Are You Aware Of How A Workout Can Damage Your Hair

Workout Can Damage Your Hair
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While nothing in the world can be as important as your health, we women have a special place in our hearts for our luscious long locks. Nothing can break the heart of a women as bad as rough damaged and falling hair. We all have been there, sad faces and panic attacks when you see those hair covered bands and ties. But have you considered that certain habits related to working out at the gym may be affecting your hair? Well, We have discovered exactly, how does workout ruin your hair and here are 7 of the most common workout related hair damages.

1. Hair Tie-

Quiet often than not, women just grab the first hair tie they find in the morning and run for their workout session. But are you aware that some hair ties are extremely harsh and abrasive for your hair, Added factor is your exercise, It make you rotate, flip and bounce your hair making the hair rub even more with this rough tie. In turn, all you get in not just a healthy body, but super damaged hair over time. We suggest is more soft and slightly loose tie that holds your hair at place without making it rough.

2. High Pony everyday-

High Pony everydayWhile we do not certainly want our hair to come in over the face and distract and irritate us while running on that treadmill, it is still really unhealthy to always resort to making that high pony before heading out to the gym. Always tying your hair at the same spot may not be a great idea. It increases hair breakage at the place of tying as high pony requires you to tightly tie your hair with an elastic., Continuous pressure can pull out hair and stretch them out. It results in hair thinning and damage around the place of tying. Instead make a cute fishtail braid or a hairband or a low pony when you’re wearing a a T-back. We’re sure that will look equally funky.

3. Hair wash everyday-

Hair wash everydayWorking out at the gym everyday makes your hair sweaty almost everyday, and while it is advised to take a shower to remove all the sweat and bacteria from your body, same is not advised for your hair. A lot of people resort to wetting their hair with water each and everyday. It gives them a feeling of clean hair, but in reality that is not the case. Using a shampoo will at least help you get rid of salts and sweat but just using water will make than salt spread to the length and tips of hair. It will dry out your hair even more. Instead choose a mild shampoo and wash your hair off alternate days. Do not just use water to wet them off.

4. Dry Shampoo-

We love the convenience a dry shampoo gives. Who wouldn’t actually? Times when we have oil wells on our head and have to attend a quick party, Dry shampoo just dries up the scalp off the oil and makes it look much more cleaner and soft. And even though dry shampoo can be a savior for oily hair, It wont be a good choice for sweaty gym hair. It will not be as strong to soak up on the moisture. Also it contains alcohol, which on repeated use can dry out your hair really bad. Use dry shampoo before sweating it out. Not after. Post workout the sweat and alcohol will be a deadly moisture sucking combo, leaving your hair frail and weak.

5. Not brushing hair-

Not brushing hairBrushing the hair can be really helpful for not just hair but also your scalp. The blood circulation will improve hair growth and also help you in transferring the natural scalp oils to the tip and the entire length of hair. This will make your hair strong and more moisturized. It will also prevent damage caused by dry hair abrasion. Use a soft brush to brush your hair after a workout, on days when you skip the shampoo and have little greasy hair. Do not resort to always washing them post workout.

6. Sun damage-

Sun damageA lot of times some women love taking a run or walk towards the gym rather than hopping in our car. While we encourage more such green gestures to not just save fuel but also reduce emissions and gain health. But have you considered that there might be someone who doesn’t really like your beautiful hair and is slowly taking them away? Don’t creep out yet, we are talking about the sun. Yes, sun doesn’t love our luscious hair and it keep taking away the moisture from them and slowly makes them dry and rough. Be it a small walk or a game of volleyball on the beach, do not forget to cover your hair in a UV protectant spray. It will keep your hair hydrated and maintain its moisture. You can also use a scarf or a hat to wear while traveling in a car towards the gym, because UV rays can travel through glass into your car too.

7. Make use of that Gym towel-

Make use of that Gym towelAlways lay down your towel on the gym equipment before you lie down to work out on it. This is a great way to dry up your head. As you work out and press your body against that towel the moisture and salts from your hair will get absorbed by the towel and get easily removed rather than depositing in the scalp. It is also a very healthy way to avoiding contracting any viral and bacterial infection from the sweat of people who have used it before you. Always remember to sanitize your hands once before and then after using the gym equipment.

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