Reasons why you should watch Irudhi Suttru/Saala Khadoos


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Saala Khadoos

Indian Cinema has been taking a high road since the start of 2016 with many popular and interesting movies like a Wazir, Airlift, Visaranai, Pavada and not to of course forget the hero of our article – Irudhi Suttru or Saala Khadoos. I am going to concentrate more on the tamil version of this movie, of course! A movie like Irudhi Suttru has floored the audience without giving them a chance to complain about anything. Needless to say, the actor Madhavan is back on screen after a good 3 year gap and definitely is back with a super bang.

There are some reasons why you should definitely watch this movie. Well, to start off with, the movie’s storyline is definitely not common and Indian directors are not very confident if they can work around a subject like this. This is one of the main reasons why you should go to the theatres and watch this movie. An entire movie about boxing isn’t easy to pull off and the director has made sure to give a solid screenplay from her side to mould the movie. There are definitely more reasons to watch Irudhi Suttru and we are going to tell you why you should go and watch Irudhi Suttru in theatres, immediately.

Top Reasons Why You Should Immediately Watch the Movie

1A long journey

A long journey

The movie started its pre production in the year 2013 and released in 2016. If you look at the history of boxing movies in India, they are only a few of them. While Indian cinema has always been ready to accept and welcome different movies, movies about sports have been less. Do you remember Sylvester Stallone? Well, he wrote Rocky’s screenplay and wanted to star cast someone who knew what they were doing. But the producers weren’t happy with the decision. The same thing happened with Irudhi Suttru as well. Madhavan was very sure of the script and wanted a person who knew what they were doing. It is of course easy for actors to act. But a real life boxer would know more about it. That is what Madhavan wanted too.

2Running time

Running time

In India, running time of a movie can be up to 2 hours, 30 minutes including the intermission. The running time of this movie however was only 112 minutes, which makes it clear that the movie is an inspiration and something worth watching. When a movie is short and the running time is less, you need to make the movie in such a way that the audience understands everything in the given time. Achieving something like that is definitely wonderful. This way you achieve the fact that you are watching a good movie and even commercially the movie gets more space in the theaters with more number of shows per day.

3Trailer expectation

Trailer expectation

When the trailer of Irudhi Suttru released it made us gear up for the next best thing in town. Yes, the trailer expectation was very good and the way the teaser cut was produced for the audience was also very engaging. There was an aggressive promotion of movie trailer in the trailer itself and it was a big boost to the youngsters who have been wanting to watch a racy and speedy movie.

4Maddy and Rithika

Maddy and Rithika

The actors of course make a movie what it is, no matter what! Maddy and Rithika have put in their 200% hard work in the movie and made sure that the movie captures the raw essence of what is called – realism. The movie is all about boxing and its techniques. Not one place would you get bored or irritated. You will be entertained throughout the movie and you will love the way they have handled their characters in the movie. Salute to them!



Santosh Narayanan, though is a new music director with just a few music albums in hand, has done a fantastic job with songs and background score. All of these songs are addictive and are chartbusters in the FM stations. The music definitely plays an important role in a sports movie like this and Santosh has proved his talent by bringing out the best in him.

6Makers had confidence

Makers had confidence

The producers are the backbone of a movie. When the producers have confidence in the movie, there is nothing more needed for the movie to stand on the winning race. UTV was very confident of the script, the actors and of course the different attempt. That is one of the main reasons why the movie made it to the hit list in the first place.

It is my sincere request to all of you to please go and watch the movie because of the wonderful attempt by the crew!

-Pavithra Ravi