What are the different ways to gain weight


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Eat healthy

While so many of us crib on wanting to lose that extra 2-3 pounds, there are some really lucky thin girls who want to gain weight, though they are contended with their look and body type. If you are among the latter group, then there are a few things that you can do, that will help you gain weight effortlessly. Gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight. Okay, though that is an exaggeration, it is at least considerably not very easy. Most of us envy that one person in our group who does not shy off from being thin, but badly wants to put on some weight to have a well toned, curvy body. You can always start with a weight training process, as it is one of the best ways to gain a curvy shape. Secondly, start eating a lot of food, because, it is quite obvious! You could avoid junk food from that list since the process of digestion might come into the picture for junk food. Eating healthy, fat-full and a lot is the basic ground rule to put on more weight.

You can increase your appetite by eating more to gain weight. But always remember to do it step by step and not by stuffing yourself too much at one shot. Add small quantities of food to your regular portion and that would help you eventually to increase your appetite. If you are a person who is perfectly healthy and has a good digestive system, you can always go for a standard diet of increasing weight. So ladies, if you are the ones who are looking up for some tips on increasing your hip size from 26 to 28, take a look at the below tips on ‘ways to gain weight’!

Best Diet and Health Tips to Gain Weight

1Healthy weight gain

Healthy weight gain

Gradual weight gain is the most preferred kind. Increase your food portion in a very steady manner. You should be able to consume 500 extra calories per day, which will add up to half a kg per week, which is quite good. Objectively, you should be able to restore a desirable weight/ ideal body weight according to your age, gender and height. To rebuild body tissues, to maintain a good nutritional status and to maintain ideal body weight are a few reasons why healthy weight gain is much more important. To eat healthy always prefer one good fat provider, MILK! Milk is a provider of protein and carbohydrates along with many other nutrients that makes you gain weight easily.



Did you know that few exercises help you gain more weight? Yes, it is true and those are the ones that are avoided for people who want to lose weight. When you are indulging in a lot of food, any skinny person tends to get a slight paunch. It does not matter how thin she is! The slight paunch can be kept under control if you could do some exercises to maintain a similar body type and few yogas or exercises. Eggs are also good protein givers that have up to 100g of vitamins and proteins in it. Intake of eggs in any form could be an ideal way to increase your weight.

3Eat healthy

Eat healthy

This goes without saying. Eating healthy food is important, even in gaining weight. Though the restriction is less, sometimes over-eating may cause issues that would disturb the diet. A considerable amount of everything fatty is fine. You need to take the right amount of carbs, proteins and vitamins to avoid any unhealthy condition. Remember, the more junk food you eat, the more your body deprives of more nutrients and vitamins. It is the same cause and effect that happens to an obese body. Junk stays junk and does not have to do with the body type. You can always take a good portion of starch content like mashed potatoes. Cheese, Butter, milk works the same way. They increase your weight when you eat in the right proportions. Try to include extras like cheese dips, chutneys, spices and a little red wine before your meal. Red wine acts as a great appetite that will trigger your hunger.

4Do it right

Do it right

If you have decided to do something, try to do it the right way. If you increase your intake, make sure you increase it properly without any side effects. Always have a diet chart for yourself that will give you a clear picture on what to do next. Add important supplements like meat and vegetables in your daily food chart. Having meat increase weight, then again if had in appropriate proportions. Vegetables are also a great way to increase weight. Potatoes, peas, cotton cheese, and vegetables that have high starch content will be a great substitute for meat for vegetarians. Include three- four servings of fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. It is best to consume fruits in their natural form to get all the nutrients. Make sure you get enough rest, which is also an addition to the weight gaining process. Instead of stocking up on chocolate as glucose boosters, try high-fiber, low sugar oat bars. These take care of your cravings.

End of the day, eating healthy food is the best way to stay fit and happy. If your tummy is happy, you are happy. So try and indulge into the right proportions, quantities and the right kind of food to get yourself a healthy fit. The right combination of healthy food, exercises, proper sleeping habits and lifestyle will show a considerable weight gain. So here you are! Go home and binge on the right food and stay healthy!

-Pavithra Ravi