How To Change Life In One Month


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How To Change Life In One Month

Do you want to change the way, you live your life and be happier? It can be done with some simple steps that you have to follow over the course of the month. So, here are tips on how to change life in one month, and live a fulfilling life.

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Week 1

Purifying the mind and body

1. Start early

Start earlyAt first purify your mind and the body. Try to get up everyday at 6 am, it can give you the time to find yourself, which you might not get during the whole day. You can find this period to be very peaceful as well as quiet. You will be able to sort out various kinds of things, which are pending as you can do them without being distracted. It is also an ideal time for morning exercises, which can prepare you to maximize your rest of the day. If you are feeling lazy or even reluctant to get out of the bed early, then it is not an indication of you being tired. So at first you have to change the mentality of thinking about the point of getting up, if the day is going to be the same. Try to think every day as an opportunity, or a new beginning.

2. Eat better

Eat betterThis upcoming changes can make you in demand of tremendous energy for your body. Likely, currently you are using up all your energy on keeping your body functioning by having cigarettes, heavy fatty or unhealthy foods, or alcohol. Many of us have a personal set of vices which we must own up to or atleast over come them. Choose your diet whichever you think is right for you. But know that there are somethings, which is applied to all of us, like potato chips, junk food, alcohol, sugary drinks and many more, doesn’t fit into the idea of healthy eating and must cut all these things out from the diet. Also, try to reduce the size of portions you eat and most importantly,do not fill up before you go to bed. The most important thing is to avoid burdening yourself with all the toxins.

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3. Sport

SportRemember that keeping the body well-toned as well as healthy, is pretty vital for everybody’s spiritual health. To shake some life out a tired body, you must need to shake the body itself and it can be by any method, that seem right for you, like yoga, dancing or even running. Try to move a lot more.

Week 2

Putting your private life in order

1. Cleaning up the personal space

Cleaning up the personal spaceTry to clean up your personal space more. Throw out the things that are not needed or try to bring order to every corner of your life by cleaning out the table, cupboard and many more at home. Every small single object in your home, can take up not only the spaces, but also consumes your energy. So, ask yourself first, that whether it is worth holding or not. Try to keep those stuffs, which you actually need, or which makes you happy, or which cherish the most.

2. Fulfill the obligations and sort out the business

Fulfill the obligations and sort out the businessDo you have any personal,business or a wish that you might want to clear out? Do you remember how many promises or new year resolutions you have broken? Did you think of doing something,but is unable to do till now or a making new list every day? You are the only one who has to decide whether you fulfill them, or you want to strike them out from your ‘to do’ list forever! Do what ever you need, and quit dragging them around with those feelings as well as obligations or disappointment in yourself.

3. Sort out the social life

Sort out the social lifeIf you see that if there is any relationship, that is dragging you down, or making you depressed, then try to distance yourself with it. Give up on talking with people who have a negative outlook in life, or those who are arrogant, or with someone with whom you have nothing in common. Learn to distance yourself or just say no.

Week 3

Plans, goals and dreams

1. Carry out the plans

Carry out the plansTry to write down your plans and carry them out. Write the list of things that you may need to do and be excited about doing it and be brave to carry them out. This urge of enthusiasm can help you to carry these tasks and complete it. Remember, what do you love to do, and that love will help you to achieve success in it.

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2. List the most implausible dreams

List the most implausible dreamsIn this you have to take a list of what you dream of doing, but they are also implausible and you know they are not going to happen. This can include, becoming ruler of the world or even climbing Mount Everest. Ignore the sensible voice int he head and imagine your world as an oyster.

3. Plan things on a daily basis

Plan things on a daily basisEvery evening, try to write down the plan for your next day. It doesn’t matter whether it is a rough or short plan. It can be any type, as long as you have written them. It is important to do it specifically in the evening. This can be productive and help you find out where you are going with life.

Week 4

Expand your horizons

1. Try to live differently

Try to live differentlyEven the smallest things can effect in your life. Sometimes, try to take a different route to your work. Eat from somewhere, where you have never been too or try some different kind of sport. Try these simple things and ask yourself what have you done differently today. This habit of trying something new can gradually be on the track of life changing.

2. Getting out of the comfort zone

Getting out of the comfort zoneIf you have managed to carry out all the step’s, then you are already on the way out of your comfort zone. But the most important part is looking into the biggest fear of your life. It is also not only looking, but even fighting with them. For example; if you are scared of height, then you can go for skydiving and many more situations like this.

3. Taking break

Taking breakWhat did you think about all this? It is going to be a lot of hard work? Taking a break here means, you have to go out of the house, spend some time alone, or spend some time alone. It also means that you have to go for an honest feedback to yourself.

Just remember to be true to yourself, and live a happy life.

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