Different things you should do to be proud of yourself


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proud of yourself

Everybody wants to be proud of them, right? Whether you do mean and do it or not, you want to be proud of something in the future. You want to tell your kids that you did something in the right way and that made you and your family proud. Well, like how we say ‘Charity begins at home’, we also say that how much ever proud you want to be, that begins from inside. So, whenever you think that you want to feel proud of yourself, do something really small and think if that makes you proud. Helping your mum in the kitchen, cleaning your room, going to the grocery store, visiting friends, being on track with your education, setting up a career are some of the things that can make you a proud person some day.

You don’t really have to do something really big to feel satisfied. These small things are the reason why you will end up feeling happier in life. We are going to tell you some of the thighs you can do to feel proud of yourself. Well, these things might look extremely small for you, but the amount of happiness you are giving others is just impeccable. So, here are some things that will make you proud of yourself.

Top Things That Will Make You a Proud Person

1Planning a trip

Planning a trip

Going for a trip is fine, but what about the planning? What about the details in the planning? When you plan a trip, you will be satisfied that you are initiating something and you will be happy that you are getting a group of people to come closer to the plan that you are envisioning. The best thing about planning a trip is the fact that you will enjoy making plans, deciding places, making people happy. When your plan is executed and you are back from the trip, you will be a proud person who actually made something work in unison. If this is not happiness, what is?

230 day cleaning challenge

30 day cleaning challenge

Cleaning may look like a grunt work for you. You may think that you have to move, clean, dust and wash everything. But the 30 day cleaning challenge is all about you cleaning the entire house in 30 days. 30 days is a lot of time to check out everything and deep clean your house. The most satisfying job is when you keep something that is important to you clean and neat. So, try cleaning your house or at least your room and you will not only be proud, but will also be satisfied with your commitment.

3Cook for yourself

Cook for yourself

A lot of people think that cooking for just one person is a pain. They will end up making maggi or finish it with sandwich. When you don’t have the time and the space, it can be valid. But what when you have the time and everything? Cooking for yourself is an art and this art can make you really proud of yourself. You will be able to make something creative, crazily unbelievable and you can even give it to others to taste it. Take it the next day to your office or college. See how you will be gleaming with pride.

4Let go sometimes

Let go sometimes

It is fine to let go sometimes. This isn’t just in reference to love, it also refers to things like fighting with your little brother, argument with your mom or disagreement with your friend. It is fine to let go sometimes, because when you let go and be the bigger person, you will not only feel happy but you will also feel proud that you have done something that is unusual and something totally different. Letting go of something makes you the happier, bigger and the most generous person in the world. At least in your world! So, letting go of some things at some points of life is really a good idea.

5Take care of your body

Take care of your body

Exercising and keeping your body clean is very important. Well, not only is it a way to improve life, but is also a healthy way that can keep you away from certain things. You don’t have to visit the doctor if you take care of your health. If you take good care of your body, you can be a proud owner of your body. It is very difficult to in fact have a good healthy life. So, take care of yourself and be proud that you are not screwing it up. Exercise, diet and gym works wonders!

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6Unplug from the social world

Unplug from the social world

There are so many thingsthat people don’t really appreciate anymore because they are so inclined to the social media and internet that they have forgotten how it is to be without a phone. Try to unplug yourself from the social world and the things around you. Keep your phone away for a day or try to live without internet for a week. Do it as a challenge to yourself and you will see how you start appreciating the small things around you. This is what you want when you need a break. Listen to songs, go for a walk, read a book, watch classic movies and don’t go on the internet. Become old school. You will be a proud person once you finish this challenge.

-Pavithra Ravi

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