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Tahitian Pearl Jewelry
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For Indian women, jewelry was something that is heavy, bright and royal. But fashionable women are fond of calming and lightweight jewelry. That Tahitian pearl jewelry comes into Indian fashion trend.

As we cannot carry the heavy gold jewelry for every small occasion, we can opt the simple and stylish jewelry. For a night event or for a happening occasion, you may want to go with trendy jewelry which is also lightweight and classy.

Tahitian pearl jewelry gives you a royal look. The jewelry shines with lovely colours of peals. To see the various styles of Tahitian pearl jewelry, you must go through the entire article. Hope you will find interesting further…

What Is Tahitian Pearl?

Tahitian pearls are formed from the black lip oysters. The name of the pearls is derived from the place where they are prepared and the place name is French Polynesia around Tahiti.

Tahitian pearls are the rare pearls with the different undertones. Mostly, they are naturalwith the dark undertones. These pearls are also called as the black pearls. Tahitian pearls are also of various shapes like oval, round, grape shaped, button.

Tahitian Pearl Jewelry

1. Layered Tahitian Pearl Necklace


Layered jewelry is an ultimate option for any kind of jewelry. And you must look at the Tahitian pearls in layers.

At first, we must say that Tahitian pearls are unique with the colour and shine. When the uniqueness is bunched, it looks extra ordinary. That is how the Tahitian pearl necklace looks when it layered.

You can wear a classy semi ethnic outfit or a fancy saree and accessorize with a Tahitian layered necklace. You can just make a no fuss style statement.

2. Tahitian Pearl Drop Earrings


Pearl drop earrings are routine for casual and classy look. So, make it a bit more classy now with Tahitian pearl drop earrings.

You have silver and gold Tahitian pearl drop earrings.Your casual look will be no more casual but simply beautiful with the pearl drop earrings. You also have hoop Tahitian pearl drop earrings.

You can check out the styles of Tahitian pearl drops earrings and find out your favourite to own one.

3. Tahitian Bracelet


The bracelets that are styling your wrists can be of any jewelry. The shells and the beads can also be part of a bracelet. But to make a bracelet special and precious one, you may need pearls.

The Tahitian pearl bracelet is well beaded with thread or string. You have also the inclusion of diamonds along with the Tahitian pearls in the bracelet. Anyways, it is going to be a lovely bracelet as it is shown in the above image.

4. Intricate Diamond Jewelry with Tahitian Pearls


If intricacy is your choice of jewelry, then you will find this style of Tahitian jewelry beautiful. You can keep your choice stable in fashion with the variety of options if you are choosing Tahitian pearl jewelry.

The Tahitian pearl jewelry looks extremely modish and royal with the intricate diamond work.

5. Silver Chain with Tahitian Pearl


Silver chains are ethereal with simple design and lightweight. You can add the weight of lovely pearls to a silver chain. This is a pretty combination to create a fashionable accessory.

Women who believe that a single pearl can make the jewelry special, can choose a silver chain and Tahitian pearl to wear. This must be every classy woman’s choice who wants to keep it minimal styled and accessorized. For a clear idea who a silver chain and Tahitian pearls look, you can give a glance at the above image.

6. Multi Colour Tahitian Pearl Jewelry


Multi colour Tahitian pearl jewelry is for a unique and fashionable look. Just to blow your mind with the Tahitian multi-colored pearls, you can look at the above image.

You also have the multi colour Tahitian jewelry in various styles. The necklace, earrings, bracelet are the styles of multicolor Tahitian jewelry. You can make a style statement with the multi coloured Tahitian jewelry which is rarely seen. Something rare is extra special and fashionable. And it is definitely not a fashion spoiler but a fashion raising jewelry.

7. Tahitian Pearl Stud Earrings


Tahitian pearl stud earrings are adorable. As stud earrings are the most preferred for a casual and simple look, you may love to wear it on. This will be a smart pick when you want stud earrings.

The way Tahitian stud tuck on your ears will make it your look attractive. If you are choosing the Tahitian pearl stud earrings, you can make royal appearance. Though it is stud earrings it looks brighter with the vibrant shine and colour of the pearl.

8. Pastel colour Tahitian pearl jewelry


Pastel colour Tahitian pearl jewelry is simply enthralling. Someone who falls for pastel colour jewelry can choose this. Am already in love with this style of Tahitian pearl jewelry.

Your jewelry can shine out with calm colours. A fancy outfit with pastel colour Tahitian jewelry looks like well fashioned. You can also try this jewelry with Indian ethnic outfits.

9. Tahitian Pearl Ring

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Do you have a ring collection? Then, look at the Tahitian pearl ring. You will not wait to make the ring part of your collection. This can be a dreamy ring in your ring collection.

You can set all the rings aside and go with this ring for a extreme stylish look. A pearl can adorn your finger more than ever. It is all about the magic of Tahitian pearl ring.

10. Tahitian Pearl Long Chain Necklace

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The long chain necklace are loved and opted by women who want a chic style. When you want to keep light but classy, you go for long chain necklaces. The way Tahitian pearls are beaded for a long chain necklace will grab all your attention very first sight.

For a super stylish appearance with jewelry and a simple outfit, you can choose a Tahitian pearl long chain necklace. Tahitian pearls are magical and you will experience it with a long chain necklace.

11. Tahitian Pearl Neck Choker


Neck chokers are for ultra posh women. Neck choker with pearls can be a super special jewelry. You can keep style and posh personality awake with a Tahitian neck choker.

When you want to give yourself some love with jewelry, you can opt the Tahitian neck choker. A western outfit paired with a Tahitian neck choker is all fashionable. You can stay in fashion fully with this a neck choker with Tahitian pearls.

The various jewelry pieces of Tahitian pearls are beautiful in their own way. If pearls are your first love in jewelry, then you will not miss out these styles of Tahitian pearl jewelry.

Go classy with Tahitian pearl jewelry.

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