Ultimate Tips And Tricks To Style Right For Work And In Budget


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What to wear to work
Many of us think what to wear to work? If you are one of them, know that your work wardrobe should reflect who you are. Dressing smart and keeping it sharp is the key for perfect work attire.
How many of you stand clueless staring at your wardrobe every Monday morning? We all face that dilemma, don’t we? Nothing can be worse than the feeling of not knowing what to wear to office especially when you are getting late. We have come up with some “in budget” and quick wardrobe styles that will help you to dress up for office in India. Whether or not you own these similar look, this is a good point to start from for each of your office mornings!

10 Tips On How To Dress for Work:

The primary things you will have to keep in mind are the comfort, fit and accessories.

1. Dress as per your work:

Dress as per your work
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We told you that dressing should reflect who you are but that doesn’t take away what you do. Which means you can keep the curiosity alive by dressing smart but not over-dressed for a workplace. Always wear a dress that helps in expressing yourself, for example if you are a senior or head of your company, your attire must reflect it too. Unless you are a lawyer or a doctor or in military where you have uniforms, you must keep your work attire smart and let it speak for you.

2. Do not clone:

Do not clone
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We always love and get attracted to what the others wear. It is okay to note, observe but more than that, you must put in extra efforts to stand out from the usual. Distinctly try to dress different from them. Do no stereotype your style or look – change your style and combination while wearing a sari or kurtas or blouses over pants etc. Let your juniors look at your style and try to be like you! Your dressing sense for work must make a style statement of your own.

3. Never wear logo or quotes on your office wear:

Never wear logo
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You might love to flaunt the brand of your dress and some quotes on your shirt or dress! It only makes you look dress casually rather than for office. Any quoted shirt or t-shirt is not apt for office. Especially the ones

4. Go for Quality over Quantity:

Go for Quality over Quantity
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When you wear a dress, it should be well-made and must fit you right. The clothes must not look like used and worn out. Oversized clothes also look shabby, they must be well-altered and especially if it is a jacket or trousers and skirts. For dressing in formals, it is important to know what works for your body. Always buy crease free material such that you are least bothered by the end of the day.

5. Wear Indian Dresses:

Wear Indian Dresses
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It is okay to wear salwar suit or sari to work but it has to be formal and decent for the office. You can create an identity look with that but make sure not to overdo it. Let people judge you by your work not religion or nationality. Too much of traditional dresses do not do well at offices unless otherwise for a function or a party. Indian office wear must be like shown in the picture.

6. Follow the uniform:

Follow the uniform
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When you are meant to wear a uniform, you must respect and follow the code. You must not change or tweak the uniform as it might show lack of conduct. The uniform must be well ironed and crisp to give a perfect professional look. Do not extra accessorize any uniform as it might look inappropriate. When you are in uniform, you represent the company or employer and thus you must keep up to it.

7. Do not opt for unwanted accessories:

Do not opt for unwanted accessories
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There does not need to be a style statement while going for work like wearing a cap to work or unwanted prominent loud accessory like fancy belts etc. Wear subtle outfit to office to look more professional. Small checks or simple stripes do the work of a shirt or dress. Also you do not need to go out of the way for a fluorescent or neon color.

8. Follow only Business Casuals:

Follow only Business Casuals
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You have to strongly distinct your usual casuals you might wear while going out for a movie with friends like shown in the picture as compared to business formals to work. You must wear comfortable jeans to work but they must not be ripped or torn or any fancy jeans! Follow plain T-shirts (could be colorful but not cheesy messages on it). Smart shirts go well with jeans to club as a business casual unlike the picture shown. Always wear formal footwear like pumps, Ballerina instead of slip on flats or casual sports shoes.

9. Groom yourself:

Groom yourself
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When you go to work, make a point to have your hair clean and simple. Do not oil your hair greasy enough with any smell. Keep it trouble-free. Do not overdo any make-up. Even if you like lipstick, apply a smart shade rather than too bold and bright. Remove hair from where it shouldn’t be and keep off the facial hair. Provide a neat and clean, maintained skin and that helps you to keep up with the cleanliness and class you need in office. Make your face look bright with a layer of eyeliner and kajal but keep it simple.

10. Mind your foot:

Mind your foot
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Wearing jazzy footwear will only make you look like going for a party rather than office. Prefer a simple color closed toe belly as shown in the picture. We have many smart footwear style and pattern which could be apt for office wear. Do not wear the flat slip on plastic or rubber footwear that look like you are about to hit a beach instead of office! Also, avoid super high pointed stilettos as they do not look apt for workplace nor are they comfortable for the whole day at work. Your footwear must be comfortable and smart to go with any of your office outfit so that you do not even have to worry to change them each day. The ballerina can go well even with Indian office wear too. Since the office floor is usually tiled, do not wear heels that make noise when you walk on the floor. Take a test walk before buying.

Tip On What To Wear To Work On Budget #1:

Tip On What To Wear To Work On Budget
Assort your wardrobe: There are hidden treasures in every woman’s wardrobe – by this, we mean the clothes that are hidden behind the pile of clothes you wear most often. Remove all of it and sort the clothes regularly. Make a pile of your clothes separately which can be worn for the office. Once you have an idea of what your style is, you should then see how you can mix and match to make it interesting.
Look at the other pile of clothes which you might call as “Not for Office” pile, if there are any clothes that you can experiment and wear it as formals which might be a little out of your usual style zone.

Tip On What To Wear To Work On Budget #2:

What To Wear To Work On Budget #2
List and budget your shopping: Once you are done with the step #1 to organize the wardrobe, you now can make a list of things you would need to pair the clothes with like a neutral leggings or a black trouser. The key is to make a list. Once done, plan your budget accordingly and stick to it. Do not buy an extra set of clothes even if they are in a good price. The list helps you to stick to the budget and come back home with the things you want and not just wish!

Tip On What To Wear To Work On Budget #3:

What To Wear To Work On Budget #3Mix and Match: Pull out the plain bottoms or tops/ kurtas, these can be combined with many colors making it a new different outfit for you each day. Combine the style and wear numerous combinations to the office.

Tip On What To Wear To Work On Budget #4:

What To Wear To Work On Budget #4Shop yourself: When you know what you have to buy and with what you can team it up, only then you must go for buying a new dress for your wardrobe. Look for the similar style online and check if there are any discounts and if available at lower rates.

Tip On What To Wear To Work On Budget #5:

What To Wear To Work On Budget #5
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Turn old into new: Even though you have a lot of things in your wardrobe you get bored of, think about how you can turn it new. By pairing it with a smart necklace or earring. For example, if you have a plain white kurta, pair it up with a different dupatta from your wardrobe to make it a completely new attire.