5 Common Sleeping Positions That Reveal Your Personality


Sleeping time is the best and the most relaxing period of a day. Your body goes in directions when you are snoozing deeply. You may turn sides and change the body positions without consciousness while sleeping. Some of the sleeping position make it comfortable and relaxing for you. That is all you know about sleeping positions?

Sleeping position can say about your personality. The way you sleep is not just because of your comfort but you are using your nature and personality to fall asleep.

Here are some of the common sleeping positions which talk about your personality. If you find it interesting, you can read it further to know more.

Sleeping Position About Personality?

You can just forget in which direction you are turning while sleeping. And you can also leave in which direction or position you are waking up. All you must consider is the sleeping position you are starting.

Which is the most comforting sleeping position for you. With which sleeping position you fall asleep is all about here. You may find it difficult to sleep when you try sleeping in a different sleeping position. So, again you get back to your favourite and most relaxing position that take you into uninterrupted snoozing and sweet dreams.

Sleeping Positions That Say About Your Personality

1. Fetal Position:


Majority of the people fall asleep laying side and they feel comfortable sleeping that way. It is basically a baby position. The reason we call this position as baby or fetal position is, the fetus stays in the same position in the mother’s womb. In this position, the people curl their body by raising their knees.

It is said that, the position is very comforting and the best for cozy sleep. It is also said by the experts that, this sleeping position is the best relieve from any back pain. The position causes less disturbances when napping.

Personality traits of this position:

It is said that the person who sleeps in this position is sensitive from inside. They are also shy by nature. People who sleep in this position are also quite and calm most of the time.

2. The Log Position:


Log position is nothing but, lying on either of the sides with arms on their side too. This is a stiff sleeping position. If you notice, this position is a little modified from fetal position. Here, the sleeper don’t curl up the knees but keeps the knees and legs straight. It is said that 15% of the

Again this is another best sleeping for position for back pain and neck pain as well. Some of the sleepers, put a pillow between their legs to avoid discomfort when sleeping in this position.

Personality traits of this position:

People who tend to fall asleep in this position are more social and extroverts. There are more friendly and easy going peeps. You can see them with carefree attitude and they also trust people easily. May be we can conclude saying there are a bit childish as well.

3. The Yearner:


Yearner is a sleeping position where people sleep on their side and stretch their hands out. To say in a funny way, it looks like they are asking for something in sleep. They keep their legs normally which is not too stiff or curled up.

It is a less popular sleeping position.

Personality traits of this position:

It is found that the people sleeping in this position are open minded. When comes to decision making, they are slow at it. Though they make decisions slowly, they stick to what they decide and want. It seems that they are also suspicious about new people. They can also be reliable friends.

4. Sleeping On Tummy:


This is another sleeping position that most of the people choose. It is just lying in reverse with the face on either sides. They may also sleep with variations like wrapping the pillow with their arms and raising their one leg.

For some people it is the most happiest sleeping position. But it is not a good position for pregnant women or for people with neck injuries and back problems. Women with bigger breast also find this sleeping position uncomfortable.

Personality traits of this position:

People who sleep in this position are observed as- adventurous and a risk taker. There are fun loving persons and also sociable by nature. They don’t like to criticized by anyone.

5. Sleeping On Back:


This position is also called as the soldier position as people stay flat and straight. They keep their hands on their sides or over the head. The legs are freely left and some people just keep their legs also erect which looks like attention or soldier position.

It is observed the people sleeping on their back would be the age group of 25 to

34. But the fact is, only 8% of the people can get good sleep this way. It is said that when you sleep on your back, your neck is narrow and you tend to snore louder.

It also allow your back and neck to be right position. Though it is not a popular sleeping position, it is a beneficial one. As your neck stays in neutral position, there are less chances of getting wrinkles. This position also allows you to distribute your body weight properly without any pressure on shoulders and spine.

Personality traits of this position:

People who prefer this sleeping position are observed as silent but strong. They take themselves and their life seriously. These people may also keep high expectation from people around them.

The sleeping positions that are talking about your personality are based on your nature and attitude. Hope you got to know a bit of yourself reading the sleeping positions and what they say about the personality traits.

Hope the information was interesting and matched more or less.

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