12 Voguish Celebrity Travel Outfits – The Causal Styles

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Celebrities are the true fashion inspirations that common people look up to. Their casual outfits are stylish and they know how to sizzle in parties with stunning outfits. Every outfit that you pick from your closet is boring for you. You know what’s lying in your clothes store and it is not so enthusiastic to pick a dress for traveling. If you are confused about what to wear for your next trip, then you must learn to style with simple clothes from our beautiful celebrities.

The celebrity styles and trends reach people easily. Their casual appearances are the style statements and beauty lies in their simple styles.

Many celebrities are appearing prettier than on screen in these casual travel outfits. You will get the right fashion inspiration. The celebrities taught us how to style the travel outfits like a pro. You can imitate their appearance and look stunning as they do.

Celebrity Travel Outfits That Inspire You To Stay With Fashion

1. All black outfit

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This is a super cool idea to look stunning in simple clothes. We know that black is the colour that lets us have unlimited styling. So, how celebrities can leave this travel outfit idea.

The fashion ladies like Kangana Ranaut and Kareena Kapoor love the all-black outfit. They walk off with a smile slaying with a top and bottom black dress. You can just pair your black shirt with black jeans.

You can wear this outfit in winters for traveling. If you don’t have a trendy black top and jeans, then add them to your closet. You will love this traveling outfit as a classy woman.

You can just check out the above image of Sonam Kapoor. She is more like a simple girl wearing a black outfit that is perfect for traveling.

2. Tee with denim shorts


Picking a travel outfit for summers is a bit tough. Let me tell you, it is not too tough if you have a casual tee and denim shorts. The celebrities look stunning even without makeup wearing these casual outfits. The key is styling the outfit and not the makeup or accessories that do that styling.

Look up there at Anushka where she is chilling in the beautiful spot. It is a comfortable outfit that you can wear. Being a modern woman, tee and denim shorts are strange to wear for you.

Many celebrities from various industries love to go in this trendy outfit. It is casual, posh and you can be yourself wearing this when traveling. As fashion inspirations are wearing this outfit, you can’t take it as an outdated idea.

3. A tan jacket over tee


Here is another outfit for winter trips and traveling. Your journey is not just comfortable but also stylish with this traveling outfit. If you have a tan jacket in your outfit collection, then you can look as fashionable as Samantha in the above image.

You don’t have to fight to look pretty when you have some fashionable tricks. Samantha taught us the fashion lesson of looking stunning with some chic accessories. She posted a pretty picture of her on Instagram. Have a look and get inspired to go pretty for your next travel time.

She just put on a tan colour jacket over a simple tee. A casual hairstyle and a pretty smile are her accessories. Do you still think finding a trendy traveling outfit is a big deal?

4. Crop top and torn jeans


Crop tops are the fashionable version of tee shirts. If you are bored of wearing tees, then you must get into this trendy outfit.

This is a happy and fashionable outfit for any season. You can wear an off-shoulder crop top with torn jeans. The ultra-posh celebrities love wearing this casual outfit. It is a simple combination that you can mix and match the very second you look out for outfits in your clothing collection.

Accessorizing the crop and jean outfit is fun. You can go with easy to do hairstyles like a ponytail or loose hair. Cover your head with a cool cap in the summer which is a cute accessory for this outfit. Celebrities love to wear this outfit as they get to roam around in comfort and coolest style!

5. Denim Jacket over One piece cotton outfit

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Coming out with a stylish outfit doesn’t need too many attires and accessories. A cotton one-piece outfit lets you do the style that makes heads turn. This is for the women who love to travel in the summer. It is an airy and elegant outfit.

If a cotton one-piece is corned in your closet, then that can be the trending outfit. If you are looking for a styling tip for this celebrity travel dress- just belt it up!

You will love this outfit, even more, when you style it with a denim jacket. If a denim jacket is already lying in your wardrobe, then your travel outfit is already. Style like a celebrity and go like a fashion lady.

This becomes an outstanding outfit that you were looking for on your next trip. This is also great for formal meetings. Ballerina shoes or shoe heels are classy with cotton one-piece outfits.

6. Palazzo outfit

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The most comfortable bottoms for women these days are palazzo pants. Women are happily stuck with this palazzo.

