Bollywood celebrities and their weird obsession


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Bollywood celebrities

Bollywood is a style world where everything is glitz, fashion, glamour and of course even the dirty is made look sexy. We cannot push away the fact that the industry has played a lot of roles in our lives too. From its breakups, patch-ups, love life, secret life, their fashion disaster to their gossips, everything is always in the limelight and we like to keep hearing something new every time. We forget that even they have a life that is way too personal to even share. They have their own differences, their own commitments and their own inhibitions. What is more important is that that also have their own obsessions. Yes, these Bollywood celebrities who are actually the public figure and gods to so many fans have cute obsessions and they confront it in their interviews now and then. So, today we are going to list out the cute Obsessions of Bollywood Celebrities and how much it has increased.

What is an obsession? Obsession is something that you can’t keep your hands off and something that keeps you very hooked to it. It is something that is not a great habit. Obsession in medical terms is called as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It means that this disorder can take to any kind of level. This may let you not do work on time, disrupt your life and even ruin your career. Well, let us tell you that the obsession we are talking about Bollywood celebrities is not this high. It is just a random cute thing, which is probably in their early stages and something that they are used to from their early age. So, here we go!

Top Cute Obsessions of Bollywood Celebrities

1Priyanka Chopra – Shoes

Priyanka Chopra

Let us tell you that this Diva has at least a pair of 80 shoes in her closet. She is obsessed with different kinds of shoes and loves to get her heels customized and fixed by great shoe designers. She confessed in one of her interviews when asked about obsession she has. She said that she loves shoes and likes to buy anything that looks attractive and sexy. The darling of Bollywood literally owns 80 pairs of shoes and would love to keep buying more and more it seems. Well, let us not say that she isn’t wrong. Every girl is surely obsessed with the idea of shoes, isn’t it girls?

2Shahid Kapoor – Coffee

Shahid Kapoor

This cutie who is known for his chocolate boy looks confessed in ‘Koffee with Karan’ that one of the reasons why he came to the show was because he would be offered with tasty and delicious coffee. He told Karan that he is obsessed with coffee and drinks at least 10 shots of coffee when he shoots for a movie. He doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, but definitely is a coffee addict!

3Shah Rukh Khan – Jeans and Video Games

Shah Rukh Khan

The Badshah of Bollywood is apparently obsessed with Denim blue jeans. The King of Bollywood is said to have easily 1500 pairs of denim jeans for himself. Well, this definitely sounds like a whole new level of obsession, isn’t it? He is also attached to video games and gaming equipments, it seems. He is so addicted and obsessed with it, that he has dedicated one floor of his house only for gaming and game related things. Well, his sons are definitely going to love him for this.

4Salman Khan – Perfumes and Soaps

Salman Khan

Who wouldn’t love to smell nice and fragrant? But, this man who has melted so many hearts, loves to collect perfumes and soaps. In one interview with his co-star Jacqueline Fernandas, she has reported saying that he loves perfumes and his presence can be immediately felt with his unique smelling perfume. Well, this is definitely an easy way for the directors and the technicians to find out about their actor’s whereabouts. He confessed in one of his interviews that he has over 1000 soap collection and herbal smelling soaps in his personal bath area. Ummmm, now we know how the actor was able to remove his shirt every single time!

5Preity Zinta – Cleanliness

Preity Zinta

Well, cleanliness is next to godliness! Everyone knows this, right? Preity Zinta, the dimple cutie is known for clean bathrooms. Well, she has a small obsession with this and she has told the media this in one of the interviews. She is known for clean restrooms and she loves to keep her house and area clean. She is one person who initiates cleanliness among children and has won laurels for her campaign on the same. This obsession of hers is pretty nice and helpful since it involves being clean.

6Sonam Kapoor – Fashion

Sonam Kapoor

This beautiful star is definitely known for her fashion abilities and her sense of style. She has been in the news a lot of time regarding her fashion sense. She definitely is a true Fashionista and a diva too. This darling is obsessed with her very own first love – Fashion. She is so obsessed with it, that she has invested on high-end clothes in her house and has a walk in closet just for this. Well, now having items like Prada, Gucci and Chenal is every girl’s dream. Having an authentic sense of style, she definitely dresses beautiful and in the most elegant manner.

7Lara Dutta – Nostalgic collection

Lara Dutta

The former Miss Universe Lara Dutta has a very unique obsession. While everything else was related to materialistic stuff, her obsession is more on the nostalgic side. She loves to travel to a lot of countries and likes to pick something that is very unique in the country. That is now something very thoughtful. She confessed in an interview that she likes to pick up some unique things from each country she travels to. She has a collection of souvenirs which she believes is a true collection.

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Well, these Bollywood celebrities are known for so many things, but these cute little obsessions are a reminder that even they have a personal space and a life.

-Pavithra Ravi