Must Have Apps If you’re a Traveler


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Travel Apps

In a short span of time, smart phones became a really massive phenomenon. They changed and made our lives easier. There are many things that we use to do entirely different and now these apps completely changed the way once we use to live. When it comes to travel, you no more have to stand in a long queue and book tickets for next month in advance. With the travel apps, you can easily know the availability of seats and can book tickets simply by sitting at home. Also, you can pick your own seat.

Therefore, from booking tickets to hotel rooms, hiring local transport, navigation maps and weather news, apps made our lives simpler. You can prepare your own itinerary and simply enjoy your tour, instead of going and depending on the tour guide, looking for the rooms or searching for routes with hired vehicles. Here are the following apps for a traveler that saves both your energy and time.

5 Best Apps for a Traveler

1Converter Plus

Converter Plus

If you often visit foreign countries, you must be used to encountering various measurement units and currencies. While currency converters are a usual thing, people don’t realize the difficulties with grasping measurement units unless they are confused with something that costs in money you are used to. After using meters and kilos all your life, it’s hard to understand pounds and feet initially. Converter plus is a handy app that converts everything from pounds to kilos and Centigrade to Fahrenheit in a matter of seconds.

2Weather Pro

Weather Pro

Weather Pro is a powerful app that provides more than two million locations, including cloud formations, humidity levels, wind speed, atmospheric pressure. So to know what kind of weather to expect once you get off your flight, you surely have to download this app.

[Also Read: Apps Every Woman Should Have on her Phone] is available for both Android and iOS. It is well-known for travel search and booking. They also help you in finding unexpected discounts and special promotions. Hey help you from booking hotels to car rentals and also look for something to do as soon as you arrive.

4Packing Pro

Packing Pro

Packing Pro makes your packing simpler, just tell it where you are going, for how long and with whom. It will quickly suggest you with a list of essentials for packing segregated into different categories which makes it easier to navigate. You no more have to sit down and think of what to take.

5Google Field Trip

Google Field Trip

If you have trouble in finding place, Google Field Trip helps you the best. It looks for the current locations and based on the preferences, it selects for the places of interest beforehand. It alerts you through audio signals or by displaying cards on your smart phone once you are near that place as that might increase your curiosity.

-Nikisha Uddagiri