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Summer here are it is almost 40 degrees in India. Your children might have a lot to do this summer, including summer camps, visits to a friend’s house and so many other classes. Summer is the time when parents forget as to what all hairstyles they can do for their children. So, we have come up with some Summer haircuts for kids or baby girls.

Here are Some Interesting Summer Haircuts

1Sew in summer haircuts

Sew in summer haircuts

The good thing about trying out different kinds of hairstyles is that you don’t have to necessarily have long or short hair to try out new stuff on your girl. You need not worry about different things like texture, volume, length and mainly thickness too. When it comes to sewing in hairstyles, it is basically all about versatility and the beauty of your baby’s face. Sew in hairstyles are mainly small extensions that are sewed into the existing hair. Your girl’s hair will firstly be braided down in a pattern and then the extensions will further be sewed inside using clips in her hair to make different hairstyles out of it. There are often many hairstyles when it comes to sewing in hairstyles.

Hairstyles like curly sew in hairstyle, sleek long sew in hairstyle, balayage sew in hairstyle, bob sew in hairstyle, textured deigned sew in hairstyle, ombre sew in hairstyle, micro curls sew in hairstyle, bangs with braided sew in hairstyle etc., are very famous these days. You can also highlight a particular part of your child’s hair with sew in extensions. They are cute, kinky, fashionable and definitely worth all the time and energy. Try it and you will know!

2Toddler girl summer haircuts

Toddler girl summer haircuts

Mothers could find it very difficult to give a new hairstyle to their toddler girls every single day. You probably love dressing up your baby girl, but when it comes to hair, you go crazy thinking about ideas and different ways of making her hairstyle creative and easy, right? Well, if you have always had a problem with hairstyles for toddler girls, we are going to make it easier for you. We will give you a list of easy and creative hairstyles for your little girl. Remember that you can be as much creative and cute as you want only at this age because anything that now will end up looking cute and beautiful on your baby girl.

Hairstyles like banded pigtails, braided pony, half up Topsy, braided Topsy, divided pony tails, side clipped braids, headband ponytails, down low pigtails, cornrow mini twists, horizontal twists, side half up, side bangs, side swept curls, half bun etc., are cute and creative hairstyles for toddler girls. If you have colored bands and cute ribbons, you can also make the braids colorful and pretty. All it takes is just a little bit of time and some creative inputs to make your baby girl look cuter and prettier!

3Pin up summer haircuts

Pin up summer haircuts

They say that whatever goes around, comes around quickly. This holds good even for fashion and hair trends. Pin up hairstyles was a big yes during those days in the 80s and 90s even among kids.

The vintage look is making rounds nowadays and children are wearing a pin up hairstyles for weddings and important occasions as well. It has become the talk of the town and people love the way it looks on them. Smooth up swept rolls pinned hairstyle or baby pinned hairstyles are being worn to even fashion ramp walks by little girls to emphasis the vintage look. The pinup hairstyles give more volume to your baby’s hair and makes it easier to style as well. Not many take efforts to create different hairstyles. But, with pin up hairstyles, you can explore more ways to make it creative and fun for your child’s cute face.

Side swept pin hairstyles, half up pinned hairstyles, one side pin hairstyles, top hair pinned hairstyles, criss-cross pinned hairstyle, twist and tuck pinned hairstyles, high ponytail pinned hairstyles, braided pinned hairstyles are super famous nowadays. Highlight one part of your baby’s hair and pin it up to make it simply look amazing. You sure can create your own hairstyles too!

4Half braided summer haircuts

Half braided summer haircuts

In those days, mothers had only two or three choices when it came to doing their children’s hair. They could either just do an open hairstyle or a braided hairstyle. But nowadays, you get to see how the hair looks when you mix both the world together. Yes, you can definitely make your child look beautiful with half braided hairstyles since you get the joy of both half opened hair and half braided hairstyle. In fact, the summer season is the best to try these hairstyles. No complicated braids, no shabby open hair and definitely easy hairstyle is what everyone needs during the summer season, mainly kids. Make them wear these hairstyles with a beautiful tank top or backless top or even for camp sessions or dance classes and give a difference to your child’s look.

The half braided hairstyles are actually simple and pretty doable all by yourself. Hairstyles like braided crown, vintage up-do, the Celtic knot hairstyle, half up bun, braided side swept curls, overlapping braided buns, half French braid, bow half braided style and so many more are beautiful and make your face look smaller and prettier. Just go for any of these hairstyles and make them look their best on regular days as well.

-Pavithra Ravi

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