16 Trendy Glitter Nail Art Designs – The Shade Shines Bright


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Glitter Nail Art Designs
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Women are fond of colours and they love to add the shine to create unique styles. A woman always wants to stay updated. Now a days, just colours are too simple. So, some of the glitters and shine added to the colours are trending. The glittered clothing, body art, nail art and accessories are loved in present fashion.

Glittered nail art is loved and worn by modern women. Getting nail art done is not only for a special occasion but to just pamper and style their nails. Nails are letting women adding colours and shine. You have many of the ideas for glitter nail art designs.

You must look at the wonderful glitter nail art designs. The way your nails dazzle with the glitters is attractive. You can also do it minimally and let your nails look elegant. It is an eccentric style that a fashion lady must try.

Glitter Nail Art Designs – Live In Trend

1. Multi Colour Nail Art


You can do multi colour glitter nail art which looks poppy. Your nails decorated with multi colours is elegant. You can have oval or square shaped nails to do multi coloured nail art. It is a unique nail art for your nails. The single colour makes your nails look simple and boring. Adding multi colours is a funky and modern kind of nail art. Multi colour glitters look tremendous on the black background of the nail art.

How to do?

1. Paint your nails with nail polish. Let the coats be smooth.
2. Take the multi colour glitter powder and stick on your nails.
3. Spread the glitter equally on your nails.
4. Coat with a glass gel nail polish over the glitter nail art.
5. Let the nail art dry.

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2. Crystals Glitter Nail Art


Crystals on your nails make the nail art look quirky. The shape of the crystals is perfect for glitter nail art. Crystal glitter nail art is attractive and easy. Crystals look like diamonds on your nails. You will love your nails with the crystal. You can add multi colour crystals or go with a single colour crystal. You can choose a contrast colour for this nail art.

How to do?

1. Apply your favourite colour nail polish.
2. Let not the nail polish dry.
3. Take a nail tool and stick the crystals unevenly on your nails.
4. Gently paint your nails with glass nail gel.
5. Let the nail art dry.

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3. Half Glitter Nail Art


Half glitter nail art is the lovely art that you must try on your nails. Doing this nail art is playful and fashionable. Choose the right colours for charming nail art. You can do the minimal decoration to your nails if you want it simple. You can choose crystals, flora or stone designs for half glitter nail art.

How to do?

1. Polish your nails with nail colour. Let the paint dry.
2. Cover half your nail with nail art sticker.
3. Sprinkle glitter on another half of your nail.
4. Then remove the nail art sticker.
5. Coat your nails with a glass gel.

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4. Sprinkled Glitter Nail Art


The sprinkled glitter nail art is a beautiful art. You can do it instantly without any nail art tools. You will get the attractive and stylish nail art on your pretty nails. Choose lovely colours to cover your nails with sprinkled glitters. Also, go a little for the background colour of your nails. The colour combination makes the nail art beautiful. You can choose contrast colours or dark-light colour for this nail art.

How to do?

1. Paint your nails with a coloured nail gel.
2. Sprinkle the colour glitter on your nails.
3. Clean the extra glitter if scattered.
4. Then apply a glass nail gel on the glitter.
5. Let the nail art dry.

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5. Sky Blue Glitter Nail Art


Sky blue nail art is the most elegant art. Blue makes everything good looking and glittered added blue is breathtaking. You are doing the best nail art which makes your nails look like stylish. It more looks like a beautiful theme when you do blue glitter nail art.

How to do?

1. Take a sky blue nail polish and apply on your nails.
2. Sprinkle a different shade of blue glitter on your nails.
3. Now coat your nails with a nail gel.
4. Wait until your nail dry.

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6. Rose Glitter Nail Art


Rose glitter nail art is the prettiest and it looks feminine. You can also make your nails look pretty with lovely coloured roses. You can get out of the real rose colour by choosing some fascinating colours. Black roses are a beautiful design for glitter nail art. The glitter added to black roses looks wondrous on long nails.

How to do?

1. Paint your nails with nail colour.
2. Stick the nail art rose shaped sticker on your nails.
3. Sprinkle a coloured glitter.
4. Remove the extra glitter and then coat your nails with a nail gel.
5. Let your nails get dried after doing rose glitter nail art.

7. Stripes Glitter Nail Art


Stripes designs and prints are trending on outfits, handbags and accessories, now for nail art as well. Do these trending stripes nail art? You can make your nails look stunning with stripes glitter nail art. Let the stripes stand out to make your nail art attractive. You can see the above nail art which is stylish with glitter stripes design.

How to do?

1. Apply nail polish on your nails.
2. Stick the stripe nail art stickers on your nails.
3. Spread the glitter powder on your nails.
4. Gently remove the sticker off your nails.
5. Apply a thin coat of glass nail gel.
6. Let the nail art get dried.

8. Single Nail Glitter Nail Art


Single Nail glitter designs are voguish which keeps your nails simple. When you want to decorate your nails with minimal glitter and designs, you can choose to do the art on a single nail. You can also glitter alternate nails which is a trendy idea of nail art.

How to do?

