7 Different Types Of Wax and Methods – One Can Be Your Type


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Personal grooming is important for every woman to feel beautiful and confident. The interest to keep skin clean and flawless, women habituate some of the tricks and techniques. One of the must follow part is hair removal.

Waxing made hair removal easy and an ultimate way of keeping skin flawless. You have different types of waxing which are formulated with some amazing benefits. The painful process of waxing became less painful and painless with some of the types of waxing.

Different types of waxing is carrying different pros and cons. If you are looking for particular wax to go on to your skin, first know everything about it. Here are the details of different types of waxing that are available in salon and at home. Read further to get a clear idea about-

Know More About Every Waxing Type

1. Cold Waxing


Waxing scared women with the hot temperature. May be the fear of hot temperature and pain introduced cold wax. Cold wax is less painful compared to hot wax. When it is cold wax, you need to apply the strips with wax to remove all the hair. This type of waxing is a long process compared to hot waxing.

It is simply applying the semi solid wax to the wax strip and applying the strip against the skin to pull off the hair. When the wax goes on to the skin, it melts and sticks to skin for easy removal of hair. Cold wax is much suitable process at home if you don’t want salon waxing.

  • Less messy
  • Cannot remove all the hair

2. Hot Waxing

Hot waxing is a popular method that is used in salons for hair removal. Hot waxing is still an ultimate method that many of the women prefer even after different types of waxing. If you are the one who want the hair go in one application, then hot waxing can be your ever favourite type to remove hair.

Hot waxing is nothing but, the solid wax is melted in heat appliances. Once the solid wax is heated up enough, it melts. The semi liquid wax is applied on the desired area and then a wax strip is stick on the skin. It will pressed well to stick to the skin and then will be removed

Hot wax works great during winters as cold or any other type may not do the hair removal work better. Hot waxing is also an option to remove smaller hair. For hot waxing, you need to be familiar using it and also need some tricks to pull of the hair from skin safely.

  • Speed up method
  • Painful

3. Soft Waxing


Soft wax other different type of waxing which is suitable for hair removal on large areas like armpits, hands and legs. If you are aiming to remover hair on smaller area of your body, then soft waxing is not the perfect method. Soft wax can get on skin to exfoliate skin better than hard wax. Soft wax cannot be reapplied like hard wax. Soft wax can be of hot or cold waxing methods. This type of wax is thicker compared to hard wax.

In soft waxing method, the hair is removed with the help of paper or muslin strips applying the wax.

  • Cheaper than hard wax
  • Great for sensitive areas
  • Cannot be reused

4. Hard Waxing


If you want to remove facial hair then, hard wax can be the best for you. It is a recommended method that can remove hair on smaller areas. You need not apply wax again to remove hair on the same area. It is much easier to remove hair with one pull.

As you are using hard wax, the hair follicles and skin pores open which makes the hair removal easier. You don’t need any extra material like strips and cloths to remove hair with hard wax method. Your fingers are enough to remove the hair for this type of waxing. But make sure of being familiar with some techniques of using hard wax before trying it.

  • It doesn’t leave any stick residue
  • Not for larger areas

Note that good quality wax will not stick to your skin.

5. Sugar Waxing

Sugar wax is the most traditional way of hair removal. You can try sugar waxing at home with the handy ingredients like water and lemon juice. If you feel, your skin is sensitive to random waxing products, then you can try sugar waxing.

It is a complete natural method of removing hair. You can reapply the sugar waxing to remove your hair on particular area. You will have to remove hair with multiple applications when you are using sugar waxing. As you have to work a bit more to remove hair with sugar waxing, you may find it difficult. Even though, it is a workable type of waxing for hair removal.

You can do the sugar waxing even without strips. The semi solid sugar waxing makes possible to remove hair without extra material like strips and cloth.

  • Possible at home
  • Great for skin exfoliation
  • Messy process
  • Hard to clean

6. Chocolate Waxing


Chocolate waxing is not that popular but comes with many be benefits. Chocolate wax is another different type of waxing that can give you healthy skin. There are some other benefits which you may love- It is an excellent way to remove tan. It also prevents ingrowth hair. If you are looking for a waxing process which can delay hair growth.

Chocolate wax is made of natural ingredients which makes the hair removal process less painful. Moreover, your skin feels smoother and softer after chocolate waxing.

  • Great option for summer season
  • Expensive

7. Fruit Waxing

Fruit-waxingIf you are skin is sensitive to the sticky waxing types, then you can try fruit waxing. Women with sensitive skin may find other waxing process tough which may also result in rashes and redness. Whereas fruit wax is all natural with fruits like berries mostly.

Your skin also be nourished deeply with fruit wax. You don’t find any marks or scars left on your skin when using fruit wax. If you are looking for a double safe type of waxing for your skin, then fruit wax will never disappoint you.

  • Vitamin and antioxidants rich
  • Expensive

If you are only fixed to one type of wax and feel its painful, then you are left to try different types of wax. Every wax type and method is made with an idea to benefit you. It may also differ with skin type when you are looking for benefits of different types of waxing. Know every type of waxing and fix with your favourite of all.

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