Top Bollywood Movies Based On Women Rights


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Bollywood Movies Based On Women

Indian Cinema has been an inevitable part of our life. It is one of the entertaining and informing tool of mass communication. Bollywood produces many movies in different genres every year. Movies make a big impact on the society, it influences many minds while entertaining them. Bollywood movies based on women, which focus on issues they face for their equal rights and other aspects are presented in the following movies:

Bollywood Movies Based On Women – Feminist Movies



Parched is a movie released in 2016, directed by Leena Yadav and produced by Ajay Devgan. The movie revolves around four women living in Rajasthan, which still practices child marriage. The movie shows the life of a woman who is a widow(Rani), a woman who is a dancer and a prostitute(Bijli), a woman who is said to be an infertile woman(Lajjo) and a girl (Janki) who is married off to Rani’s son Gulaab as a child.

The movie shows how these women fight against all the social stigmas related to being a widow, the infertile tag, child marriage and prostitution. At the end of the story, these women just run away from the village to start a new life. Getting out from a society which does not want to develop from its age old traditions is very important. Especially from such societies where, bringing a change is difficult and takes a lot of time.

Parched simply delivers a message that every woman has a right to live the way she wants to, be it a widow or a prostitute. Every life matters.



Pink is another such movie, which is based in the capital of India, Delhi. This movie revolves around three independent women Minal, Andrea and Falak who go out for a concert and meet a bunch of men. On getting molested by one of them (Rajvir) who is a relative of a politician, Minal while defending herself hits Rajvir with a glass bottle, injuring his eye and head.

The movie is a court room drama, where the Minal is accused of attempt to murder and prostitution. The movie has Amitabh Bachchan playing Deepak Sehgal, the advocate who fights for the accused Minal. The movie slowly unfolds, how independent women are questioned and judged in a wrong way if they live a bold life. The movie also depicts, the rule regarding crimes where women and children can get a bail even if they are accused of a non bailable crime.

The court room drama, Pink tells us how women need not be judged upon things like going out in the night or drinking. They have all the rights to lead their life as they want without being questioned.



The 2014 film Queen, which won many hearts and sent a strong message to all the women who are called ‘behenji’ or lead a simple life. The movie is about Rani, who belongs to a simple family, is educated and smart. Right before a day of her wedding, her fiance calls off the wedding because he thinks she is too simple and homely which does not go with his image.

Rani decides to go on her honeymoon alone. The movie further shows how she travels around Europe, making friends and discovering herself. Meanwhile, her fiance wanted to get back with her, but she rejects him putting forth her self-respect.

Queen portrays how women have a right to go out and discover themselves, they have the right to reject a man and live life on their own terms.

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4English Vinglish

English Vinglish

Englih Vinglish is about a woman who is a house wife, and does not know how to speak in English. In the movie, Shashi is mocked by her husband and daughter for her poor English skills. She goes to New York for her niece’s wedding. There she attends spoken English classes and learns how to speak fluent English. On the wedding day, she gives an amazing speech for the Bride and Groom, giving her husband and daughter a surprise. Which makes them realize how wrong they were, when they disrespected Shashi because she could not speak in English.

English Vinglish shows how women have the right to be simple and yet be respected for what they are.

5Chak de India

Chak de India

One of the most famous Bollywood movies about women, having the King Khan factor in it, Chak de India revolves around the Indian Women’s Hockey team. Which is looked down upon because, it is a women’s team. An ex-captain of the Indian Men’s Hockey who was banned from playing the sport comes as the coach for the ladies team, trains them for the world cup and is successful when the team wins the world cup.

The movie revolves around the sixteen player’s life. Each girl had to fight some or the other societal aspect to reach the Indian Nation Hockey Team. The movie portrays how women can do much more than just cooking at home or being an ideal daughter in law.

Chak de India, depicts the right of women to be given freedom to practice their interest as their profession.

Bollywood has produces different women empowerment movies, right from the epic movie ‘Mother India’ to ‘Dor’ or ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’. Every movie tells us a story of different women, who fought the stereo types and faced discrimination. Each story inspires us to break through all the bondage and unleash the confident, creative, sportive and fearless woman in us.

If the society stops you, fighting back or rebellion is the best way to teach them and show that women are capable of many things. Movies like ‘Mardaani’ and ‘Kahaani’ show how brave a woman can be. Bollywood also came over the age old discrimination, of actresses just being a show piece or a decorative item in the movies.

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