outfits and stoles/scarves make the best pair in dressing world. Choose it properly and wear it accordingly. You can wrap it either around your neck, or around simply hanging it from your shoulders makes an ultimate style statement.

4Pull It Over

Pull It Over

Teaming your little black dress with blazer, cardigans or cropped jackets can surely turn heads when you wear it. It instantly brightens up the formal look. It’s just not only a trick that keeps you warm, but also a an amazing way to dress your little dress. Choose simpler blazer, and let it not have much of designs and patterns. The color you choose. Describes your personality, so choose neutral and elegant colors to pair it up with the LBD (little black dress).

5Glove Charm

Glove Charm

Not to forget, Gloves! A pair of black glove with your little black dress can entirely make you look classy. You can also choose beautiful sequins and designs on the gloves. Also, try black sheer gloves, which make you look simple. Gloves are the best thing that you can opt this winter for a simple and elegant look.

-Nikisha Uddagiri

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