Worst Love Match For Your Zodiac Sign


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Worst Love Match For Your Zodiac Sign

Do you sometimes get this feeling that your partner is exactly what you do not want them to be like? Can you imagine if Zodiac Sign can help you to know your compatibility levels and you understand them better? Let’s take a look at what are the worst love match for your zodiac sign and keep our distances off them.


ARIESAries are pretty daring, hard working, passionate and independent outgoing bunch of people. Your worst match is Cancer. If Aries is a fire, Cancer acts as a water to squash out fire which could pose a problem. Even though this is a steamy and a passionate one, it just evaporates with the boiling ego between the two.

Cancer cannot let you breathe and have your own time. They are demanding and want a little more connection making your life suffocating. When they fight, it is ought to turn ugly with the Cancer person being highly sensitive and not nearly as independent as Aries. Aries will be the first one to point out the dislikes and snap at Cancer. So fairly depends on Cancer how they participate in this argument and if they manage to calm the situation.


TAURUSTaurus with Leo makes the worst match as there is an energy mismatch in both. There is no love compatibility in the both making the relationship not last very long. Both Taurus and Leo will have potential batters and ego will play the ruling factor here. Leo wants to be flattered but Taurus is oblivious to this need of Leo. This makes the relationship very paranoid and insecure which has shades of jealousy, obsessive and possessiveness. They have to work on all these aspects when they come together.

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GEMINIGemini with Virgo makes every opportunity to clash and makes life drained out. Even though Virgo makes concrete plans well in advance, they still are so practical that they are obsessed about every detailing. To add up, they do not change. Gemini has a very little patience to this behavior of Virgo and gets worse when these differences are spotted. Even though they are skilled communicators, they can be very critical in their own ways with harsh words or criticism.


CANCERCancer with Aries? A big no-no! Even though, they easily slip into a relationship. Cancer skips all the small talks with Aries and treats you like the best. But! Soon! Their flaky nature will start to bug and the enthusiasm bit would be over-looked at. Cancer might stop to care and their short temper can cause emotional unbalance. Both are born ladies and want to be bosses of their domain, clashing more than loving.

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LEOLeo just cannot deal with Scorpio because of the stubborn nature they both show. Leo Scorpio has a very little to share and strong points to lead to fights. Even the thought of giving compliments can lead a wrong path. They are fun individuals but together they are a little more than difficult to control their jealousy. There will be a lot of clashes. The nature of Leo to be flirty and charming will cause the jealousy.


Taurus with Sagittarius is a mismatch. Sagittarius is a fire sign, there will be very little in common or too much to handle. Taurus enjoys peace and Sagittarius enjoys playing mind games which is fun but Taurus cannot relate to it. Taurus Sagittarius bond could have no future together, with one of them unable to take the things seriously. Extreme high expectations in a relationship make it worse for Taurus Sagittarius bond.


VIRGOVirgo Sagittarius bond does not make sense at all. Sagittarius finds Virgo uptight and rigid. They think Virgo are silly, and would never be able to love each other unconditionally. Yes, they are opposites and in this case, they do not attract each other.


LIBRALibra with Virgo is the worst match as they are uptight at times, making it difficult for each other. Libra Virgo bond feels trapped and there is no way to feel better here. Libra does not want to persuade their partners to do crazy things but Virgo is not ready for it since it is not a Virgo thing. Virgo could be the emotional one here and feel sad on how carefree Libra is. This puts the relationship in a never ending doubt and parts them.


SCORPIOScorpio with Gemini could fall in the worst frustrating fights. A Scorpio takes his own time and the decision to deal with a situation. He likes to plan for it. However, Gemini are impulsive and spontaneous which makes it worse for the Scorpio Gemini bond and have some judgment problems.


SAGITTARIUSSagittarius with Virgo just do not get along. They find it difficult to relate to each other. Sagittarius finds Virgo too serious. Sagittarius is childish and wants fun, however, Virgo operates in a completely different mindset. This Sagittarius Virgo bond is just not ideal for a relationship.


CAPRICORNCapricorn and Libra do not make a good match. Capricorn prefers quality over quantity however when it comes to relationships, Libra seems over social or irritating. Capricorn will prefer a date night with Libra but due to Libra’s overexcited social nature, Capricorn just might end up paying for 5 other! Libra cannot understand why Capricorn wants to be so “exclusive”


AQUARIUSAquarius Taurus bond is a dragging one if ever exists. Aquarius loves to be spontaneous and change and lives by it. But Taurus cannot adjust to changes and feels scary. Taurus likes to take baby steps when it comes to living. Aquarius operates in a total opposite speed making it difficult for them to unite.


PISCESPisces with Gemini is just opposites. They cannot think the same way. Gemini thinks and does, whereas, Pisces things are driven by feelings more than thinking process. They have a lot of filthy fights hence not understanding the motto of life together. Not an ideal match.