Signs that he is the one in arranged marriage

Right Man in Arranged Marriage

Like every girl believes, you will definitely feel the butterflies in your stomach and have different emotions towards a guy as you as you feel that he is the one. It doesn’t have to happen immediately, but with due course of time, you will tend to fall for him. But most of the times, an arranged marriage could be very confusing and the set up in itself is a little hard to understand. Well, a fairy tale story is never going to happen, but you can experience at least something in all this. An arranged marriage is a pressure from all sides, right? Well, it is difficult for you to know how to deal with the pressure and still look at the guy and talk to him. There are a lot of things involved to choose a right man in arranged marriage. You are ideally going to spend the rest of your life with this guy and you have no idea how to select him or how to find out that he isn’t a creep.

Not everything can be handed out to you on a platter. But, there are also hints that the world drops just for you so that you can be a little more sure before you proceed and nod your head for the guy. If you are in such a position right now where you don’t really know if he is the one to get married to, look for these small signs. These signs will give you your way towards a happy marriage.

Top Signs That He is the Right Guy

1Trust your gut

Trust your gut

First and foremost, this is something you could blindly believe in. Believing in yourself and your instincts can be very useful when it comes to selecting a random guy for the rest of your life. Your gut will tell you how much you should believe in the guy and how much you shouldn’t. It will also tell you what and how the guy is.Most of the times, a woman should accept a guy based on what she thinks rather than basing her judgments on what her parents or others think. If you follow your gut and if your instincts say that he is a nice guy, then you can blindly go ahead with that.

2If he is a keeper

If he is a keeper

Well, you have in love not so remembered that you can be yourself. You don’t have to be pretentious or try to impress him by making yourself look plastic. Don’t wear makeup! Just be yourself. The satisfaction of being yourself and being pretentious in front of a guy will make you appreciate yourself in the process. If he likes you the way you are without make up and finds you extremely gorgeous in a simple way, then it surely means that he is a keeper.

3If he is funny

If he is funny

A person who is funny and has a sense of humour can be very trusting. Yes, I am not saying this based on random experience. It has actually been proven that a person who is funny can make sure that his life goes on a fun and happy way too. So, if you find your prospective man funny and if he has a great sense of humour, you can trust him. I am not saying that you have to base your decision based on how funny or not he is. But, this could be one of the criteria you can decide upon.

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4If he takes efforts

If he takes efforts

It’s not like you have to decide the life partner in like a day. You can take atleast a few meets or more to decide if you really like him or not. But the one thing that stays common in all of this is whether he really takes some efforts to make it happen. Well, if a guy takes efforts, it is easily seen and can be recognized. Does he ask you out whenever he wants to feel like meeting you? Does he pick a place that you like? Does he always keep your choices in mind? Then, he is probably really into you and wants you to like him.

These are the kind of things a guy does when he really likes you and when he wants to work things out with you. Yes, you can trust such guys!

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5If you feel safe

If you feel safe

The most important thing about any relationship is whether you feel safe with the guy or not. IN fact this is the basis of even friendship for that matter. If you think you feel safe with the guy you are seeing now, then it probably means that he is going to keep you safe for the rest of your life too. Of course it doesn’t mean that he has to jump on people and be a macho man and save someone’s life. You need to feel safe and secure both emotionally and physically with him. If he is able to satiate that for you, then he is probably the right guy.

Remember that choosing a guy is easy, but choosing the right guy can be difficult. If arranged marriage is what you are looking at, then try to keep these things in mind and select the guy according to these parameters. All the best ladies.

-Pavithra Ravi

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