The Best Way To Use Hair Oil-Beneficial For Hair Health


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Oiling hair is the first step for hair care. This step only works if you can do it right. Most of us actively keep switching the brands of oils. If an oil is not working well on your hair then you switch to another brand. This is not the solution to improve hair quality. You need to use the hair oil properly for the best results.

There are few tips to remember and follow while you are oiling your hair. From choosing the right oil to washing off the oil, everything shows an effect on your hair health.

If you are yet to know the hair oil tips and the best time to oil your hair then continue reading. You have many tips to collect and follow to improve your hair health. Start off the right care, right here.

Best Time To Apply Hair Oil


The best time to apply hair oil is before sleeping. Your hair gets sufficient nourishment for a longer time this way. The next day, your hair gets softened, silky and shiny. If you are occupied with a busy schedule then you can apply early in the morning and leave it for 1-2 hours and then wash it off.

From my end, I would always suggest applying it overnight. I have seen positive results of leaving oil overnight. For extremely dry hair, I stress to apply the oil and give it a day to soak in the oil for proper moisturising. The time for results depends on the level of your hair damage.

Best Way To Apply Hair Oil- Tips To Improve Hair Health With Oil


1. Apply all over the scalp

While applying the oil, you may tend to leave the areas on your scalp. The best way to apply is, rub the oil in between your palms and spread it evenly on the scalp. This will nourish your hair evenly which will improve circulation and stimulate the hair growth.

If you are not applying oil on all the areas of your scalp, the dead hair remains on the scalp and it leads to rapid hair fall. It also affects scalp dryness, flaking.

2. Gentle massage

When you apply oil, you must give your scalp a gentle massage. Massage in circular motions to penetrate the oil into your scalp. It strengthens the roots when you give it a good massage.

Also concentrate on each area of your scalp. Keep moving your fingertips which will spread the oil on your scalp. Only use fingertips while massaging your scalp and dont let your nails hurt your scalp. Nails can be harsh on sensitive scalp which can cause hair fall or strip natural oils.

3. Bend down your head and massage

Blood circulation is a crucial function for hair growth. To improve blood flow, you must turn down your head and then massage. This is a tremendous benefit for weak and damaged hair. If there is low hair growth then this may help you to stimulate the growth with proper nourishment.

4. Dont comb right after oiling

If you are combing soon after applying the hair then it is a mistake. Let me tell you why it is a mitake- your hair becomes vulnerable after oiling. Roots start to relax after moisturizing and weigh down the hair. If you run the comb through your vulnerable hair, it will take the hair along.

This is why you see a bunch of hair in the comb after oiling. What you have to do is, leave your hair for a while. Give at least an hour of gap for your hair to relax. Till then knot your hair lightly with a band. Then you can comb your hair to remove the tangles and braid it.

5. Comb and braid your hair

If you feel braiding hair is boring then you must change this thought. Braiding after oiling is beneficial for your hair. It will allow locking moisture. Braided hair is less prone to tangles as well. Hence, we suggest you to braid after oiling your hair for better hair health and gorgeous hair.

6. Warm up the oil

Hot oil is more effective compared to normal oil. Make sure to warm up the oil before you apply it. You can heat it on low flame for 1-2 minutes and then apply.

Warm oil opens the locks and it gets infused into the scalp. But do not over heat the oil. Lukewarm oil is the best to apply. Over hot oil can burn your scalp or damage your hair with over heat.

7. Apply and leave overnight

Dont not wash off your hair after an hour of oiling. Your hair needs to be soaked in oil properly. So, leaving it overnight is the best way. It nourishes and moisturizes thoroughly throughout the night.

Overnight nourishment treats dryness, flaking and prevents fungal infections. This is also a crucial tip to retain the shine and smooth texture of your hair.

8. Use right carrier oil

Before making an oil your hair care staple, know which oil is suitable for your hair type. All the carrier oils are not suitable for your hair type. There are various carrier oils that are naturally extracted from which you must be particular about using it on your hair.

For oily hair, you must use lightweight oils which are not greasy and sticky. For dry hair, you can choose the extra moisturizing oils.

The most preferred carrier oils for hair oiling are- almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil. Oiling regularly with these oils gives your good results of hair health.

9. Use essential oil

Using carrier oils is for basic nourishment. The addition of essential oil to the basic care is for extra benefits. Most of the essential oils are possessed of anti inflammatory properties which prevents scalp infections and dandruff. The nutrients and minerals in essential oils boosts the hair growth. You can also use essential oils to prevent head lice and dandruff problems.

