Heal Your Cracked Heels With This Miracle Home Remedy


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Heal Your Heels

We women, in some point of our lives, have all been guilty of taking care of our houses more than our bodies, And even though half our later childhood was spent telling our mothers to take care of themselves, we still end up neglecting our self when we step into the new roles of life. While, the reasons we may give to justify this would range from, hectic work, busy life, child’s school, or just plain lack of time, we still cannot deny the hefty price we end up paying in the long run for the neglect of our health and bodies. So, to check all the boxes of saving time and to take a step towards a healthier and more prettier version of our bodies we have for you a quick and easiest homemade remedy that will turn your over stressed cracked heels into silky smooth beauties.

What Gives You Cracked Heels?

Gives You Cracked Heels
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Cracked heels is basically a sign of severely dehydrated skin, the heels tend to get dry due to various reasons, While a lot of them increase even more due to less care that we take of or feet but some are also due to climate and other lifestyle condition for example-

• Dry and Cold winterweather.
• Continuous exposure to water.
• Excessive hot weather.
• Not moisturising your feet.
• Dehydration of feet and Body.
• Medical conditions Like Diabetes, Thyroid or Eczema.
• Taking hot baths.
• Over scrubbing feet.

Sometimes the heels tend to get excessively dry and split open creating a crack on the heels. These cracks can be painful as even standing or walking can put pressure on it, also it can easily catch bacteria and other dirt and infections. Even though some cracking heels make indicate some medical conditions but in majority of cases, it is due to lack of proper care and moisturisation.

Remedy for Cracked Heels At Home.

Having those dry and rough, cracked heels can make you really uncomfortable and also prevent you from wearing those pretty stilettoes. Although a good foot spa will always be great to moisturise those dry heels but getting a spa done every week may not really be feasible for a lot of us. So how to get rid of cracked heels at home? We will tell you exactly how. Here we have a great homemade remedy that can help you achieve that supple soft feet which are healthy and beautiful. The best part is, it is super easy to achieve and easy to do.

What you will need?

What you will need• Listerine Mouth Wash
• White Vinegar
• Warm water.

  1. Mix together 1 cup each of Listerine and white vinegar to 2 cups of warm water in a big bowl.
  2. Now dip your feet in this solution and make sure at least 1 inch of your feet is covered in this solution.
  3. Soak it in the solution for 30 mins and remove.
  4. Now using a pumice stone, body brush or a rough towel brush off all the dead skin from your feet.
  5. Wash with plain water.
  6. Do not forget to use a creamy moisturizer after this step.

Why does it work?

Why does it workWell, the vinegar, as well as The Listerine mouthwash, is both acidic in nature. The dry build-up of skin over the heels will be broken by this acidic medium and make it easy to come off. The water is warm which makes it soothing, it also dilutes the acidic nature and hence it does not sting the cracks or your feet. Listerine also contains Alcohol; this alcohol makes it easy for the acid to remove the dead and dry skin cells. It is a great combination for daily use as it is not intrusive or overtly abrasive.

Tips To Prevent Cracked Heels

Tips To Prevent Cracked heels

  • Always Moisturize your feet Before going to Bed. Use a heavy duty moisturiser like Shea Butter and wear socks before going to bed. In the morning you will already see the difference.
  • Scrub your feet regularly and use a foot file to remove dead skin cells from the heels or your feet. Occasionally apply lemon on them.
  • Do not continuously walk on hard or abrasive floors. Take breaks to sit down or relax in between. This will prevent stress from building up and reduce the dead skin built up.
  • Wear slippers whenever you are working on a wet floor or area of water. Like pools, Ponds or in rains. Do not overexpose your skin to water for longer periods of time every day. It will make your skin soft and easy to tear up.
  • Take a foot spa ever few weeks to rehydrate your feet if you fail to keep them healthy and shining at home. You may also do it at home with this Listerine and vinegar foot soak.
  • Drink plenty of water and keep hydrating your body. This is one of the best ways to keep all the dry skin problems of your skin away.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and heels. Do not expose your feet to the sun, for a longer period of time. If you are planning to be outdoors for a longer period of time, make sure you wear a footwear that is covered. It will protect your feet from dehydrating and getting tanned.
  • For the first incidence of tiny cracks use any over the counter cracked heels cream overnight every day for a week. It will remove the cracks very easily if it is in initial stages.

With this easy and powerful remedy, you have the most simple and cheap way to combat those ugly dry cracked heels with minimum effort and maximum gains. We hope this remedy is of great help to you. Let us know how well it worked for you. We will be thrilled.

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