12 Crazy things only your girlfriend gets to do with you


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Girl friend

Girlfriends are a very important part of your life and both of you know that. She gets away with almost everything that is related to you and does not care much about your feelings. You would want to take a chain saw and run behind her for her acts, but since it’s her, you can’t help but just look at her and fake smile. You both know you guys mean a lot to each other, but wouldn’t show the emotional side of each other unless and until required. Anything and everything is just allowed between the two of you from being mad at each other, doing crazy things, borrowing dresses and never returning and bitching about your boyfriends. Here are some crazy things your girlfriend do with you.

Top Things Your Girlfriends Are Allowed To Do With You

1Taking pictures

Taking pictures

Pictures, pictures, pictures! Your girlfriends can be the only one to accompany you in taking selfies and give equally mad poses. You guys don’t care where you are, what you are doing and it comes without any inhibitions when you take out your cameras. You are at ease when she is around and want to do adventurous stuff just with her. She poses for you and takes even clicks 100 times until she is satisfied with the way you look on her click.

2She sets you up on horrible dates

She sets you up

Only she has the right to set you up with a total moron on a date and make fun of it after you are back. She promises that she will set you up with a hot doctor friend of hers from work and then, but doesn’t do as promised. She sets you up on a blind date with a random guy she met on the road. This is disastrous because she also makes fun of your date night after you get back.

3She is spontaneous

She is spontaneous

She pulls you around on her sudden trips to nearby cities. You love her company so much that you just accompany her and wouldn’t regret doing that. You are amazing with her and you like the ‘real you’ when you are with her. The love for travel bundles up when you guys go out on long drives. The spontaneity adds spice to your life too.

4Takes whatever she wants

Takes whatever she wants

She has the right to take whatever she wants from your house and not be ashamed of that. From food, clothes, spare shoes, laundry basket and whatnot! She doesn’t have to ask you for taking stuff because she knows you wouldn’t mind and you don’t care because that’s what you are going to do at her place.

5Makes you buy expensive stuff

Makes you buy expensive

She makes you buy all the expensive stuff so she can also use it. There is no concept of borrow because, she doesn’t even have to ask you. You end up buying all the expensive dress, shoes and realize that she has been using it more than you. This can happen only between the two of us. You do the same thing to her. It’s more like a win-win situation and both of you know this.

6She steals your spotlight at the right places

She steals your spotlight

When you just start making a mark in a meeting or in a party by talking to a good looking guy, she just steals the attention by doing something better than you and woo-ing the person without her knowledge. You end up looking stupid! Sometimes she does this on intension and only you would know when it is intentional and when it isn’t.

7Spills food/wine on your favorite dress

Spills food on your favorite dress

She borrows your LBD dress for a party and ends up spilling wine and food on the same. This could be very irritating, but she puts up that puppy face look and it all goes back to normal in a snap.

8Puts up horrible looking pictures of you on Instagram


This is totally intentional and she knows you are going to whine about it at dinner. She puts one of your dirty –horrible-zombie looking photo on Instagram and the tags you on it. This could make you fume, but she will flash her trademark smile and ease you on this.

9Forces you go out when you don’t want to

Forces you go out

When you are totally in the off mood and wouldn’t want to move from your couch, she makes you dress up and insists on going to ‘some place nice’.

10Asks you for advice

Asks you for advice

She needs you every time by her side, for almost everything but remembers to never take the advice given by you. May it be relationships or anything to do with career, she just would know your opinion. Taking it or not, is under her discretion.

11Remembers all the unnecessary stuff

Remembers unnecessary stuff

She is perfectly embarrassing you in front of random people. Remembering random encounters and sharing it with a bunch of unknown people about you would come to her naturally and she is already a pro at it. All you would end up doing is facing palm yourself and hide in one corner.

You know that no matter what she does to irritate you or how many ever pranks she plays on you, you know that she is the only one who is constantly in your life, She can be the only one that will keep your sun shining and will make you happiest day by day. You love that lovable crazy thing about hers the most.

-Pavithra Ravi