Reasons why Wake up Sid is a treat to mind and heart


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wake up sid is a great movie

Some Bollywood movies have changed the way every audience looks at his/her life. Yes, movies like Paa, 3 Idiots, English Vinglish, Wake up Sid and so many more. Out of these, Wake up Sid is a worldwide accepted movie that makes sure that every human is delighted to watch time and again. It makes a complete package of how a movie should ideally be and how every person looks at it in a unique manner. Movies like Wake up Sid are related by all the people around the world and that is obvious because of the storyline and the amazing acting done by the actors. We are emotionally and mind wise connected towards the movie and we know we love it. So, here are some reasons why wake up sid is a great movie and treat for both our minds and our hearts.

Top Reasons Why Wake Up Sid Is a Great Movie

1Simple pleasures

Simple pleasures

Sometimes in life, the little things make a large difference and bring a beautiful smile on our faces. A rainy day filled with happiness, a cup of chai and a bajji/vada pav could be the most simple thing. But appreciating that is the simple pleasure one gets. This movie teaches us that small pleasures in life have a big and satisfying meaning in life. A happy dance on the terrace, a baby’s smile, photographing an old couple, playing with bubbles and so much more are the small pleasures that this movie has taught us to appreciate. It definitely is one of the best kind of pleasure, isn’t it?

2The actors define a movie

The actors define a movie

Actors are one of the main reasons why a person watches a movie. Yes, it is also the storyline and all the hardships, but think about a movie with no actors. It makes absolutely no sense right? Well that is what this movie is also about. We can’t think of anyone else in the place of Ranbir Kapoor or Konkana Sen. This is because, Konkana sen’s outlook in life is very perfect and is one of the reasons why the movie is pretty much a super hit. Her perfect striking balance between life and career and the soul, she puts in every frame is what defines the movie. Can you imagine anyone else in the song Iktara? Ummm.. Well, I don’t think so, right?

3Locations are the ‘it’ thing too

Locations are the ‘it’ thing too

Well, if you don’t love or lock your locations, a movie makes no sense. In a movie, everything is important and I accept that. But unless you love your locations and know how every frame would turn out to be, you cannot capture moments and make magic. Yes, Wake up Sid is a movie that is loved when it comes to locations. The crew has loved showing Mumbai in the most amazing manner and according to me, I feel that the city is the hero of the movie. It sure is a commercial movie, but the small pretty aspects in the movie are impeccable. You will be bitten by the Mumbai bug and you will love to be a part of the city once you watch how beautifully they have portrayed it in the movie.



Many movies have been doing well in our industry because of the lovely music. Let us not forget to credit the hard work of the music directors, lyricists and of course the singers who have given life and uplifted the movie to the next level. Wake up Sid has the most loved numbers and if you don’t like the movie, you can see it for the music. You will never get bored of the lovely numbers like Iktara, Aajkal Zindagi, Life is crazy and of course the beautiful title track. They are literally life altering music and no, we aren’t exaggerating about this. A movie needs music as its backbone and this movie sure has the magic of music in it.

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5Finding yourself is never late

Finding yourself is never late

Society is a bitch! Yes, I say that, because we all live in a place where we always think about what the society thinks, what other people think, what our life will be if other people question us. What we forget is the fact that, society is definitely not as important as your own self. If you find your ground and if you know what you want to do in life, you don’t have to need the approval of the people around you. The movie shows Sid to be a man who is 10 at heart but still finds his ground. He did not change for others or did not try to impress others. You do not have to always fit the bill and be accepted by others. The movie shows us that it is fine to be weird and different and still enjoy life the way it is.

6Break the stereotype

Break the stereotype

Every parent who watches this movie might have thought about how they pestered their children to do something that they didn’t want to do. Yes, being a doctor or an engineer is not all that life is all about. Chasing your dreams and having an unconventional profession is fine and can make all the difference. That is what the movie has taught us. The movie teaches us to break the bloody stereotype and boom into something that you love.

Wake up Sid on the whole is a wonderful mixture of fun, realization, life and love! A movie like this can win laurels and can change the way people look at life. We hope we see more films like this from our Bollywood and Indian movie industry.

-Pavithra Ravi

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