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If you are bored and if you want something to keep you busy, then there is definitely something that can excite and inspire you. Well, hobbies are definitely a nice way to enjoy and keep yourself occupied with. Are you the one who gets bored easily? Then, you are more than welcome to read the below hobbies and pick something for yourself. The best part about a hobby is that you can definitely have fun and you will also make sure you learn something from it. There are millions of hobbies out there, but here are some of the offbeat hobbies picked, tried and tested one’s for you.

Offbeat Hobbies That Will Interest You



They say that painting is a reflection of who you are and picking up an art is a reflection of what you want from your life. Well, you don’t have to be an artist to paint or draw. All you need to do is draw something that you feel like. A pencil, paper and some music is enough for you to enjoy the entire painting experience. It doesn’t matter if it is pencil art or colors, you can very much search for your inner interest towards painting and have fun. You never know, you might become the next Picasso! All you need is some interest and a lot of color paints.

2Collecting cute things

Collecting cute things

Have you ever thought something is cute and collected them? If not, do it because trust us, it would be fun. You can collect soft toys, knick knacks, miniature tea pots, crystal collection and so many more. You can actually shop these in flea markets and other normal shopping markets. It is fun because you will get to see what your interests are and where it can take you. Collecting cute stuff is not only for you, but will help you decorate your home with beautiful cute collection of yours. You can gift it to your friends or family too. It can become an obsession if you collect.

3Wine tasting

Wine tasting

Who doesn’t love to taste wine, right? You can pick up wine tasting as a hobby as well. Yes, if you are looking to socialize with people, then wine tasting can be your best option. It will interest you by letting you go out in the field and play your games there too. Every city has these kinds of events where you can go wine tasting and give your inputs. If you can drink in the middle of your boring day, why not get it done in the most productive way? Where there is wine, there are also chocolate tasting places! So, just go and explore. Have fun.

4Cook for yourself

Cook for yourself

It doesn’t hurt to be nice to yourself once in a while, right? So, why don’t you cook for yourself, all by yourself. Cooking can be a task by itself when you decide what you want to cook. Pick some fancy dish that your mum hasn’t tried till now. Look for ingredients and go ingredient shopping. That could be a good way to lead on to dessert or any other dish cooking. Once you get back, just cook a nice meal where you can put all your energy and perfection. That way, you and your stomach, both of them would be contended. If the dish is amazing, then offer it to your parents or friends. It never hurts to make others feel happy with your cooking.

5Tea leaf reading

Tea leaf reading

This may sound a little crazy, but you can very much try to learn some psychic stuff. Tea leaf reading isn’t easy at all. Yes, you have to learn and read a lot of it from the books or internet. But, if you have a boring day ahead or you have a never ending holiday season, why not try something kinky and freak people out. If you get too serious, you can take it up as an entire season thing and learn more about it. We hear physiology is a great hit amongst the young crowd. You could be one of them too!

6Learn a new language

Learn a new language

People say that this is the most clichéd hobby. But we strongly suggest that you do something usefrul with the time you have. Example – Learn a language that you have always wanted to speak. Or, even better if you can learn their local accent! I love the way British people speak their language. You can try how to speak English in their style. Everybody enjoys new languages, so just pick a language and learn it from someone or you always have books for the same. Latin, Greek, French, Russian can be some of the easiest other country languages you can learn. If you want to learn Indian languages, you have Sanskrit, Urdu, Arabic, Kannada and so many more. It would be fun to learn something by the end of the season.

These off beat hobbies can be really interesting and beat the boredom to death!

-Pavithra ravi

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