Ways in which social media affects relationships


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It is not new to us that Instagram, Facebook, twitter and so many other social media websites make way into our lives making it seem extremely amazing and happy for you. You may enjoy your regular updates of pictures, videos, status and your happenings of your life. But have you wondered how all of these social platforms have made your life nothing but a little too equipped with your own self? There are a lot of relationship incidents that come to light because of social media. So, here we are to tell you the social media affects relationship and the possible risks that are being faced by every couple due to social media.

Top Possible Issues Caused Due to Social Media

1Over sharing about your relationship

Over sharing about your relationship

It is very important that you check how your partner feels about public display of affection. PODA, otherwise called as Public online display of affection is not very welcomed by every person in the relation. Some may have issues with it and might not really like it. You need to draw some boundaries while you are posting certain things on the social media. This could be a huge threat to your relationship if one of the two don’t approve of it. It is definitely inconsiderate to post about your relationship publicly without the consent of your partner. Your partner has to be on-board with the online mushy episodes before you post them to the world. Also, even if your partner is ok with the mushiness, you need to draw a proper line on where to stop.

The secret world that you inhabit is something that you should keep under covers most of the time considering the conservative society that we live in. Nude pictures can be easily reported and you can be blocked by the social media platforms. Well, how to fix this relationship issue? You can own up to your mistakes and ask for a simple sorry. That could fix it and don’t redo posting something intimate or unwanted without your partner’s consent. Try to have a physical and emotional connection rather than having an electronic connection. It will straighten things out.

[Also knowSocial media in the society]

2Posting inappropriate pictures

Posting inappropriate pictures

Most relationships come to a fight zone or breakup zone when you may end up posting pictures of yourself and your partner on instagram. You may like it, but trust us when we say this, it is not really what everyone has to see. Mainly, if your boyfriend is not okay with it, you should consider not breaking the trust of your person. It could be sexy, but don’t show it to the entire world. Why should the world know the intimate details of your sexiness?

3Keeping in touch with ex

Keeping in touch with ex

You and your ex may have planned and decided to stay friends and it is done. But, the repeated comments on the wall or the inside jokes will eventually affect your relationship with your current boyfriend. You cannot be friends with your ex, no matter what! At least that is how it stays on social media because everything is right out there and you can’t own up to your actions later once its all done. Think about all the jealousy that your boyfriend may develop over your past relationship. The unwanted fights and the arguments about a comment or an inside joke! This could lead to a lot more than you can think. Think about all the jealousy that your boyfriend may develop over your past relationship. The unwanted fights and the arguments about a comment or an inside joke! This could lead to a lot more than you can think.

4Monitoring your boyfriend’s profile

Monitoring your boyfriend’s profile

You will turn into a mega creepy if you keep checking your partner’s social media wall or his comments, posts, friends etc etc. There is no stop to this because this social media will totally make you go crazy. You don’t have to wonder every time what a particular relationship status he posts means, you don’t have to go check on his friend’s list for his exes and you definitely don’t have to humiliate yourself by looking like a stalker. Social media makes you do all of this without fail and you should get rid of these habits.

If something online is bothering you, you might as well talk about it to your guy. It’s important to communicate to your partner that you are possessive about his behavior and you never know, it may turn out looking cute and he may actually start listening to you.

5Divulging opinions

Divulging opinions

You need not have an opinion about every relationship mishap of yours on Facebook or twitter. You may want to vent out your frustration, but doing that to 2 million people would definitely not solve your problem, The problems will be solved only if you let that one person now because of whom you are frustrated. That is the way you deal with problems and not by making it an emotional outburst so that people can laugh, gawk and sympathize with you. Remember, nobody cares unless they are really your people. Opinions about relationship with social media, could be a huge breaking line in your relationship.

-Pavithra Ravi

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