This can be your airport style that is descent, trendy. Choose the printed palazzos pants and pair it with your casual tops. For me, you do not fashion greed being choosy about your travel outfit. It must be comfortable throughout your journey. So, palazzo pants let you stay close to the style that modern women look for and it is also running in fashion.

If you want a fashion proof that says palazzo is a trendy travel outfit, then you must check out Anushka Sharma’s style in the above images. She struck lovely poses wearing the travel outfit.

It is casual, simple but the outfit never fails to drop the style down. So, you can just pair your tee or shirts with palazzo. The tuck style with palazzo pants is one of my favorites and also for many celebrities.

7. Dungaree or jumpsuit


Dungaree is a voguish outfit for traveling. The celebrities don’t forget this style when it is travel time. You will see the fashionistas wearing jumpsuits and dungarees more often.

A printed jumpsuit that is breathable and comfortable makes your dull day beautiful. Dungarees are for those cute chicks who want to look dynamic and smart while traveling around.

Both the outfits are of the modish women who want to look stylish in casual outfits. This can also be your street style when you want to chill walking in the streets after landing in the destination.

8. A simple kurta


Do you stay away from ethnic wear during travel time? Then, you must learn from Kareena Kapoor to do the best styling with ethnic wear. The classy white kurtas that are too casual go extraordinary on her.

She mesmerizes wearing the kurta outfit as a travel outfit. There are other celebrities who love this style. You can get some Indian ethnic inspiration from these celebrities.

Accessorizing your casual kurtas and appearing classy is not heavy at all for a fashionable travel look. Become a minimalist like our celebrities. The stud earrings and single bangles or bracelets and loose hair is all that you need.

9. Tee and loose jeans pants


Many celebrities were caught in this travel outfit. Loose pants are matchable to many trendy tops. You can wear a slip top and knot it for a chic look as Kriti Sanon did. She looks stunning and chilled in the travel outfit.

You have other styling tips for this outfit- add a loose and long shrug over your tank top or tee shirt. It is a complete modish dress that you can wear in winter. You can live up with this winter fashion with this celebrity travel outfit.

Choose your favorite footwear like casual flats, shoes. The fashion and comfort setting outfit that you don’t have to think twice to wear. You have the best examples above that say, this a lovely idea for traveling.

10. Maxi dress

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Have a check-in your wardrobe, you will find some maxi dresses that are kept aside. Don’t wait to wear them as it can be your travel outfit. Look how maxi dresses are the best as travel outfits looking at the divas.

When you find a new style from an old dress, it becomes your new love. So, make your maxi dress a special outfit wearing a blazer over it. This is a style that you can choose to look girly and dynamic. The combination that is trending and celebrities are more loving it with a denim jacket.

You don’t have to follow the trend to be called a well-dressed woman. All you must mind is the comfort and your unique style. I guess, it is simplest to be what you want wearing a maxi dress.

11. Printed shirt and jeans


The styles and trends come and go but the jeans outfits don’t lose their craze. The new-gen women would stock up the jeans pants of different styles. Now, just pick a trendy jeans pant and look for a printed shirt. Anushka Sharma inspired us to call this a travel outfit.

You can also choose to wear a casual plain shirt to pair with jeans. Torn, belted, or shaded, any kind of jeans goes well in fashion with shirts.

If it’s a summer trip, wear a plain shirt with breathable jeans. For a winter trip, you can go in skinny jeans teaming it up with a printed shirt. If you are going for a formal trip, then wear a blazer. This is a celebrity travel outfit that can be styled in many ways. The most flexible style you can stick to and not get bored of.

12. Checked dress


Checked dresses look smart on young women. So, grabbing a checked dress during shopping time is a good idea. You can style this outfit when you are traveling.

The extraordinary women like Alia Bhatt and Anushka Sharma love to appear in checked dresses. They choose a travel outfit knowing that it’s chic, decent, and simply stunning. If you want to style a checked dress, then pair it with a lace-up with ankle-length boots.

Alia wore the red and black checked dress with a black jacket. No doubt she is a stunner and always impresses with her unique style.

The passionate women travelers find it rejuvenating and relaxing. The outfits are something that they want to mind. When it is traveling, fashion and style come after comfort. If you are looking for the casual outfits that let you have a wonderful trip, then this list is impressive.

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