11 Things a Man Adores in a Woman – He Falls in love over and over again


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What Makes a Man Adore a Woman
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The love relationship lives with commitment and promises. But there is always something that you adore in each other. The certain qualities make you fall for your partner. The qualities that make you interesting and stick with you. Such qualities work like a spark in a love relationship.

The qualities you are loving in each other can be of your personality, attitude or of your behaviour. Women are good at keeping the qualities which make them unique. Maybe those the qualities that keep them happy. The qualities which are keeping you happy and the same are adored by your partner is the sweetest feeling ever.

We want to let you know the basic qualities that a man loves his woman. You may get older with him but these qualities and attitude of yours will be adored for long or also maybe forever. So, see if you have the basic qualities that your man is happy and adoring for them.

What Makes a Man Love a Woman?

1. The child in you

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You must always keep the child alive in you. It does not only attract your man but also helps you to be happy and kind. Every woman has the child in her but it must be shown when it is required. Your cute acts and reactions with your man are the little things that make your bond special. This would be the most adoring quality that every man look in his woman.

So, never lose the child in you. You need and your relationship also needs it.

2. Your sportive attitude

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Sportive attitude only comes with the person whom you are close to. But few women are not sportive in taking the humour form close ones even. Even though you are sportive with your partner but must be sportive with others. Your harsh reactions and words make the situation unpleasant. This may not affect your relationship in the present but may affect some day.

A woman knows better what is to be sportive and what extent is good to be sportive.

3. Your innocence

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A man can love your innocence than anything. The innocence of a pure heart can never be ignored. So, your innocence that through your speech, smile and looks, everything is adored by your man.

Innocence and foolishness are completely different. Innocent women can be bold. So, don’t be scared to be innocent. All you get is love in return when you are innocent and pure-hearted from the right person.

4. Your independent nature

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A woman who can lead herself is admired by the world. And why not her man?

Independent women are the queens that get attention from their partner. Your man loves to see you the way you are. Your boldness and your bravery are adorable for him. Wait to hear that he is admiring you for your independent nature. Keep on going with the attitude that is making you high and that which is keeping your relationship smooth.

5. Your clearance

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The real man clears your confusion and the same man also adores your clarity and clearance on something. One of the qualities he is obsessed with you can be your clear decisions and clarified explanations. If you are confused any time, that is completely acceptable which is natural. But get the clarity within no time and make the man awestruck. Don’t worry, he will adore even being awestruck.

6. Your efforts of spending time with him

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Your cute efforts of making time for him is appreciable. You take time from your busy schedules and make his calls or some cute texts. Receiving your attention he feels good even when staying apart. This also makes you both feel that nothing can stop you from being together.

7. The way you blush

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Blush is the natural shade that every woman needs. Your cheeks getting pink naturally is adored by your man. You may blush hearing his name or his cheesy lines for you. Every line and word is to see you blushing. Your prettiness becomes double and how can he stop you see blushing. So, he keeps adoring the way you blush.

8. The way you celebrate your life

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Every woman has her own way of celebrating her life. You have ups and downs in your life but you nothing can stop you celebrating your life. Your smile away attitude even in difficult situations makes the most beautiful person. The efforts you are making to keep your life happy is also inspiring to others. All this adored by your man. So, never give up this quality of celebrating.

9. The way you smile at him

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He loves being the reason for your smile. The natural smile that you get seeing him talks a lot than your words. A smile is an expression, the guy is loving your simple and silent expression. Your smile can make him feel special. And on another side your charm that grows with your smile the beautiful curve. So, keep wearing the beautiful smile that he is admiring at and adoring you.

10. The way you play with his hair

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You play with his hair because you adore him. So, the way you are adoring him is making him adore you back. All this comes with the growth of a couple bond. These little things add loads of love in a relationship. You will get to know that he is adoring these little things when you both are apart. He also keeps missing such cute things which happen as part of your love and affection.

11. Your expressions

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We must say this! A man can fall for girls expressions as well. It is one of the greatest weapons to get the attention of your beloved. You may give the expressions which are out of your habit and are also conditional. But he is also adoring your expressions. If he is not confessing this, then he is adoring your expressions secretly.

These are the qualities that you a man adores in his woman. Every woman finds the set of qualities in herself and develops the qualities to have a better life in all aspects. If you find these qualities in yourself, never be scared of losing the spark in your relationship. You have something in you which can keep anything alive around you. You are a unique woman whom a man cannot afford to lose.

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