Awesome signs that you have a great bond with cousins


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bond with cousins

You cannot find a best cousin in your best friend, but you can always find a best friend in your cousins. Your cousins can be the best friend you have always thought of going to for crying about all the problems. The fights, the small advices, life problem talking, the fun and much more is what you always expect from your cousins. Most of all, you have grown up together, so you know everything about them, and they know everything about you. So, here’s what we are trying to tell you. Here are the awesome signs that you have a great bond with cousins.

Top Signs That Show You Are Cousins Are Close

1They know it all

They know it all

They will be a part of everything you plan or do. They will know when, where and how the surprise is going to happen. You will tell them first so that you know how well or not your plan would work out. Even when you make a plan to go out somewhere and you don’t want your parents to know, you will make sure your cousins would be informed so that you will be satisfied that at least someone from the family knows about it. Someone once said – Friend forever and cousins for life!!

2Sharing information

Sharing information

Even if it is the tiniest thing in the world – May be the extra information about how some girl ditched some guy, you are going to share it with them. The knowledge sharing that you guys do is impeccable and cannot be stolen by anyone else. There are certain things that you may hesitate to tell even your friends. Those are the first things you will tell your cousins. The gossip about the family is one of the major topics that you would cover.

Here are some fun things to do with your cousins

3Spending time together

Spending time together

You never get bored of spending time with each other, talking to each other because you know that how much ever you talk, there is something that is left to talk about. That is the special and greatest bond you guys share. When spending time, you make sure you call all your cousins to talk and have fun. The more, the merrier is your formula.

4Laughing and inappropriate comments

Laughing and inappropriate comments

You will probably make the most inappropriate comment about some man or some aunty on the road and laugh your lungs out. People may think you are mad, but that really doesn’t bother you. The inside jokes are many and you love doing that only with your cousins. The best part about having a great bond with your cousins is that, you don’t take offensive even if the comment is about you.

5Single child

Single child

Even if you are a single child, it doesn’t feel awkward or boring when you have your cousins around. When they come home for holidays or when you visit them, you are definitely jumping with happiness because you know the time you spend with them would be the most memorable time of the day. The fights between you guys is real but is not real! It’s like an eye wash where you fight and the next minute you walk around laughing and giggling. Cousins’ definitely make your life better and you don’t feel lonely. Isn’t it?

6Calling for help

Calling for help

You don’t think for a second time before you call your cousin and tell him how suck your life is or how bored you are. Even if you are stuck somewhere, your speed dial number will be your cousin’s. You know they are dependable, they are reliable and no matter what, they keep the secrets well and won’t tell anyone. Even if they threaten you about letting out your secrets, you know how to handle them by blackmailing them about theirs.

-Pavithra Ravi

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