Refreshing ways to tame your frizzy hair this season


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ways to tame your frizzy hair

Frizzy hair could be crazy and irritating at times. You could have a perfect cut, a perfect looking weather outside and everything beautifully ready for the day. But, suddenly, from nowhere you see the thunder and lighting coming your way. Wouldn’t it just piss you off to think about the amount of hard work that would go waste if you get wet in the rain? Yes, rainy season or rains in general give way to messy and frizzy hair. From nowhere the frizzy hair comes into play and all of a sudden, you are hit by the hair problems. Unmanageable locks could be a pain in the wrong place, making you late for work or the party you are about to attend. Yes, there are expensive products that can help you, but every time applying these expensive and shiny products are going to crack a hole in your pocket.

Well, you are not alone girl! You have a village of people who think a lot like you and that could be one reason why I am writing this article in the first place.

I do have curly hair as well and it could be a disaster sometimes. Well, keeping all that aside, let me tell you various refreshing ways in which you can fix Frizzy hair.

Top Ways to Tame Your Frizzy Hair

1Apply oil

Apply oil

When you have wet your hair, you need to apply a dash of oil towards the mid lengths. What happens is it helps your hair to moisture your locks and it cuts down the frizzy feel or effect. Your hair will be normal and frizz free when your hair dries. You can use any kind of nourishing oil – maybe almond or coconut oil are your best options. Remember that you should add it as soon as you wash your hair to get shinier and healthier hair strands.

The best thing is also when you use dry oil as dry oil doesn’t give you the sticky feel. It absorbs very fast and doesn’t let your hair be oily at all. When your hair is dry and normal, brush your hair and remove all the knots. Your hair will definitely be frizz free and beautiful.

2Don’t wash too much

Don’t wash too much

Well, you have to cut down on your hair wash. Yes, if you want to cut frizziness, then you should try to cut on the number of head baths you take. Why? Because, the main reason why your hair is dry and frizzy is because of the shampoo you use and the conditioner that adds to the whole thing.

Your natural oils in the hair are totally ripped off when you use too much shampoo on your hair. Maybe take a 3 day break in between so that you don’t end up harassing your hair too much.

3Bun it up

Bun it up

When you have a loose hair, you tend to catch more frizziness than you do when it is in a bun. But before you put it in a bun, you need to shampoo it and dry it completely. Also, try using tip 1 that I have mentioned. Use some oil too, and now pull your hair and put it into a bun while it is a little damp. So, when your locks dry up, they will be intact and wouldn’t start getting messy.

When you pull out your hair, you will be surprised by the amazing locks you will achieve. Try to bun it!

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4Sulfate free shampoo

Sulfate free shampoo

Do you know that the chemical sulfate is super common in all the shampoos you use? Well, they do have a lot of harsh chemicals in shampoos and sulfate is one among them. They tend to dry out your strands easily. Dry locks make you easily get frizzy hair and how do you get dry locks. You get easy dry locks because of the harsh chemicals in the shampoo. You need to keep your hair safe, so switch to a sulfate free shampoo immediately.

You can probably try an herbal one or something that is totally organic. That way you will be majorly helping your hair. You could also stay away from products that have alcohol in them.

5Don’t keep touching your hair

Don’t keep touching your hair

I do this a lot! Yes, I keep touching my hair without even me realizing it. So, don’t do that! Don’t touch your hair every time you are bored. This is because you tend to break the natural and normal pattern of your hair and you are probably taking away the natural and the normal hair pattern. Don’t do that, try to be more conscious and take efforts in not touching your hair.

Frizzy hair is definitely a pain. But when you have some easy ways to fix it, please do try it!

-Pavithra Ravi

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