Uses And Benefits Of Amla Juice For Skin, Hair, And Health


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Benefits Of Amla Juice

Amla or Indian gooseberry is known to be an undeniable powerhouse of the nutrients. The presence of essential minerals as well as vitamins in amla, are not only integral to the body’s well-being, but also is an indispensable on preventing as well as managing the most common as well as widespread diseases.

Amla is also known to be an excellent source of the Vitamin C, hence it can help to boost the immunity, metabolism as well as prevent from any viral and bacterial ailments, that’s including the cold and cough. The nutritional profile of amla, is studded with many range of polyphenols which are known to fight against all the development of the cancer cells.

Another most effective way to add amla to the diet is by juicing them and dilute with water, later drinking it every day on an empty stomach. It helps to clear the system, and aid in the digestion, helping to maintain the clear skin, healthy hair as well as good eyesight. So, here are some benefits of amla juice for beautiful skin, hair and health.

How To Prepare Amla Juice

Now-a-days, amla juice can be found commercially in any medical stores, but there is nothing like a homemade. So here is the recipe of a home made amla juice:


a. One cup of Amla or Indian Gooseberry, that is cut in pieces
b. One cup of sugar
c. Pinch of salt
d. Pinch of cardamom powder (optional)


a. First wash and then dry out the amlas, placing them in a bowl.
b. Add one and half cup of water to a pressure cooker and placing in the bowl cover the pressure cooker with its lid on it.
c. After one whistle, switch off the stove. Remove the bowl from the stove.
d. Gently touching the gooseberry, see if it has completely cooled down or not. Later press the amla with the fingers and removing the seeds.
e. Try to grind some sugar into a fine powder.
f. Grind all the amla pieces adding sugar powder.
g. To prepare the concentrated amla juice, mix the amla paste with the sugar powder as well as salt. Then place the concentration in the freezer safe box.
h. Add at least two to three spoons of this amazing concentrate to a glass of water whenever required an amla juice. You can even add some cardamom powder and stir them well.

Benefits Of Amla For Skin

Here are some of the benefits of amla for skin:

1. Lightens Complexion

The presence of antioxidants and vitamin C in the amla juice can help to brighten up the skin and lend a natural glow. Try to have amla juice with some honey mixed or can even apply the mixture on the face for a more light complexion and blemish-free skin tone.

2. Anti-aging Benefits

Amla juice can help to maintain a very youthful looking skin as it have the presence of a lot of antioxidants. Vitamin C, can help to keep the skin younger looking for a much longer time. With the regular intake of the amla juice it can delay the effects of premature aging such as the fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and many more.

Anti-aging Benefits3. Treats Pigmentation

Amla juice can clean your skin and reduce the pigmentation. Just apply amla juice on the face with some cotton and rinse them off after few minutes. Try to keep your eyes totally shut while doing it. Working on it regularly can help to lighten the marks as well as reduce the pigmentation.

4. Tones And Tightens The Skin

The decrease in the collagen can cause the skin tissue to lose the firmness as well as softness, resulting in the sagging of skin. As said earlier, amla juice is very rich in vitamin C, that can help to boost the production of the collagen cells in skin. It can make the skin soft, supple as well as youthful. It also helps to tone and tighten the skin.

Tones And Tightens The Skin5. Treatment Of Acne And Pimple Scars

Applying the paste of amla for about 10 to 15 minutes on your affected area, can help to lighten the spots as well as reduce the occurrence of the pimples. As a natural blood purifier, it can fight off the microorganisms in your skin, thus keep the skin infections, acne and pimples at bay. Hence, drinking the amla juice can also give flawless skin.

Benefits Of Amla For Hair

Here are some of the benefits of amla for hair:

1. Strengthens Hair

Do you feel bad when a huge chunk of the hairgo down the drain every time you wash the hair? Then you need to try amla juice to stop hair fall.

Amla juice can help to strengthen the hair follicles, thus encouraging the hair growth. You can apply the juice mixture of the amla and lemon on the scalp and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes. Then rinse off with some warm water. This can help to strengthen the hair from the roots and gives it an amazing shine.

2. Prevents Premature Graying

Stress as well as improper food habits can some times lead to the premature graying of hair.

Amla juice, on the other hand is very beneficial for those people who are suffering from premature graying of the hair that is because of the presence of antioxidants as well as vitamin C.

Prevents Premature Graying3. Conditions Hair

Amla juice, can act as an amazing conditioner for the dry and rough hair.

Just mix some amla juice with henna and then apply it on the hair. This can help to counteract the drying nature of the henna, making hair look much more healthy. It can also add extra shine and bounce.

4. Scalp Cleanser

If you are looking for a product that can easily clean the scalp without even making it any more messy or even unmanageable, then amla juice is your answer.

Just add some drops of the amla juice to an egg, then beat it. Later massage the hair with this paste. Amla juice can help to mask the smell of the eggs and make it shiny as well as silky. It can also clean and nourish the scalp

Scalp Cleanser5. Improves Pigmentation

Most of the hair dyes, now-a-days have amla powder. It is because this humble fruit can help to fight off the pigmentation while making your hair more darker as well as thicker. Amla juice is also known to be one of the best that can treat hair discoloration as well as stop graying of the hair.

Health Benefits Of Amla

Here, are some of the health benefits of amla:

1. Burns Fat

If you are into losing weight, then all that you need to do is just have a glass of amla juice on daily basis.

Amla juice can help to fight the obesity just by enhancing the protein synthesis, that in turn can help to burn the unwanted fat. It also have the ability to createvery positive nitrogen balance and can reduce the cholesterol level, thus minimizingall the risk of heart attacks.

2. Helps In Treating Gastric Disorders

Amla juice is also a great remedy for many gastric disorders as well as hyperchlorhydria, that is, burning sensation in the abdomen.

Besides it being a very good remedy for the diarrhea as well as dysentery, it can also help to keep the liver healthy. Amla juice can help in treating the peptic ulcer and acidity. If you are having an acidity problems, then by having amla juice with pure ghee twice in a day can help to get rid of it.

Helps In Treating Gastric Disorders3. Blood Purifier

A home detoxifier is what amla juice is. It can act as a blood purifier which flushes out the toxins from your body. With the regular intake of the juice it can purify the blood as well as increase the counts of hemoglobin and red blood cell. Which also means that you can bid goodbye to the stubborn acne or any other disorders.

4. Can Improve Eyesight

With the regular intake of the amla juice it can help to improve the eyesight as well as nearsightedness and can control the onset of the cataracts. It can also minimize the intraocular tension and can counter the problems like reddening of the eyes, itching of the eyes, and watering of the eyes.

Can Improve Eyesight5. Soothes Menstrual Cramps

Sometimes, the menstrual cramps do not let you to perform even the simplest of the tasks. Try out the amla juice, that is known to provide relief from the menstrual cramps. It is because of the presence of the plethora of vitamins as well as minerals.