6 reasons why Twitter is useful for you


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Twitter Uses

Many people these days ask two questions and there are a million people to answer those questions. What is Twitter and Why twitter? Twitter has grown more than a micro blogging site and has a lot of people active and using it for various purposes. Cell phones and internet have made the world come very near and in just one tap, you know what your friend in South Korea is eating for lunch! Twitter sure has a lot of advantages which also includes job hunting, client management and others. So, here we are to bring you reasons why twitter is useful for you.

Top Reasons Twitter is Useful

1Microblog it

Micro blog it

Microblogging is the prime about Twitter and is the best use of twitter. You get  to write short and crisp messages and broadcast. Isn’t it easy to make a quick 140 character tweet about what you are doing, where you are or anything related to you and  tell the world about it? It let’s you convey your message to the world in a snap.

2Getting quick answers

Getting quick answers

The idea of microblogging has become very popular now and there is no one else to thank than twitter. You can ask all sorts of questions ranging from a missing ingredient in your chocolate cookie to a serious life turning answer on what to choose for your career. Anything and everything is answered in a jiffy if you have more friends. The theory is simple! More followers, the more number of people see your tweet and the more responses you get. It’s one of the best ways to stay connected with your family and friends, even if they are millions of kms away from you. Isn’t this enough reason why twitter is useful?

3Job Hunting

Job Hunting

Did you know that many companies post their job requirement on twitter? It is wide open to the world when posted on twitter. It surely is one of the ways you can find a new job if you are tired of your current job or if you are hunting for another one. You can easily find a job when you announce to the twitter world on your requirement.

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4Up to date news

Up to date news

Twitter is adopting all forms of news dissemination from newspaper to TV to magazines to even radio stations. Twitter has become the coolest thing since sliced bread. There is an easy way to track news these days on this social networking site. From normal smartphones to even iPhones, twitter let’s you use the app called Tweetdeck, that will give you up-to-date news on every category you ask for.

5Twitter lets you plan a get together

Twitter lets you plan a get together

Arranging a time or place for a get together gets very easy with twitter. It is something like a conference call with text messaging facility. If you have regular outings with your friends or colleagues, twitter lets you arrange the date and time for all the people you have mentioned and sorts out a perfect place and time according to everybody’s timings and convenience. It is a great way to nail down a particular area, place and time.

6Screaming your rage out

Screaming your rage out

We have all faced those awfully annoying days where you might have been stuck in traffic for hours together or some waiter spilled coffee on your brand new shirt or even the smallest thing that pulls off your mood. Bad mood sure sends rage into your nerves and it is perfectly fine to whine about it on social media these days. It sure would be a fantasy come true if every office had a punching bag so that people can punch and get their anger or irritation out. Right? Well, twitter makes life easier for you that way.

All you have to do is to tweet whatever you feel like and you will find tweets and followers commenting on your post. People are there to comfort you, get angry with you, share their funny experiences or even make a mood change by cracking a joke. All said and done, be careful to watch your language.

There are many more amazing ways where twitter comes in handy. You can learn more on politics, catch up the review of the movie you wanted to watch, football match discussions, IPL scores, minute to minute live updates, a like or retweet from your favorite celebrity and a lot more. Twitter surely has evolved everyone’s life and made us busy and entertaining. With the trend changing, everyone is definitely a good victim of twitter and its benefits.

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-Pavithra Ravi