Tips That Will Help You Take The Best Selfies

best selfies

Click Click Click! Smile, you are on a selfie mode!

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and all these social media have put out the urge to click pictures of our self and share it with the world out there. There is this urge to post our best-looking pictures on these platforms in our best self, which gradually makes all of us socially acceptable and very inclined towards public appreciation. When you have the stage, necessity and most of all, the interest, why do you have to not go about it in the right way?

It is very important for you to do something perfectly right if you are doing it willingly or even unwillingly. Someone once said, if you are doing something wrong, do it right! So, whether you are on the selfie bandwagon or not, here are some really cool tips that will help you click the best selfies of yourself.

Rules To Follow For Best Selfies

11. Compose your photograph

Compose your photograph

It is extremely important for you to compose your photograph. Yes, even when it is a selfie, you need to make sure it is in its perfect form. To achieve this, you ought to remember the rule of thirds. Rule of thirdsshould be your main focus and remembering to divide your picture into 9 equal parts is important. Remember to take a selfie where you are placed either on the top left or top right corner, so your eyes are perfectly aligned and composed. Like we said, do it right, whether or not you want to!

22. Don’t be Narcissistic

Dont be Narcissistic

Yes, don’t be too self-involved when you take a selfie. Try and involve people in your pictures. If you want to know how, it is quite easy. Use both your hands to accommodate space for others, or just go for a top angle to cover everybody. Using two hands could be easier. Flip your phone, say cheese and click!

33. Light up

Light up

A good selfie requires you to have the best lighting. If not best, at least comparatively better lighting. Remember, your front camera is not going to be as great as your back camera. So, making sure you have the perfect lighting, will help you bring out the charm in you. Your dress, makeup and hair will be clear if you can click a picture with appropriate lighting only. Avoid dark or blemish lighting to over falling of shadows on your face.

44. Be mindful of photo bombing

Be mindful of photo bombing

Most of the times, what happens is, when you take a selfie with your front cam, you are sure to see people behind in your picture. However, if you selfie involves back cam, you may not know who is behind you. Photo bombing is very normal in selfies. You might have just captured the best-looking picture with the best light, background, etc. You might also notice that that your beautiful picture would have captured a man picking his nose or scratching in inappropriate places. It could be a great turn off. So, always check for people around you before you capture the best picture.

55. Magic hours are important

Magic hours are important

Clicking a selfie during the magic hours of the day could make a great display picture. Yes, early sunrise, sunset, twilight is your magical hours. Consider taking pictures in natural lighting for more clarity and aesthetic feel. Every photo gives out a story, so make your story during the magic hours.

66. Stay still

Stay still

This is the first and basic rule of taking a selfie. Having a steady hand while taking a picture of yourself is important. You are not dependent on someone else for your pictures, since your hand is your camera now stick now. It does take practice when you have to do more than two things at a time. Making sure to look good, having a proper lighting, striking a good pose and having a steady hand could take a lot from you. But, make sure you practice on this and very soon you will become a pro at it.

77. The more, the better

Explore and go crazy

When it comes to selfies, Nah! actually pictures in general, it is better to take as many as possible. The more you take the better options you get to choose from. You can’t achieve the best shot on the first go itself. Even the most effortless-looking photos take more than two clicks, time and preparation! If you are looking to pick up your next instagram picture, take tons of pictures because it is worth it!

88. Explore and go crazy

Explore and go crazy

Think of the camera as your eye. It captures what you do, so don’t be afraid to do crazy things. Unless you don’t explore, you can’t achieve a great picture. So, go ahead. Take pictures with whoever, whatever or however you want and make a memory out of it. Remember, being confident shows on your camera.

99. The Angle is important

The Angle is important

Most of them don’t consider the angle while taking a picture. Don’t be one of them. When you take your own selfies, make sure that you take them considering the angle as one of the main perspective in mind. Some people look great when they hold their phone up and angle their face upward. Switch it up and explore with the angels. You never know what will turn out looking best. Don’t hesitate to try something new or different.

There are so many girls who have already mastered the art of clicking selfies. If you are ready, then you too can be one of them by following the above tips. The key part of taking a selfie is to be confident, have fun and staying you!

Happy clicking!

-Pavithra Ravi

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