Things only divorced women can understand

divorced women

Divorces are very hard to take, they are very annoying and you may not want to speak to anyone after that. But, just though you know, divorces are also an amazing way to find out who you are and finally split ways and check out what the world has in store for you. Not every woman who is divorced is sad, at least she doesn’t show the world that she is happy because of the judgmental society we live in. So many things only divorced women can understand that you or I may not even relate to. A woman’s decisions may depend on the courageous acts and her brilliant competence she has for herself. So, here we are going to give you an insight on the things only divorced women have the capability to understand. So, the next time you are talking to a divorced person, just try to slip into their shoes to know what they have been feeling.

Things Only Divorced Women Can Ever Understand

1It is a positive sign

It is a positive sign

Not many others understand that divorce can be a positive sign for the woman and her life. But, if you have divorced friends, try to ask them. They would say that being divorced has been the best experience of their life. This is because, they have been put under so much pressure and they lived lives that they probably didn’t expect. When divorced women try to come out, everybody pities them and feels sorry for their life. They in fact are wrong. You don’t make the same mistake at all. This is something your divorced friend would be happy about and you should be happy with her.

2Mother love

Mother love

They will be able to love and give their children a lot of support from their side. Actually speaking, when divorced women are alone, they tend to spend a lot more time with their family than ever. So, they will be able to spend time with their children, their family and get their children to understand who the real mom is. It will be relatively easy for them to have focused on just one thing at a time.

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3Worries a lot

Worries a lot

Divorced women are not insecure, but they are concerned. They end up worrying a lot about their children’s life because they don’t really know if one parent is enough for her children. They are overly worried about her children’s future and their career. These things may come as a worry patch for them because they don’t have a lending shoulder to lean on and this is one thing every divorced woman, no matter how early or later the divorce, would worry.

4Emotionally imbalanced

Emotionally imbalanced

They are very emotionally hardened and they don’t know if they can take another emotional break. They can’t socialize easily because of their previous experience with their partners. This could be something that every divorced woman is scared of. They are worried that their emotional instability may come in the way of making hasty decisions. They have a life ahead and behind, which not many of us can see. This emotional imbalance is a huge hit for their social life as well. They can’t just have a relationship without a benefit of the doubt.

5Relatives don’t bond

Relatives don’t bond

No matter how close or not relatives are, they end up being the devil and not bother much. Family and relatives are distanced when it comes to divorced women. This is because – They have undergone so much in life that they don’t know whom to trust and whom not to. In this process, the family also becomes distant and it becomes hard for them to keep bonding with them and answering their questions. This could be one of the main reasons why relatives of divorced women don’t bond easily.

6It takes time to date

It takes time to date

It will definitely take a longer time than anybody can think when it comes to dating another man. Divorced women have just put out the sign of divorce in front of them. They won’t just go ahead and date someone unless they have complete faith and trust. They are very emotionally hurt, so they would think a million times before they go near the concept of dating.

7A Friend’s value

A Friend’s value

Divorced women definitely know who a real friend is. This is because, a friend is the only person you can share and pour out your emotions. They would not open up easily to anybody unless and until they have trust. So, divorced women are extremely close and introvert when it comes to stuff like this. They would like to open up only to their friends. If you are one of their friends, give them their privacy, but also be open to talking. Because no matter what, every person needs to open up at once point of time.

-Pavithra Ravi

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