15 Signs That You Found Your Soul Sister

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What all attaches you to a person? It may depend on various qualities that you get connected to a person. A woman may have several priorities but she needs someone to share her thoughts and opinions. She needs someone who can match her up like her soul. All her locked emotions and feelings come out like unconditionally. Finding a soul match is difficult and when found, you may not know sometimes.

You may have a bunch of friends but you will always search for that one mate. The sisterly love is not only with siblings but also happens with a stranger turned darling in your life. The one who you miss in your fun times or even when in an amazing group.

The concern, love and respect that a woman gives to another woman are beautifully called as soul sisters. Your tastes and habits may differ but your souls talk and think in a similar way.  Do you have a soul sister? So, we would like to share the signs that you found your soul sister.

Why a Woman Needs Soul Sister?

Having a soul sister for life is not a need but it is an additional pleasure in a woman’s life. The respect they have for each other gives some confidence, happiness which is priceless. Soul sister gives you the right advice and she can handle your mood swings. You cannot expect this to happen with a random person in your life. As you both feel you match well, you can enjoy every moment together. She will be a partner in crime and she can also make your day. You get a bundle of qualities to value and you find loads of stuff to discuss.

1. Your Time Together is Laughter Time- Anyways it’s a World of You Both!


You both don’t need a reason to laugh out. You create humour and enjoy for yourself. Let the jokes or reasons be stupid but you love to laugh out. You both know that, either of you will never judge each other’s emotions. In fact, you just join laughing and make it a laughter time. This cannot be with everyone and others may find you both irrelevant. But still, you don’t care and laugh again!

2. You enjoy the similarities and respect the differences- After all, you both are soul sisters!

enjoy-the-similaritiesThe world may show the difference between similarities and differences. Similarities go well but differences clash for others. But for you both, it is all about respect for each other. You have fun with your similar qualities but give the space to show differences for one another.  No wonder! If you are going on, that smooth.

3. The silent cries and unseen tears can’t be hidden- Eyes talk, when you don’t

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It is not a guessing game to catch the emotions of a person in general. But for soul sisters, this works well. You may not share your bad hours with her but she will come to know your silent and unseen pain. Then the funny trials start to make you smile. Is this all true? If yes, you beauties are lucky to have each other.

4. Love to spend long minutes with each other- Precious Minutes turn into years


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You leave the girl gang aside and start your talks settling at a corner. It is not that you are ignoring your other friends but your happiness is with her. The crazy things you do together and the talks that go on for hours can take off the time. The clock runs out when you both are together.

5. More yourselves with each other- You take off that veil

More-yourselvesYou may sound irrelevant to others and feel conscious showing off the real you. But there will be no fear when it is with your soul sister. If you get to share something, you run up to her. You may have your priorities but she is one of the priorities.

She is hanging out with you, in good and bad times. How can’t she be in your priority list?

6. She defends you against anyone- A true shield for you

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Yes! The bad and rude side of her comes out when someone is troubling you. The bravery and boldness, she took up for you are precious. Definitely, it is to gain nothing from you. But it is an act of sisterly love. Reading this sign, go and gives hugs to your soul sister. Because you both are great at standing for your sisterhood. This is not any feminism but you can’t see each other hurt or in pain.

7. Always ready to listen to you-Your everything matters

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You cannot open up to anyone and expect them to listen to you. Your talks may bore them and annoy them. Whereas, you can be fearless talking to your soul sister. In fact, she advises you when needed and calms you down with her soothing words. She can always lend her ears for your talks. Be it silly or sensible but she never minds listening to you. Her patience in listening to you says she is your soul sister. Not only listening but also reacts the way she should.

8. Some coincidence happens- Incidents surprises you both

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You will not believe this until it happens to you. The unplanned and surprising incidents for you both happen to say that you are sisters for life. Such a coincidence makes you believe that having a soul sister is beautiful.

You will, even more, enjoy the incidents that are happening to you and laugh over them.

9. You call and be called with nicknames- The cute other names

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Isn’t she special to you? Then, how can you be called with your original name?  We give nicknames not cut short the big names. But to say that the bond is special. She loves to call you with the nickname and you love to be called that way. You find it strange calling each other with real names after being named with the nicknames.

10. You both talk about your futures- Dreams discussion together

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After taking that top place in life, how can’t you discuss something this important? You discuss your plans, ambitions and all about your future. These talks about future give you confidence and happiness of sharing. The thought sharing means a lot and bring you more interest to discuss. Then you imagine, how you both look after growing old. These funny imaginations are needed.

11. Her presence triggers enthusiasm in you- You get to be crazy

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You get to do crazy things and laugh together. Counting these happy moments, you must be enthusiastic and it is all natural. You both feel enthusiastic meeting each other until it is a bad day or a moment for either of you. Your high energy and activeness are beautiful together. The enthusiasm of sharing thoughts, opinions and some fun convos come together. We call you inspirational sisters and wish your sisterly love live long!

12. Endless talks- Never exhausted with talk sessions

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Even after talking for hours, you will have something else to share. The talk sessions go on like there is no tomorrow. When you can share all the emotions and show all the shades to someone, you get to talk a lot about. The talks carry explanations, experiences, emotions and the list is endless just like talks are. Never you both face that awkward moment where you have to pause and think. The openness that you both adopted after your bond is making these endless talks.

13. Secrets are your enemies- Inner voice is needless

SecretsYou cannot keep the secrets and you will have no inner voice with your soul sister. It is natural that you can’t keep secret between you. No one needs the feel of hiding from their souls and the same with a soul sister. The acceptance and the grown bond lets you not have any secrets. A bond without secrets is extremely pure and clean. It shows how oneness works in and out.

14. Happy for your success- Not just congratulations but celebrations together

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In the world, we see hypocrites now and then and in such world, finding a soul that who is wholeheartedly happy for you are precious.

She wants you to be successful in your life and she also makes things possible for you when needed. Celebrating success is of many ways. It is rare for people who can celebrate others success. Isn’t it great to have a person who is happy to look you successful?

15. You give best advises- Everything sounds sensible

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You can only expect sensible advice from someone who is willing to listen to your stories. Expecting from someone to advise or guide is harmful when the person is not of your kind. But you can trust your soul sister and ask her to guide you. It isn’t depending but more about trusting.

If you are finding the above signs in another woman, call her soul sister. She bond and association are that special for you. It is not a life rule for women to have a soul sister but it is extra support in your life. No one can go away from something that adds happiness to their life.

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