10 Alluring Bridal Accessories- High Fashion Mode With Traditions


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All women are not passionate about fashion. Some women want to keep their appearance royal along with elegance. The passionate or a minimalist, she must is the center of attraction as bride. So, the accessories that a bride wears makes her royal like a queen, passionate more than a fashionista and elegant. There are a list of bridal accessories that give an Indian bridal look.

Here, we are mentioning the bridal accessories that completes a bridal look both ways- tradition and fashion.

If you are someone who wants to be a traditional bride with high fashion spirit, then don’t get off the thought. See which bridal accessories make you a perfect fashionable Indian brides-

Bridal Accessories For Indian Brides

Your bridal collection must have right choices. The ornaments like necklaces and earrings are well remembered. So, we have listed the accessories that are a must for modern bride who also want to deck up with traditional pieces.

1. Maang tikka

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Maang tikka is a delicate bridal accessory that prettifies the face. Though it is a routine accessory that is worn in general, the designs make it bridal.

In a few regions, maang tikka is a compulsory accessory for brides. Tikka is the main and beautiful indication for married women. We can say maang tikka is an indication in the form of accessory.

You can choose bridal maang tikka that comes with a pearl or stone drop. This is a brightening accessory to match with your high level ethnicity as an Indian bride.

2. Nath


Nath is another accessory that is integral part of Indian culture. It is an unavoidable beautiful accessory for Indian brides with great significance.

The embellished and chain connected nose rings make the bride look traditional. The big size decorated nath is not worn casually by women. It is meant for the bridal wear. Brides from the most of the Indian states wear nath.

As you a Indian bride, you must keep your appearance mighty. A bridal nath does it all. You can check out the trending bridal nose rings which are fashionable and breathtaking.

3. Kalira

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Kalira is the bridal accessory that is only worn by North Indian brides. Kalira is a combined accessory that comes with choora or chooda. The vibrant red bangles with the mix of white bangles and attached kalira is the ultimate way to call her a Punjabi bride.

Kalira is embellished and designed with chain hangings. It differs it size and designs. You can choose this bridal accessory to fit with your contemporary bridal look.

The beautiful combo of kalira and choora is loved by brides. No Punjabi bride would miss this bridal accessory how much ever modernized she is.

4. Hair Garland

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This is a main accessory for South Indian brides. The natural flower made garland attached to the braid is charming. It is a hair accessory that looks colourful and traditional. The real name of the accessory is poola jada.

If a South brides skips wearing this bridal hair accessory then she looks partially dolled up. This is an ideal hairstyle for wedding day. The traditional pattu saree and poola jada with some other main bridal accessories make a perfect bride.

These days, this hair accessory is also coming with golden pendants which is modern version of poola jada. Which is your choice? The vintage natural flower garland or golden garland? Both are out up for you in attaching the images above.

5. Saree brooch

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Saree brooch is not a mandatory traditional accessory for brides. It is a fashionable version of safety pin to secure the bridal saree.

Saree brochures are that beautiful, that you would not want to miss them to adorn you a little more. An embellished saree brochure also enhances the beauty of your saree.

Designer saree brooches are no less than any bridal accessory. Saree brooches are also extended with the chain design. You can use it for modern saree look and to secure our saree as well. You have few samples of bridal saree brooches.

6. Bajuband

Bajuband is a bracelet that is worn on arm and it is adjustable. It is a grand and must wear accessory for Indian brides.

If you want to choose a unique armlet, then shop and find an antique piece. You can check the sample of antique bajuband piece in the above image. The layered embellishments on the accessory add the bridal acutality to your whole appearance.

New gen brides got to see many latest designs of bajuband to pick the best one for their super traditional bridal look.

7. Ring bracelet


Ring bracelet is an accessory that Indian brides are heading with. Wear the ring and bracelet makes you hands look routine again. So, choose this accessory to make you fashion visible.

You can go with this accessory wearing a bridal saree or lehenga. The gold tone with stones are pearls makes it a captivating bridal accessory.

The designs and patterns are plenty in this accessory. You can pick a single attached ring bracelet or multi attached one. If you are looking for a ring bracelet that is modish- then go for crystal and diamond studded bracelet. Pairing it with fancy bridal outfits is a huge fashionable idea.

8. Bangles


We modern women only wear bangles on festivals but an Indian bride is completely incomplete without bangles.

The colourful bangles on your hands give the special attraction. You feel new and nice when yours bangles make sound clinging. The feminine and traditional look that you get with bangles is lovely.

If you are a traditional woman who wears bangles and bindi, what makes it bridal when you wear the same bangles? It is a set of bangles with embellishments. You can set the combination of bangles to get that bridal look to your hands.

9. Waist belt


Waist belt is one of the heavy accessories for Indian brides. It is mostly worn by South Indian brides. The carved designs and the studded embellishments are part of this beautiful ornament.

A traditional waist belt wrapped around saree is fashionable and loved by modern brides as well. It gives saree a pretty saree look.

The latest designed waist belt are extremely attractive with pendants and traditional motifs. The god and goddess designs are also carved which make the accessory most traditional one for Indian brides.

10. Anklet


Brides groom their foot and keep them ready for bridal foot mehndi. There is something else to decorate your bridal foot- it is pretty anklets. Anklets are not only make the bell sound but also to make the bridal fashion sound.

Your foot looks extra pretty with bridal anklets. Your walk sounds bridal and foot looks bridal with this Indian traditional accessory.

Bridal anklets are coming in fashionable designs and patterns. You can also choose double-layered anklets for an extraordinary look. The embellishments like stones, pearls that are woven into golden anklets make them perfect bridal accessory.

When you are a bride, you want to look adorned but not loaded with jewelry. So, these accessories are to adorn you for striking Indian bridal look. Now, you must wear these accessories for that dream bridal look along with your bright smile.

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