5 Amazing types of Jewelry designs


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Jewelry designs

Some jewelry designs can be really nice and interesting. Here are some of the amazing types of jewelry designs.

Jewelry Designs of All Times

1Architectural Jewelry

Architectural Jewelry

If you are a person to likely have an interest towards object designs or structure, then you will definitely love the architectural designs. They take a unique form or construction which incorporates artistic details into their jewelry making. If you happen to be a fan of such designs, then this would be a great craving to your trendy wardrobe. Architects have always involved in creating unique-artistic pieces for people. There is definitely a natural and commendable gamut of ideas and creativity in their approach.

The visually compelling designs and features will give the jewelry a touch of niche and make it extensively unique all by itself. The ongoing trend of architectural jewelry is focusing on the big old buildings that are incorporated into earrings pendants and rings, mainly like the TRUTEC BUILDING was recently made into hand jewelry, the BURJ AL ARAB which is made into a Collar Necklace and so on.

While architecture is mostly related to buildings and landscapes, architectural designs are more about incorporating their creative intent into jewelry. The bold, visually impressive and colorful accessories range from pattern, size and dimensions. There are various jewelry sets like rings, pendants, chains, etc that infuse the architectural aspects as their detailed outline to bring beauty into their creative jewelry making. There can be intricate ring designs or pieces that resemble miniature houses or historical monuments in the jewels they make. This is the essence and beauty of architectural jewelry.

2Intricate Jewelry

Intricate Jewelry

Well, a lot of us know that accessories are an implausible way to add some novelty and pizzazz to an outfit. While, there are big and bold ones, there are also some jewelry designs that are detailed and small. If you are looking for something that is more on the lines of chic, complex and can make you and your wardrobe look admirable, then intricate jewelry designs are your calling.

While some people prefer obvious and cut designs for their clothing, there are women who would want to go for careful consideration of on the size and dimensions of their accessories. This is where the intricate jewelry comes into play. The mesmerizing and beautiful, obscure detailing can be incorporated in bangles, neckpieces, earrings, hand cuffs, toe rings, rings, belly chains and many more. The famous intricate designs are basically lace inspired designs, woven wired designs handmade chord designs that showcase elegance and beauty to the overall accessory.

Intricate designs are definitely perfect for Fashionistas who are waiting and looking to accessorize their ensembles with something eclectic and with a diverse range of creation. No matter what, without a doubt these beautiful jewelry sets will make your outfit pop out with style and make you the talk of the evening.

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3Macho Jewelry designs

Macho Jewelry designs

The word accessory is most often related to a woman. Well, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the other gender cannot use the advantage of accessorizing their outfits, right? When men feel like wearing an accessory, it has to look macho and manly and so, these macho jewelry designs are made to fit the needs of a man. The rugged pieces will give a touch of clean and neat designs that will suit the needs of a man and will add gentle ruggedness to their outfits.

If you consider the modern fashion world, men are wearing more of fashionable neck pieces that are specially made for them to fit their look and make them feel stylish and trendy. The focus is more on the fashion and styling of the designs with a definite masculine edge to it.

Neck designs that attribute weaponry objects to those that are shaped like a beard, these macho designs are a perfect example of manly grace with a pinch of ruggedness. A man trying to impress a woman should definitely try these macho designs that will add an edge to his approach.

4Romantic jewelry designs

Romantic jewelry designs

Falling in love with someone can definitely be a magical experience. If you want to showcase your romance through your wardrobe, then this is the chance. Romantic jewelries are the best way to l certainly let everyone know about your undeniable love for another.

Romantic jewelries make sure to utilize aspects as heart shapes or sentimental messages and personal engravings in their designs that are romantic and displays one’s love for another through heartfelt designs. The romantic jewelries that are shaped from rings like romantic love boats to retro gamer necklaces that are shaped like pixelated hearts, they will make sure to attract couples looking to creatively showcase their love for their significant other.

The best part about romantic jewelry designs is that, they don’t stop only with pendants and earrings, there is also a story book hear shaped designs, light up engagement rings, knotted nuptial bands, rustic romantic jewelry, love lockets etc that is a clever way for couples to show off their unmistakable love for each other.

5Nifty Neon Jewelry Designs

Nifty Neon Jewelry Designs

Well, if you are a little bit crazy about looking cool and trendy with jewels, then you can look at adding a pop of color to your overall ensemble without going over-the-top. Neon jewelry designs will make sure to provide unique touch to your dressing that you’ve been missing.

The Neon jewelries range from symbolical charming designs, test tube jewelry, vibrant adhesive rings, native chic chains, nautical neon bracelets, neon cool glasses, friendship necklaces and many more that are obviously interesting and super cool. These nifty neon jewelries that give a variety of sharp studded designs to bejeweled tribal accessories, will definitely make every Fashionista the center of attention with its bright and fluorescent designs.

These jewelry designs can be a kick-ass formula for any girl. Try them out

-Pavithra Ravi

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