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Bollywood Styles

Bollywood and fashion, no matter how many times you visualize and cringe at it are inseparable. Yes, Bollywood is known for its fashion and style mantra, and they are proud of it. Even when things fall apart, movies don’t work and songs are dead boring, the fashion quotient in these movies are just so fresh and new. There is no taking that out of Bollywood at all. May it be a low budget film or a Rohit Shetty 100 crore budget, Bollywood has inspired a lot of young people with its fashion sense.

On that note, owing it to the Bollywood industry and the style statement, today we are going to discuss the various fashion trends by Bollywood actors that were pulled off with or without their knowledge. With no further delay, I present to you all, a number of fashion trends that has been doing rounds in Bollywood even before it made it big in the fashion industry.

Top Fashion Trends of Bollywood Actors

1Geek look of Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Remember the young, vibrant and amazing looking actor Hrithik in his first movie? Kaho Na Pyaar Hai was a super hit for many reasons and fashion was one among them too. Hrithik pulled off the geeky guy with rim-less glass look really well and managed to impress a lot of youngsters back then. His bandana on the head and the rimless glasses were a huge craze back then and people started following the trend aimlessly.

See, that’s the power of fashion! Even if a lesser known face (back then) makes the right kind of fashion statement, it gets picked up and followed. I am sure it is hard for a few of us to not imagine the cute rimless glasses look of Hrithik when we think of the movie and his actor.

2Urmila’s denim look

Urmila denim look

We all have tried the knotted denim shirt with a high waist jeans after watching Rangeela. Most of us would have been kids back then, but every time we see Urmila with those amazing denim clothes, we immediately ran to our wardrobes and tried out some shirt with a knot. There is no denying of that fact.

Believe it or not, the fashion industry never came up with the entire knot idea at all. It was this movie Rangeela that bought in the fashion quotient and put a limelight on it. We all know that denim clothes are making a huge come back now. So, try going the ‘Urmila way’ with knotted denim shirt and a high waist ripped jeans! You will not only look sassy, by you will be one reason for bringing back memories for all the 90s kids!

3All of Kareena’s clothing

Kareena clothing

Kareena Kapoor Khan is known for her fashion sense and her amazing experimentation with clothes. Be it her long lehengas or her backless blouse, she carried it totally in her style and made sure she put the right clothing in the spotlight. Do you remember the character Geet from Jab we Met? Haven’t you also tried the long t-shirt with patyala pants? If you haven’t, you should try it out now! This fashion statement shook the entire nation and every girl was seen following this amazing duo. You wouldn’t have imagined that a patyala Indian pant could make a good pair with a Western t-shirt until Kareena adorned it and proved you wrong. Right?

4Shahrukh Khan’s Rahul characters

Shahrukh Khan Rahul

Whether it was Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Shahrukh Khan was seen sporting the cool chain, Gap t shirt and the round neck tees in his movies. It became a huge fad after the movie released and every man in the town started dressing up like SRK, no wonder! The girls in fact, liked it too, for that matter and the fashion trend became a huge success post the release of his movies. We all know SRK has always been fashion conscious and all his movies do have a particular and specific trend that he likes to follow. Well, after all, he is the king of Bollywood!

5Sonam Kapoor’s mind blowing fashion sense

Sonam Kapoor fashion

There is no looking back when it comes to Sonam and fashion. She is the definite Fashionista of Bollywood industry and has made her fashion presence felt both on-screen and off screen. Whether she is sporting a Western outfit or an Indian one, she sure knows how to dress up and carry herself.

The movie Aisha is a small example of her fashion excellence. Her iconic knee high boots and her one sided beret caps made a great comeback in her movie. Her global additions were happily accepted by Indian girls and everyone loves her looks even off screen when she dazzles with pride and beauty on the red carpet. Sonam is definitely a fashion monger.

6Deepika in cocktail

Deepika in cocktail

Deepika Padukon’s Veronica character built a separate fashion status for herself once the movie released. Yes, we all know how printed short skirts and palazzos are such a comfortable clothing piece now. But back then, at least 4 years ago, none really knew the concept of palazzos in India until Deepika rocked it in the movie cocktail.

Her Veronica character was full of fashion and style. She carried herself in the sexiest way possible, bringing in an array of fashion ideas for the young girls of the country. Her simple looks and off shoulder tops + skirt was much talked about back then. Let’s not forget that Deepika for one, has come a really long way in fashion and now she nails it almost every time.

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7Aamir khan’s all time fashion look

Aamir khan fashion

Aamir Khan’s favorite color is said to be black. You cannot see him without a black t shirt, suit or shirt in his movies. May it be his old movies like Rangeela, or his new ones like Ghajini or 3 idiots, Aamir is the cute one in the Bollywood industry with his impeccable fashion sense. He experiments with his looks and that is one reason why our Indian young men like to try out new things too. He makes sure he tries out different clothing and hairstyles. So, if it’s Aamir, it’s always about experimentation and innovation!

Let’s give it up for all these amazing fashionistas of Bollywood. Thank you guy, you sure have made fashion more closer and better for all the desi girls and guys!

-Pavithra Ravi