How to go that extra mile in love


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Just listen

We often wonder if all that matters are going one step ahead and doing things that seem to be silly. But you never know what turns out to be interesting and loved! If you are the person who feels going a mile ahead for something that is small is a waste, then you are absolutely wrong. Some people feel that working out a relationship is a waste of time and should be easy to handle. That is a big NO. Every relationship has to be worked out, whether you are a lover, father, mother or a child. When a couple feels working out a relationship doesn’t need to be done, mark that as a downfall. It is not wrong to bend sometimes.

After trying to figure out a schedule, on who makes breakfast and who does the laundry, it might get a little tiring in a long term love relationship to do something extra for him/her. It is also possible to take things for granted. There are plenty of ways to show your partner that you actually care, love and respect his/her feelings and listen to their decisions. The usual chocolates, cards, flowers may excite a person at first, but becomes really mundane after a considerable period of time. Doesn’t he/she deserve some extra love or care? Don’t you want him/her to find out you went one extra mile for your love? Then here are some tips to achieve the possibility of what is called clear bliss.

Tips To Take An Extra Mile in Love To Blossom

1Break your schedule


Every couple follows a particular schedule. Whether it is about laundry or about picking up the mail, there is a timeline of who has to do it when and at what time. If one doesn’t do it, the other one doesn’t bother to do it either. Break that! It may sound a little tough to do that, but when you break the schedule by asking your partner to stay put and do something extra instead, that is when the changes are seen. Make breakfast on the day you are not assigned to. Pick up some flowers or try to give an extra hand when it comes to washing. If you are an explorer, try to pick up a destination for your breakfast. Wake up and surprise your partner. It can be out of blue, unplanned or even planned.

2Write down

Write down

When you live together, there are small things that sound cliche every time you say or there might be some things that become too mundane and boring after you say it a 100 times. Try to fix this by writing down on sticky notes.

Write cute stuff like ‘I miss you’, ‘Waiting for you’, ‘Come home soon’ phrases.

It works both for girls and guys. That little things you do will definitely put a smile on their face. You can silently put a note into their bag, giving out personal details like ‘Will be waiting… naked’. This brings in more enthusiasm in the other person and makes these details bigger and more important.

3Talk about problems –


It is good to communicateand talk about other’s problems. It is one thing to look at your partner and figure out something is wrong and another to actually sit down and talk about what’s wrong. It makes a huge difference when you talk to him/her and advising about how it works, is even better. Obviously, your partner has a solution in mind or at least something close to a solution. She/he knows what has to be done, but when you offer your help or suggestion, it adds to their perspective by making them believe that it is nothing but a small issue. Your perspectives can add to their decisions. You should also remember that making a subtle joke or two about the problem eases it for them. But always stick to the rule

#1 Do not change their perspective

#2 Do not use it as a way to pin point in the future

#3 Suggest, don’t force

4Go out more often –

more often

After a hectic day, it might be difficult to drag yourself out to make an evening out of your laziness or tiredness, but do it for them. Take your partner out, visit some un-visited places, dine at a café or a local bar and drink. Share memories and talk about what you like about the place.

Divert his/her mind and make it look you want to do it for him/her. Going out, does not mean only dining or talking. Go for a silent walk to the beach, or make it a totally crazy evening by taking your partner to a theme park or roller coaster ride. Meditate, do yoga or hit the gym together. Listen to, hard rock music and drive as far as you can. All of this will show that you care and you want to regain that small thing that has been lacking in the relationship.

5Talk after sex

after sex

Most couples do the job and never speak! That is a wrong way to go about it. Talking after sex is as important as doing it. This works for both the genders. Do not make them feel you are doing it for the pleasure or the heck of it. Stroke your partner’s hair, gently rub the cheek, kiss and tell them how great it was. Or make it cranky by doing it another round or play strip poker. Create enthusiasm or extra love when you speak. Make them believe that you are taking a step forward and when they know it is for them, they will join you too.

6Just listen –

Extra mile in love

Though you might not relate to everything your partner says, listen. Know what they speak and nod to acknowledge. If it goes overboard, you can always subtly tell how you feel about the problem and try ending the discussion. There are subtle ways to ask your partner to stop. Switching on the TV and putting up shows of your partner’s wish, trying to slowly change the topic, ask if she/he wants to go out and feel better. Things like these generally divert and make it much better for you also!

In a lovely relationship, it takes only a step to go forward and make things alright. A little nagging, small fight may happen occasionally, but that does not mean you do not concentrate on your partner. Next time you feel you are the one doing it always, think about the endless times you have failed to notice his/her step forward. May be you were too busy cribbing or being mad at your partner!

-Pavithra Ravi