Five habits that make you look unprofessional

look unprofessional

Have you ever seen a coworker showing unprofessional behavior and questioned about how they maintain their position in the organization? Are you wondering that why are you standing out from the crowd, though you have appropriate education and experience? Well, there are few factors that might delay in your promotion or you might be displaying certain behavior that keeps you away from growing professionally. Avoiding these unprofessional habits can fasten your career growth.

5 Habits That Make You Unprofessional

1Wandering eyes

Wandering eyes

You know this habit very well, it’s second nature to the point where you hardly realize yourself doing it. When you disagree with someone, you instantly start reacting with your eyes. However, do not be too comfortable, as your manager might have already noticed what you are up to. They might not say it directly, but they might keep a record of all those signs of disconnection and may also prevent you from promoting. If you are really irritated with any decision, then it’s always better to discuss it directly with the person who is involved.

2‘It is what it is’

It is what it is

These kinds of phrases must be common in water breaks or during happy hours with your close friends at work, but the last words they want to hear from employee is ‘that’s how things work here.’ Such statements show negative ideas about the company. Instead of those problematic decisions, do some research and find a solution with your manager in appropriate time.

3‘In my opinion’

In my opinion

It’s definitely great to share your ideas, but constant use of ‘in my opinion’ or ‘according to me’ will either make you sound shifty or unwilling to be a part of the team. It signals that you are not ready for promotion.

4‘You guys’ disease

You guys disease

There is no simpler way to label yourself as an outsider, than always referring to the team as ‘you guys.’ Even if there are improvements or the practices that you disagree, is to change yourself. First, take the ownership of your position in the team, so that you can turn things on.

5Common sense

Common sense

While this should be a minimum common sense, it might be surprising to realize how many professionals believe that the common use of swear words is acceptable in a professional setting. Your office must be unconventional, but cursing in it is definitely a sign of unprofessional behavior.

-Nikisha Uddagiri

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