Different kinds of movie buffs you are friends with


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Movie buffs

You can hardly find any person who claims that they are not a movie buff. Everyone has started watching and reviewing movies nowadays. Movies are much cooler way to attribute to one’s liking. The intricate detailing, acting skills, storyline and so much more has been revealed to the audience so well that even a layman can tell you what went wrong in some movie for its poor performance in box office. India, especially is a country that produces a lot of movies and we as Indians have been living in the movie bubble a lot. Everyone learns something from the movies, may it be on how to propose or how to fight your enemy or how to get over a break up and much more. But, with the rise of videos on the making of movies, reviewers being explicit on how to review, not everyone is the same. We have listed down the different kinds of movie buffs you see every day and with whom you are friends with. So, find out what kind you and your friends are!

Various kinds of movie buffs

1Hollywood Rockstar


You will basically find him in every group. He will be one of those who may indulge in praising the Hollywood industry for their new attempts and put down the Indian movies. He will go on and on about how US of A can produce method actors and how Bollywood does not have even one. He will be the one who will handle the onslaught of Adam Sandlar’s dark or crass comedy, and end up calling Tushar Kapoor, a bad and stupid actor.

2The Lazy TV guy

The Lazy TV guy

You will definitely have a friend who is a couch potato and believes that, eventually all movies would be aired on TV. He will not move or take a step to go watch it in the theatres. When you question him, he will have the perfect reply to it stating how the movie theatres are snatching money by raising ticket fares or with their increased food items. So, he will eat home-made popcorn, sit on his couch and wait for it. His standard dialogue ‘Look at the fares of the ticket. Mein wait karunga aur ek mahine baad TV mein dekhloonga’.

3The cash spender guy

The cash spender guy

This guy is absolutely opposite to the ‘Lazy TV Guy’. He will not allow himself to watch any movie from home. It will be a mandate for him to watch all the movies, first day first show, no matter what language it is with Large Popcorn combo. He will wait for the movie to be released just to experience the theatrical fun and come back and ruin everyone’s experience with his stories and thoughts. He will be one of the most dedicated movie watcher of all times.

4The Actor lover

The Actor lover

Whether it is Sharukh Khan or Salman Khan, this kind of a movie buff is going to go and scream his lungs out in the theatre for his acts. He will look as cool as anybody else until he sees his actor on screen. Once he sees his actor, the madness begins. He shouts, howls, screams and throws papers and enjoy’s his experience ball kinds of nonsense. We see this almost every time when a big actor’s movie is released. It doesn’t matter if he is a high class dude or a local fellow, for him all that matters is just the actor on screen. He is totally void of the people around him who are staring at him. Bindass actor worshiper!

5The guy who regrets watching a movie

regrets watching a movie

He is no big fan of movies or actors or anything related to movies. He doesn’t follow much, he doesn’t pick his favorite actor or actress, but for the good person that he is, he always tries to accompany his friends to the movie they want to go. He is the good friend who you can always fall back on when you don’t have company to watch a movie. Though he will definitely regret and complain about not watching anymore movies with you, he will still come back and say – One last time, That’s all!

6The other language watcher

other language watcher

For this, kind of a movie buff, English and regional language movies would be nothing at all. Because, he has seen much more than that! He will always talk about foreign language movies like ‘Roman Polanski’, ‘Greek or German movies’ which you may hardly understand. He will tell you, rather make you believe that he is the only person who can understand the understatement of movie and movie making. He will talk talk, talk only about it, and irritate you when you suggest watching ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’.

7The fanatic movie buff

The fanatic movie buff

They are the rare kind of movie lovers who are totally against criticism. This kind of a movie buff is there in every group. If you speak anything wrong about ‘Thala Ajith’, ‘Thailavar Rajnikanth’ or ‘Bollywood Badshash Shahrukh Khan’, they will come running to you and try to punch you. They are the ardent fans who would not tolerate the slur of their favorite actors. They take every action of their hero as a personal lesson and you might be killed if you criticize their acting skills.

What are the other types of movie buffs? Tell us in the comments below!

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-Pavithra Ravi