Secret College Fashion Tips For Teens


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College Fashion

Colleges are the opening to a new life; there is a lot of excitement, many dreams as well as aspirations that are lining up to be recognized in reality. But, while there do not forget about all the fun and the enjoyment, that you are going to experience during all these golden years. Make sure that you are not low on any type of aspects, because remember that you are going to miss this time or days for the rest of your life! You might always had this thought running in your mind on ‘What should I wear today?” and the confusion on dresses never ends. Especially if it is the first day at college or during any college event or even lunch with college friends. So here, are some secrets on college fashion tips, that you can apply for your wonderful college days.

Amazing College Fashion Tips

1Wardrobe Essentials for College Girls

Wardrobe Essentials
  • You must have a collection of some T-shirts, those are the best. It can help you to style them up with leggings, or jeans, or shorts or anything of your choice.
  • A full button down collared shirt, that can give you an amazing professional look.
  • Also, do not forget to include a stylish Jumper, Sweat Shirts as well as Cardigans and some leather jacket.
  • Remember to get a pair of jean and legging.
  • A denim jacket, as it can be worn with any type of dress.
  • A well fitted blazer is a must as It can never go out of fashion.
  • Skirts as well as shorts are some of the basic essentials for the summers.
  • Printed dresses or shirts, can look very fresh.
  • Collection of your shoes must consist of boots, high heels, sneakers, belle flats as well as wedges.
  • Scarves and hats can add more style to the personality.
  • Few collection of stud earrings, or watch rings as well as small pendants and some vintage style necklaces must be there.
  • Handbags, or cross body bags and backpacks, a must have accessory.

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2Printed Maniac

Printed Maniac

Prints are in every season and this can give you an entire full new reason to be a Printed Maniac and it is one of the amazing college fashion tips. You can buy black and white, vertically striped pants, that is made from a flowing material. Over that, you can wear a cute bright colored top. Floral printed pants are also in season right now. Try to seal the deal with a bowler hat as well as with a statement neck piece. You can also wear this pants with matching heels.



No matter whether the skirts are above knee or even below, skirts have always been in trend every season, as they are very easy to handle. Somebody-hugging tops that are tucked in the skirt is comfortable as well as stylish way, to attend your first day in college.

You can try wearing high heels with your skirt as they can be very stylish as well as rock your first day in college. An amazing college fashion tips for you to keep you warm and stylish all day long.

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4Leather leggings

Leather leggings

Leather leggings are an amazing outfit piece you can wear now-a-days. You can also pair it with your over sized sweater or T-shirt and throw a pair of heels. What more do you need, if you already have leather leggings?



If you are a kind of tomboy, then dungarees are just for you! You can wear a Aztec print crop top with a full sleeve inside the dungaree as it can complete your look with white vans. You can also glam up the look with a very cute bowler hat and also let your hair free.

6Shirt over a dress

Shirt over a dress

Does it sound weird to you? But when you will try it, you are surely going to love your look. For this style you may need a men’s shirt. A printed skater dress or even an A-line dress, that can look good with a shirt. First wear the dress and then wear the shirt you bought, you can experiment by just leaving the way it is there or you can also knot it up around the waist. To complete your look, try to wear brown boots as well as silver jewelry to accessorize.



Since Deepika donned her look with palazzos, in her movie “Cocktail”, palazzos are never going to be out of fashion and it has become one of the most scintillating college fashion tips. Another prime reason is that, it can be worn in minimum of more than five ways. For college, one of themost ideal way is just to wear it with a simple crop top and your favourite ballerina boots. You can also tie a wide belt around the waist.

If the palazzos color as well as your top color is dull or neutral color palette, you can go for a bright as well as bold colored belts like red or even orange or golden. But, remember that if the clothes are decently colored, then always go for beige belts.

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