Top 3 Gym Workouts For Women

Gym Workouts For Women

To make your body strong and healthy, we all have to start exercising. But what more important is exercising in the right way. There are many forms of exercises that can be done with weights at the gym. But, are you confused on what to do and how to do? Then my advice is before doing anything at the gym, do get a trainer and of course don’t forget to do this five gym workouts for women, and live a healthy life.

Gym Workouts For Women


  • First set the starting position. Here, “Setting” means creating tension in the body while you are starting. So that you can use the muscles when you pull the bar up. It is mostly like a bit clenching the body.
  • Then stand and bring the bar up with you. Try to raise the hips and the shoulders at same rate while maintaining a flat back. Remember to keep the abs tight during the whole time.
  • Keep the back straight, and return the bar to a starting position in a very controlled manner. Push the butt out just like you are going to sit down in a chair. Try not to arch the back or even curl the tailbone under.

Workouts At Home For Healthy Living


  • It can help to increase the fat burning process
  • It can give a better posture, by increasing the core strength as well as adding to the core stability.
  • It can help in increasing the hormone levels
  • It can increase the cardio strength
  • It can also prevent injury


  • First plant the feet flat onto the ground, with your toes slightly out. Your feet must be of shoulder-width apart. Try to get below the bar, then bend the knees slightly. Remember to adjust the height of the bar for the personal body height. It is also important to keep your weight on the heels.
  • Try to position the bar behind the head, with the weight on the back of the shoulders. You must place the bar over the trapezius muscles, that is not on the neck. Grasp the bar with the hands at a spot where you can find it comfortable, that is usually about six inches outward from the shoulders. If it is the first time you are squatting, then try to do this with no weight onto the bar.
  • Now bend the knees and slowly lower the hips as if you are about to “sit” on the invisible chair. Try to look straight ahead, keep the back straight and the chin up throughout the whole movement. Also keep the spine aligned, bending the knees as if you are trying to lower toward the sitting down in the chair. Remember to keep the heels on the floor.
     Keep the hips slightly forward, as you try to lower them toward being even with the knees. Pull the abs, and keep the lower back in neutral position. A slightly arched back can be unavoidable, but try to minimize that by keeping the head and the chest up. Be sure that your quads are no lower than parallel to the ground, for the full range of motion.
  • Then try to push it straight back, lifting your hips up and forward to lift them towards the starting position. From the lower position, push up your heels and lift your weight while you maintain good, proper as well as safe form. Try to use every part of the body while straightening the legs, and slowly, as well as evenly moving up.

Benefits Of Workout Everyday


  • It can help building powerful muscle size as well as strength.
  • It is highly efficient, as it target the muscles, and squats can help widening variety of major muscles at the same time.
  • It is a functional exercise.
  • It can help in reducing injury risk.
  • It can help improving core strength, because the core muscles are forced to work extra to keep the body upright as well as support the lower back.
  • It can help in boosting the vertical jump.
  • It can help in enhancing sprinting speed.
  • It can help increasing the mobility and flexibility.
  • It is also simple and highly versatile.

3Weighted hip thrusts

Weighted hip thrusts
  • First, sit on the ground with the bench directly behind you. Then get a loaded barbell on the legs. You can use a fat bar or have a pad on the bar, it can help to reduce the discomfort that is caused by this exercise.
  • Now roll the bar, so it can be directly above the hips, leaning back against the bench so that the shoulder blades are near the top.
  • Then begin the movement through your feet, as well as extending the hips vertically through the bar. Remember that your weight must be supported by the shoulder blades and the feet. Try to extend as far as it is possible, then reverse the motion to return in the starting posture.


  • Hip thrusts basically target the glutes and also at the same time work on your lower abs, hamstrings, quadriceps and even the calves.
  • It is important for those people who want to increase their butt size and at the same time improve the speed as well as endurance.
  • It can also strengthen the lower back muscles and help it in decreasing the lower back pain.

Easy And Light Exercises For Working Women

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