What does a nail polish color talk about you


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Nail Polish

Nail polishes!! Ah, who doesn’t like a cool, cheerful and colorful nail polish color? I could not find any girl who would say that nail paints are not their thing. If you believe in growing nails, then nail polish is definitely your thing without a doubt. Have you anytime wondered why you choose a particular kind of color when you come back from your manicures and pedicures? Most women go easily for the colors they like and that could be your answer too. But subconsciously, there are a few characteristics hidden inside a girl when she chooses a particular kind of nail polish color.

Some psychological theories have been proved by researchers about nail paints and how they indulge in the decision making process. Confusing? Don’t worry at all. We have answers for you right here. Here are some interesting stories of nail polish color say about you. In choosing these kinds of colors speaks a lot about you and get pumped to know about them.

Top Nail Polish Stories to Know

1Baby pink/peach

Baby pink

If you immediately pick out a baby pink color, or colors in the line of peach, light pink, etc., it means that you are a very very girly and a feminine being. Yes, it could take you back by surprise, but you are generally the shy type person who takes things very slow and steady. You might not want to stay in the limelight for long and have a very friendly nature. You help people find their comfort in you and you try to be their helping hand. If you are wondering how a nail paint can say so much, don’t worry. These are the proven facts. So, just think of it as a screen that brings out whatever you are from within.



Red is always related to danger. But, here at least, red is all about independent behavior. If you immediately pick a red nail polish without rethinking, then it means that you are an extremely bold and a poised woman. You generally like a timeless look and you want to stand out from the crowd. You want to be a leader and you also like to be opinionated about certain things. You are daring, dramatic and most of all, you are beautifully independent. Such women are the ones who make it big in the business world. You are also feminists, which is why you like to flaunt your opinions amongst people.



Ah, black is a color of elegance. If you immediately pick black as your nail paint color, then it is a sure shot sign that you are an elegant, creative and a very edgy woman. You like all the rock and roll kind of parties. You like to have a lot of fun, you might enjoy a man’s company. You are an individual creator and a creative person. So, you like to experiment with certain things that matter to you. You could be a writer, director, dinger, musician or an artist. Black nail color talks a lot about the creativity in you. Grey, light black etc., are also the same. So, are you able to relate yourself to any of the above traits?



If you take a closer look into the psychological readings of the color purple, it has always talked about being Royal, being a regal person or wanting luxury in general. If you like the purple nail polish color, then most probably you are an ambitious, powerful, Royal woman. Yes, people may misunderstand you to be a very eccentric character. But once they know you in person and once they know the real you, they will not hesitate to be your good friend. You are almost like a princess who definitely needs to kick ass her tiara.



If you are a person who likes neon colors, you are definitely a vibrant, crazy, junkie chick. Well, yes, you could be a person who isn’t afraid of breaking rules, trying new stuff and going out of the way to satisfy your fantasies. You are a dreamer basically. So, you like to do extreme stuff. Neons could be any crazy color, from bright blingy yellow, jatang orange or even fushcia. Are you a junkie cool?



Burgundy shouts a lot of sexiness and trendiness. Burgundy is the ‘it’ color now and you are a very stylish person if you love this color. You are mostly like the person who likes to shop at Jimmy Choo, eat breakfast at the Tiffany’s and enjoy a Paris vacation. You are not just Royal, you are independent and extremely confident about your fashion sense.

All these colors are a psychological display of what your character might be like. Researchers have definitely put in a lot of thoughts into it and so they are not made up by the writer. If you think you can relate to this article, let us know what kind of a person are you!

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-Pavithra Ravi