How To Take Care of Painful Dry Cuticles?


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Many of us care for our nails, but when it comes to taking care of our cuticles, we just don’t give them a proper attention. They come into limelight whenever you are going to get a manicure. We all need to understand that cuticle also need a proper attention. They serve a purpose for the sake of your nails. Understand that cuticles are a part of your skin and they deserve a proper care and pamper from you. Cuticles are one of the factors which help your nails to grow. A lot of people suffer from dry cuticles which are just don’t give a disgusting look to your hands but also can be a quite painful. It can be caused by the cold weather or a dry indoor atmosphere. Treating dry cuticles is one of the skin care issues, you should pay attention to every once in a while. So, in this article, we have compiled a best of ways in which can help you to get rid of the pain of dry cuticles. Take a look at them and try to include these methods in your regular beauty care treatment.

Best Natural Treatment To Care For Your Painful Dry Cuticles

With all of the following remedies, one should be a constant process to treat dry cuticles. That one remedy is to drink lots of water. Plenty of water keeps your body hydrated and thus helps your cuticles to stay healthy for a longer period of time. If you are facing this skin issue again and again then there is a possible chance that you are being deficient of water in your body.

1Never Cut Off Your Cuticles

Never Cut Off Your Cuticles

If you are thinking that cutting your cuticles while you cut your nails, then this is a very bad idea. According to many of dermatologists, if you cut your cuticles you are giving an opportunity to bacteria to infect your cuticles. So, if you want to protect your skin from any kind of infection or irritation, then never ever try top cut your cuticles. Cutting off your cuticles leave a huge space in that part of your skin and which can surely be infected by anything. This can also give rise to nail problems like white spots and ridges. Fine lines can also be there because of cutting down your cuticles. Also, understand that getting infected in your cuticles will lead to the infection of your fingernails.

2Use Of Wooden Orange Stick

Use Of Wooden Orange Stick

If you want to make your nails look longer then you can try to push your cuticles a bit further backward. Use a wooden orange stick to push your cuticles back. Cuticles are usually soft in nature but if you cut them down then there is a chance that your cuticles might become hard in texture. This will increase its chance that it will split into two. This could be a real pain for you. A few of the people believes that if they stop cutting their cuticles, they will grow in a weird manner and will surely give a strange look to their fingers. But, dermatologists have something else to say. Their research says that if you stop cutting down your cuticles then it won’t actually start growing at an increased pace. In fact, they have their own pace of growing which can’t be affected by any kind of cutting effect.

3Moisturize Your Cuticles

Moisturize Your Cuticles

If you really want to take care of your dry cuticles then make sure that you moisturize them on a daily basis. Though many of us don’t consider cuticles as a part of your skin but the truth is that they belong to our skin and needs the same amount of moisturization as any other part of our body needs. Cuticle shows every possible way of it being a part of our skin. It cracks, peels, and dries up as any other part of your skin. According to dermatologists, cuticles need a thick moisturizer like an ointment or a cream, unlike our belly and thighs. But as we all know that wearing ointments during the daytime won’t be possible so, it is advisable to massage your palms, cuticles, and fingers at night with the help of a thick moisturizer.

4Do Not Go For A Rough Manicure

Do Not Go For A Rough Manicure

If your beauty specialist is not skilled enough to take care of your hands (especially the cuticles) properly then it is advisable not to go for a vigorous manicure. A rough manicurist will damage your cuticles in a larger extent and it will surely won’t help anytime in a longer run. In fact, your nail technician will leave your cuticles in a bad condition. Instead, try to use a wooden orange stick to take care of your cuticles on your own. It really feels great to treat your hands on your own.

5Stay Away From Drying Agents

Stay Away From Drying Agents

Your hands face a lot of issues when they come in contact with drying agents like dish washing liquids or a frequent use of nail paint remover. All of these can dry up your cuticles and will surely affect them for a longer run. To avoid this, experts suggest wearing gloves while dish washing and to use an acetone-free nail paint remover. It will surely help you to avoid these harmful drying agents. Also, make sure that you wear vinyl gloves while dish washing to keep your hands healthy and protected from harmful chemical products.

6Do Not Put Your Hands In Your Mouth

Your Hands In Your Mouth

We all know that the mouth is one of the very dirty areas of our body. And, on top of all, saliva contains those enzymes, which are capable of breaking down the skin. If you are in a habit of keeping your fingers in the mouth then there is a chance that your cuticles will get infected by it. So, try to keep your hands away from your mouth to keep them healthy.

Follow these points to keep your cuticles healthy and it will surely help your dry cuticles to stay perfectly fine.

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