1. Paint all your nails with the same colour.
2. Do your favourite design any of the nails.
3. Coat the glass nail gel for all the nails.
4. Wait for nail art to dry.

9. Heart Glitter Nail Art


Heart shaped glitter nail art is lovely. You can also do it following a simple method. Let your nails get colour tiny hearts. Heart shaped nail heart is fashionable design. You will fall in love with your nails with the adorable nail art.

How to do?

1. Stick the heart-shaped stickers on your nails.
2. Apply nail polish gently without disturbing the stickers.
3. Let the polish get dried. Fill the glitter in heart-shaped designs.
4. Then remove the sticker and apply a thin coat of nail gel.
5. Let the nail polish get dried.

10. Stones Glitter Nail Art


Stones glitter nail art is a gracious design with colours and shine. You also have the coloured stones which reflect with multi shades. You can make the stone glitter nail art with white stones which are simple and classy design. The stones can be fixed to form a beautiful shape on the nail. The long and nails look extremely pretty with the stone glitter nail art. Your grand outfit and occasions must go with this nail art.

How to do?

1. Paint your nails with a glass nail gel.
2. Stick the glitter on your nails with a thin layer.
3. Stick the stones with the help of a nail art tool.
4. Coat with a glass nail gel to secure the stones.
5. Let the nail art dry.

11. Star Glitter Nail Art

Star Glitter Nail Art Designs

Stars glitter nail art is a super cool design. The stars shine like real than just the art. The nail art with shining stars makes your nails look fantastic. You can choose tiny stars which can make your stars on your black nail polish. The whole design looks like a nighty nail art with shiny stars.

How to do?

1. Coat your nails with black nail polish.
2. Stick the glitter stars on your nails. Also, add glittery dots on your nails.
3. Now gently apply a glass nail gel on your nails.
4. Let the nail art dry.

12. Lavender Glitter Nail Art


Lavender glitter nail art makes your nails charismatic with the shade. The shades of lavender are beautiful. Lavender colour let your nails shine in a pleasant and classy way. You can do light glittering to elevate the lavender colour. If you want to glitter a single nail or alternate nail, it is a lovely idea with lavender nail polish.

How to do?

1. Colour your nail with lavender nail polish.
2. Choose alternate nails of your fingers to glitter.
3. Stick the lavender glitter powder to your nails.
4. Then gently cover all the nails with glass nail gel.

13. Pink Glitter Nail Art

Pink Glitter Nail Art Designs

Pink is the colours that attracts women to wear it. The shades of pink are wide and can play with the shades. In nail art, pink plays a role in all the designs. It makes the nail art look feminine and girly as it is the colour of fashion and beauty. Adding some glitter to pink nail art is a brilliant idea. The most attractive design of pink glitter nail art is adding silver glitter.

How to do?

1. Paint your nails with your favourite pink shade.
2. Dip the edges of your nails with silver glitter. Let the pink nail polish be elevated.
3. Cover other nails with full pink glitter which is a lovely idea.
4. Then apply transparent nail on your glittered nails, to seal the art.
5. Wait for the nail art to dry.

14. Golden Glitter Nail Art


Golden glitter nail art your nails a perfect shine and beauty. You will love to do this nails art for the evening parties. cocktail parties which suit your bright cool outfits. There are lovely combinations of golden glitter and other colours.

How to do?

1. Polish your nails with a light colour.
(Like off white, pale pink, rose brown, neutral colour nail polish)
2. Stick the nail art stickers in uneven directions on your nails.
3. Brush your nails with golden glitter by leaving the sticker-covered part.
4. Dust off your nails to remove the scattered glitter.
5. Apply a thin layer of transparent nail polish on your nails.
6. Let the applied gel get dried.

15. Black Glitter Nail Art

Black Glitter Nail Art Designs

The black glitter is the nail art is a stunning idea that let you stay fashionable. You will love the nail art with the combination of glitter and black. You can add stars and diamond-shaped sticker to highlight the beauty of nail art. You can also have striped nail art with black glitter and many more designs out of your creativity.

How to do?

1. Apply the black glossy nail polish to your nails.
2. Give a touch of glitter powder on black coloured nails.
3. Seal the art with a top coat of transparent nail gel.
4. Wait for the nail art to dry.

16. Red Glitter Nail Art


Red nail art gives your nails a dazzling look. The simple designs also get elevated with the red glitter. The vibrant colour let your nails shine and the design you make on the nail will look adorable. You can make heart shaped designs. You can also make floral designs to make your nail art all pretty pretty. You can make some spiral, floral or heart shaped designs on red glitter to do a stunning nail art.

How to do?

1. Apply transparent nail polish on your nails.
2. Powder your nails with red glitter.
3. Make your favourite design on each nail.
4. Apply a thin coat of transparent nail to seal the design.
5. Wait for the nails to dry.

You can have dazzling nails with simple and creative designs. Love for your nails gets fashionable. Let your nail art talk fashion this time with unique designs and shades. You are also shining in a unique way with glitter nail art. Wear a simple or party wear, the glitter nail art let you stay chic.

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