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Are you looking for the trend in fashion? Or do you want a more stylish look? Or a classic glamorous look? Then, it’s time for you to try this vintage style, which are now in trend.

Retro styles are quite hot these days. Though everyone is not fond of retro styles, but for the one like you, who is looking for a change in the trend would definitely love to follow.

Wearing vintage clothing was never this popular as it is today. People are following almost hundred years of fashion and are looking for vintage style everywhere. Be the one among fashionistas and start the collection. Check for the nearest closest and go shopping, as retro is in trend, most of the stores will sell retro stuff or just head on to your grandmother’s closet for the vintage stuff. Soon you will have the collection of modern and retro inspired clothing.

Best Fashion Advices to Get a Vintage Style

1Choose a vintage style from a variety of eras

Choose a vintage style

Although vintage clothing does not have a proper definition, but it is generally something that is made in 1980’s or earlier. Wear the combination of both modern and vintage that gives you a look of vintage fashion, but do not wear all the pieces of the same era at one go, it might look like you have come down in a costume. Choose a piece from all the era’s and just not from a single era.

The 1900’s were famous for voluminous lace gowns, corsets and collared tops.
The 1910’s brought about the trench coat and lace-up boots for women.
The 1920’s were known for flapper and slip dresses in addition to glamorous beaded Fascinators.
The 1930’s made wide brimmed hats and fur collars popular.
The 1940’s are known for cigarette-style pants, pastel sweaters, and halter-tops.
The 1950’s made a circle and poodle skirts, leather jackets, and unitards popular.
The 1960’s were famous for bringing bell-bottom jeans, paisley shirts, and peace signs into fashion.
The 1970’s brought denim and neutral tones into the spotlight, alongside pantsuits and leg warmers.
The 1980’s were famous for neon colors, shoulder pads, frilly and lacy tops, and tunics with leggings

2Vintage with a modern look

modern look

Give vintage look with a modern twist. If you wanted to give a vintage look just pick a style from the vintage era’s. Example, if you are wearing a vintage top, then matches it with skinny jeans or any other modern pants. Similarly for boot cut pants or poodle skirts wear a modern top. You can also accessorize with a scarf or statement jewelers or vintage jewelry to give a twist in modern outfits.

3Buy vintage inspired pieces

Buy vintage inspired pieces

Buy few vintages inspired pieces, rather than wearing vintage clothes that are in poor condition.Just because the piece is vintage does not mean that you can add it to your wardrobe. If your piece has any visible damage or stains to it, make sure you fixed them with the help of tailor or dry cleaner and then use it. There are many stores that sell vintage inspired collection in modern clothing. It is easier, as it has neither any damage, nor the problem of alteration, as they are already in suitable size.

vintage piecesThe very first step of entering into the world of vintage fashion is to choose shirts from the near era. The shirts are very low in maintenance and pair them with any modern bottoms. Also, the present trend is to wear a vintage top, paired up with the modern pants and boots.

And if you are new to vintage wear, go with the loose shirts or sweaters with tight pants or voluminous skirts, tucked in.

4Vintage skirts

Vintage skirts

Earlier it was believed that wearing above knee length was socially inappropriate, and so the vintage skirts fall into two categories, one is the full length skirt and the other is the knee length skirt. In order to compensate with this length, match the skirt with modern shirt.

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5Vintage pants

Vintage pants

Women had started wearing pants in 1940’s as they started working in factories and doing traditional men’s work. Their pants were similar to men’s pants and not designed specially. A multitasking woman was more important in 1940’s than fashion. The pants were generally made of wool blends, cotton, denim and seersucker in colors of black, blues, grays and browns. As women began wearing pants for every leisure occasion, they started to create a signature style.

Eventually, high waist trouser, loose pants, slacks, tight pants, wide leg trousers came into the world of fashion. Wear these bottom patterns with the modern blouse/shirt to give a classic vintage look, and for a casual look pair it with a modern band tee or oversized tee/sweater.

6Perfect vintage dress

Perfect vintage dress

Vintage dresses are always fun to wear, as these have a huge selection of well-fitting. Be on the look for dress and can be easily accessorized for a modern twist. Dresses that are in mild print, sober in color or sometimes dark in color can be put up with modern footwear like flats, ankle strap heels or boots and add a cute wide-brimmed hat, and a few pieces of modern jewelry to make the look complete.

7Add vintage scarf’s or hats

vintage scarf's or hats

If you are not ready to take up the look, all of a sudden, then try adding a little vintage piece like a scarf or hat to the modern fashion. Buy vintage turban hats, that which suits your dress or buy silk scarf’s, which you can tie around your neck or wrap it as a hair band.

8Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry

Always keep an eye out for vintage jewelry, which never goes out of style. Look for big statement neckpiece, bold bangles and earpieces. No need of exhibiting all your jewelry at one single time, wear one each time which suits your outfit and gives you a classy vintage look.

9Love for shoes

Love for shoes

Last, but not the least vintage style statement. Vintage shoes can totally transform the look of your outfit. Look for classic footwear such as lace-up boots, stiletto heeled opera, strap shoes, kitten heel shoes, flatties or loafers. If you are not sure of classic looks, then opt for the highest quality leather casual shoes, which will add the perfect vintage style.

-Nikisha Uddagiri