Different zodiac sign women and their love – Part 2

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Hey people, so you are back on the continuation of the article that speaks about different zodiac signs and how these women interpret love differently. Guys, take notes of the next most important zodiac signs. Girls, check for yourself if the given information suit you and your interpretation of love or not. Let us know more if you are interested by commenting on the comments section. Here is the second part (part 1 continuation) of different womenzodiac signs.

Top Zodiac Signs And Love Interpretation



Taurus women are generally very sophisticated and very stable when it comes to matters like relationship. They don’t just haul on just for the heck of it. They like to make sure that they are in good hands and often don’t give out the real them to you unless they are comfortable. Yes, it is difficult to break through Taurus women because they don’t open up easily. But if they do, they believe a lot in that person.

The other thing about Taurus women is that they are social outside, though they don’t really mingle. There is a huge difference between how a Taurus girl would talk to a stranger and how she would talk to a person she loves or knows. It could be hard to get through to her, but It’s all worth it if once you get to know her completely. She is beautiful both from inside and outside.



Gemini – The zodiac sign in itself is a little double headed sign. Yes, they are not very constant on what they want, they don’t care a lot about things around them and they are definitely very enthusiastic in life. But, since they are very entertaining and enthusiastic in life, they don’t really bother you much. So, this is why you should get in close contacts with the girl. They are very curious women who can’t keep things unopened. If you can match up to their excitement and enthusiasm, she is a definite good match for you. Just a small reminder – their tastes and their choices change from time to time! So, you should know that she may at any time get bored with you.



Cancer women are all the time a bit of confusion. Yes, they are a contradicting sign that falls among warm hearted women and also cold women. You can’t really find out who they are for sure. They have a tough outside and a soft inside that opens only when needed.  But the cancer woman lets you know her in person and lets you in her heart, she is definitely going to be awesome at it. A cancer woman understands love and romance in a whole new way and you would be definitely happy to have loved her.

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Leo women are definitely one of the most funny and humor filled people you can see. They give in their entire and true self to the relationship they like. Leo women are very bright, positive and optimistic about things around them. They will be very loyal to you and speak only the truth. They are more like a person whom you can trust because she will definitely not hurt or spill out your secrets to anyone else. The only thing that they are strong at it is not able to forgive if they are cheating. So, don’t ever try to cheat or lie to your Leo girlfriend. It wouldn’t be something you would want to experience.



Capricorn women are very ambitious in life. They would love to be one of the most strong people in the room. They like to control their emotions and not let it come in the way of their work. Very career oriented and independent women they are.

The good thing about Capricorn women is that they are extremely stable in their relationships as well. They value and respect love and give it back 100%. Since they like stability, they wouldn’t try to break up without unless its very serious. They are basically looking for long term relationships because they don’t have time and patience to goof around for flings or random sex. In fact Capricorn women are very stable that they would go to any extent to keep the relationship alive. If you are dating a Capricorn girl, good for you!



Aquarian women are very unique in  their thinking and are actually quick thinkers who like to get through problems in their life by dealing it the way they do. They don’t depend on others for help or don’t seek their opinions. The only problem with Aquarianwomen is that they withdraw themselves from the relationship without their own knowledge. Since they spend a lot of time thinking about their mind and their feelings, they may sometimes fail to consider the other person’s feelings in the run. This is something that could lead them to break up or take wrong decisions. But, if you get through them and understand what they want, they are all yours. You just have to let them take decisions on their own and have a light control on their thinking.

Well,  knowing a lot about zodiac signs and women would help you to be a better person and a better lover. In fact, for women out there, if you know your flaws and your strengths, its better for you to grow as a lover in your relationship. That way you can respect and acknowledge the other persona also. So ladies, love yourself and try to see what you are missing to make the other person love you more!

-Pavithra Ravi

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