Ways you can be a good flirt in any situation


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Good Flirt

There are some people, mainly women who are better at flirting than others and that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn techniques to make yourself better at flirting. It is important you know that being flirtatious is a very valuable skill in dating and it signals romantic interest of the man and opens the door to getting a phone number or making a date. It is the truth that most of the male gender unfortunately will confess that they don’t know how to flirt. That is when it gets difficult for a woman to know when a man is interested in her.

Let’s say that you see some guy that you like. Incidentally, there are a hell lot of flirting techniques that will show that you are interested in him without coming on too strongly. The first thing you could do or the best solution is to start the flirtation and make it easy for the man to follow your lead. You should know that these techniques are simple to do and they don’t take the power away from the man to take over the lead and ask you out.

If you ask us, we will tell you that flirting is easier than you think, and there is nothing wrong if a woman flirt. It is a simple way or rather a combination of smiling, eye contact and positive energy that you have to use in the right way, right time! You need to know that the importance of flirting is nothing more than making someone else feel good when they’re around you. It is possible that you can flirt with anyone at anytime. It is rather an effort or a conscious intention to elevate the mood of the person you’re speaking with.

You should know that flirting is nothing to do with being sexually interested or salacious. It in fact is just some conversation with a wide willing smile. If you have never tried flirting or have always been thinking that it is not your game, then you should try it out this time. Trying out everything once is a good thing, right? So, be ready to try these flirting techniques and get ready to rock your game. I am sure that with these kinds of amazing tips, it will help you boost up your confidence in flirting game and secure the attention of the man whom you’re interested in. So, let’s read about ways in which you can be a good flirt in any situation.

Top Tips on Being a Good Flirt

1Try to compliment

Try to compliment

Even men would be so happy and delighted to hear a great compliment, given all the chances. You should note that if you come across a handsome stranger, giving him a compliment or detailing on his looks or whatever you like about him, will make him feel more comfortable and nice. However, you should remember that you should stay clear of general compliments such as, “You look nice today.” Nobody wants to know the general ones. So, it is highly important that you are specific and say something like, “You have a beautiful eyes and I like your smile.”

Remember that you should have an effective compliment that are specific and contain at least one adjective. You could always use words like fantastic, beautiful, interesting, fascinating, gorgeous, impressive or striking to make your conversation lively. Make sure that you tell something that striking and beautiful and never heard off, instead of the same old ones. Don’t care about how you sound, as long as you are genuine.

2Question them

Question them

One thing about flirting you should know is that men love to be helpful. Asking a man for an opinion or asking him some question can be a great technique to start off. Try to keep your communication open by asking for his knowledge or advice. Actually speaking, when you question him or ask him something, it is mostly to happen that the guy will feel useful and they like this part of it. They will know that there is an interaction purpose and isn’t just casual small talk.

Once you are done with the questioning or asking for opinion, make sure that you pause for a bit so that he can talk and communicate what he has to. Rushing or talking in between his interaction may be a total bubble burst.

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3You can ask for favors

You can ask for favors

Asking for a favor can be a technique to flirt too. It has been proven that people will like you more once they have done something for you. You could always ask something like – “Can you help me with something?”; After that, you can definitely follow it up with a minor request such as to hold your jacket or help you carry your coffee to the table or something like that. It is casual and doesn’t look bad at all.

Men will actually feel very nice and helpful. They will also make sure to express gratitude by buying you something extra if you want. From there you can carry on and flirt with him and make sure to fix on a date if everything goes well.

4Be Sarcastic, when needed

Be Sarcastic

Actually speaking, sarcasm works on men and they really love when women can understand and be sarcastic. So, if you are more of a sarcastic person with your friends, then this could be easily directed to the guy as well. You should know that men and women’s communication are quite opposites. Men enjoy the poking a little bit and they enjoy the sarcastic smiles, the gestures, the communication. This actually makes them feel that they can open up to you and you may not feel uncomfortable or girly about the topics they talk. Sarcasm is highly dependent on each person. If you don’t enjoy being a sarcastic person, there are other flirting techniques you can follow. But, if you already are the sarcastic kind, then continue to be one. You can use sarcastic lines, but also make sure you don’t demean him. Make him smile and smile when you are giving out sarcastic lines.

These techniques can help you be a good flirt

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-Pavithra Ravi

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