All you need to do is diluting the essential oils with carrier oils. As essential oils are overpowering, you need to be careful with the quantity that you are using. You can choose the oil based on your hair problem.

Some of the essential oil options you have are lavender oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, lemon essential oil.

10. Don’t over apply the oil

Over infusing the oil to your hair is a big mistake. When you over use the oil on hair, you will need more quantity of shampoo to wash it. This will cause stripping the natural oils on your scalp. This will cause dryness of the scalp, product build up which ultimately results in hair fall. So, oiling hair is a must but don’t use it once.

11. Don’t be harsh while applying

Whenever you are oiling your hair, you must apply gentle pressure only with your fingertips. Vigorously rubbing and massaging your hair can weaken the roots. Then your hair will slowly start to fall which looks like rapid hair fall. Also do not scratch or pull your hair tightly while applying oil as even that weakens your relaxing hair.

12. Don’t apply oil on wet hair

Firstly you are applying oil to condition and nourish your hair. For this you need to allow your hair to get dry. Wet hair is an obstacle to penetrate oil in your scalp. Dry hair absorbs oil better compared to wet hair. This is because oil repels water. As you know the reason behind it, manage to dry your hair before oiling it.

Must Know For Hair Care-How Often To Apply Hair Oil?


How many times a week is hair oiling good? Many people keep quizzing this question when it comes to hair care. OIling your hair two times a week is part of health hair care. If your hair is too oily then it is enough to use once a week. Using oil for more than two times can make your hair too oil. It makes your hair greasy and catches dust easily. Two times a week is ideal hair care.

If you are applying oil too often or daily then you also have to wash your hair that often. This takes off the natural oils and makes your hair weak.

How Applying Oil Is Beneficial For Hair?


1. Moisturizes

Hair oil moisturizes hair and prevents it from dryness. Dry hair is the lead for split ends and breakage. Well moisturized hair becomes stronger roots and reduces hair fall. It becomes vulnerable and starts to fall easily.

2. Removes dead hair

If your hair remains shorter and doesn’t grow then the problem is from roots. Dead hair doesn’t give space for new hair growth. For your hair to regenerate, first dead hair should be eliminated. Applying oil loosen the dead hair and removes it. Hair oiling can boost growth this way too.

3. Improves blood flow

Whenever a hair care topic comes, you are advised to get a head massage. The reason is, it improves the blood flow and reveals healthy hair look. It strengthens the hair follicles and prevents hair loss. Increased blood flow is always interlinked to decreased hair loss.

4. Treats dandruff

If you are staying away from oils due to dandruff problems then you are misled. Your dandruff prone scalp needs more oil to get rid of the problem. It is a matter of the oil you choose. People with dandruff prone and oily scalp must use lighter carrier oils. You can also use an essential oil which can treat dandruff problems. The best essential oils for dandruff is tea tree oil and peppermint oil.

Natural oils also cleanse your scalp and washes out the dandruff when you shampoo. Hereafter, apply the right oils to your hair by which you can be dandruff free.

5. Retains shine

Oiling is the best way to condition your hair which nourishes and reveals the underneath shine.

Oil retains moisture and locks it until your hair is conditioned. The protein contents in the oil boosts the damaged areas. For your hair to reshine, you need to rub the oil well.

6. Reduces frizz

Watering your hair and applying the conditioners is not a lasting solution to reduce frizziness. Regularly oil can only tame your hair effectively. It moisturizes and settles your hair removing the frizziness.

If you are struggling with frizzy, unruly hair then dont skip oiling it. Religiously oil your hair and it gradually shows the results.

7. Nutritious method

Just like your body needs nutrients, your hair also needs nutrients.The naturally extracted essential and carrier oils contain nutrients and minerals. The oils allow your scalp and hair to be hydrated. The essential fatty acids are needed for overall hair health.

8. Gorgeous texture

If you are wanting healthy looking hair then you must focus on all the dimensions of hair care. Not just the length and volume of the hair but texture of the hair is counted as hair health. If your hair is rough and dry but not smooth then you need to oil your hair.

Penetrate the oil into the scalp and let your hair ends be soaked in oil. It takes at least a day time to retain smooth and silky texture after oil treatment. If your hair is deeply damaged then it may take a few days or weeks to smoothen and get a gorgeous texture.

9. Prevents infections

Many suffer with scalp infections like dandruff, psoriasis and eczema. Not oiling your hair can worsen these conditions. If you have a mild infection then you must start oiling your hair to challenge these infections. The anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal factors in the oils fight against these problems.

If these scalp infections have already affected you more than mild then it is advisable to consult a hair specialist.

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