Popular Swimming Pool Workouts for Weight Loss


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Workouts for Weight Loss

Everyone loves swimming as it helps to increase your stamina and also helps in losing weight. Some like to do workouts daily to stay fit. When you think about being fat to fit, you think about Gym or running or yoga or aerobics. But what if we combine swimming pool and the workouts. Yes! one can do workouts in the swimming pool. The workouts which you do in the swimming pool will help you burn calories, boosts metabolism, and firms every muscle in your body. Here are some of the best pool workouts for weight loss.

Workouts for Weight Loss



Stand in the pool in the shallow, allowing water to cross your belly. Now stand straight and start to lift your knees up one by one, as high as you can till your chest. Now since it is a sprint, you have to run and move your legs as fast as you can. Get your arms pumping with it. Do it for 30 seconds.

2Push up on Wall

Push up on Wall

Stand straight on the side of the pool. Put your hand on the wall and push your body low. Then, with the help of your hands push your body as high as you can. Extend your arms all the way, then slowly lower your back down. This will help to reduce the fat in your triceps, shoulders and chest. Do this 10-15 times. This will also help you come out of the pool easily next time you get in.

3Jump with Knee Tuck

Jump with Knee Tuck

Stand at the deeper end of the pool and make sure your shoulders are almost in the water. Now jump up and tuck your knees to the chest. Use your arms for balance and stability. Do this 15-20 times.

4Hurdle Jump

Hurdle Jump

Pretend that there is a hurdle inside the pool. Put your feet together, tuck your knees up and jump once on the left then on the right. This workout for weight loss will be more pressure on the legs and hips. Do this 15-20 time.

5Water Cycle

Water Cycle

Stand deep inside the water where your feet doesn’t touch the water. If you can’t swim do this with floaties. Extend your legs as if you are running. Make sure to bend your knees and extend your legs. Do this for 30 seconds.

6Core Rotation

Core Rotation

Stand to keep your legs wide apart. Now join your hands straight and turn your waist and arms from left to right. Make sure your hands are inside the water. So, that you feel the pressure on your arms. Create as much friction as you can against the water. The faster you go, the harder will be on your core. Do it for 10-15 times.

7Water Bicycle

Water Bicycle

Rest your elbows on a pool edge. Now do ab bicycle in the water. This will add extra work for your core, shoulders, and legs to keeping you from floating away. Do this for 10-15 seconds. This is the most effective workouts for weight loss.

8Double Leg Lift

Double Leg Lift

Lean back on the pool edge. Now drop your legs straight down and then raise them up as high as you can. Your legs should be perfectly straight and together. If you cannot do this in the pool, then sit on the edge of the pool and raise your legs straight. Do this for 10-15 seconds.

9Half Suspended Jumping Jack

Half Suspended Jumping Jack

Jumping jacks helps to move your whole body. But when you do jumping jacks, you need to put more pressure on your body. Stand straight and part your legs away. Jump and bring both your legs together, then again jump and widen your legs. Make sure you don’t let your feet touch the bottom when you bring them back to the center. Do this for 10-15 seconds.

10Ladder Pull up

Ladder Pull up

Hold the ladder. Now try to pull yourself out of the water by using your arms. Lower and repeat. As you have been in the water for a long time, you won’t be able to come out so easily so try to put the pressure on your arms. Do this for 10-15 seconds.

These swimming pool workouts for weight loss will surely help you if you do it regularly.