Most Trending Two Piece Wedding Gowns For The Bride Of Today


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two piece wedding dress
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The beauty of watching a bride walk down the aisle in a pristine white gown has continued to mesmerise us through the years. It is the moment that is the highlight of the whole ceremony, And so, the gown you wear is really important. You sure don’t want to wear a gown that is not your style. And if you are a fashion forward bride who doesn’t shy away from taking risks, this piece of fashion advice is exactly for you. The newest trend to hit the bridal circles is the two piece wedding gown trend. The amazing elegance of a gown and the sexy edgy vibe of a crop top and skirt. This two piece wedding gown trend is the best of both the worlds. If you are soon getting married and yet to finalise a wedding gown, look over this bridal guide to the most trending two piece wedding gowns for the young and confident bride of today.

1. Two piece dress with a slit.

Two piece dress with a slit
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For the bride who dares to wear something bold and stunning for her wedding, these types of two piece wedding gowns can be an absolute perfect choice. The top can be of any style or pattern that you want but to pair with this thigh high slit we suggest you keep is simple and comfortable. If you wish to have a slit in the skirt, we suggest that the skirt be kept straight fit or in pencil cut.  this can accentuate you are a waste and lower body really well. although it can look great in lace, net and even satin the preferable choice should be satin for the beautiful drape you can achieve with it.

2. Lace Details on the top

Lace Details on the top
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There can be no other fabric that looks as graceful as live in a bridal gown.  And if you want your two piece wedding gowns to be elegant and  dainty, make sure you have a top made of the sheer lace fabric.  Any style of the two piece wedding dress with a top made of lace can make the entire bridal look very elegant. you can choose to wear this lace top with a princess skirt with puffy fabric or a well tailored straight fit skirt. The panels of lace on the top that are not covered with a solid lining look absolutely breathtaking. It is literally like bridal poetry.  If you want to have ageless fashionable pictures, definitely give this a try.

3. Pencil Skirt and Top

Pencil Skirt and Top
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Choose this simple pencil skirt paired with a nice top, two piece wedding dress, if you are someone looking for a simple and subtle wedding gown. You can have a well made embellished top and pair it with a simple fitting pencil skirt.  the options are infinite, you can pair it with the crop top, A sheer panelled top  or even a blazer.  you can wear the blazer for the wedding ceremony and later you can take it off to reveal the embellished crop top inside. It will be like having 2 Wedding Dresses for your wedding. Pair it with your bridal diamonds and it cannot get better than that.

4. Crop top Dress

Crop top Dress
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For the young bride of today, who is totally fashion conscious and wants her bridal dress to be in tune with the latest Trends, wearing this 2 piece wedding dress with a crop top and and well tailored skirt could be the best decision to make. These cropped wedding dresses  are making quite a stir in the bridal market. Everyone has adored them and now a lot of women are seen sporting these trendy two piece wedding gowns. The top can be customised according to your personal style. It can be embellished, or in lace, satin and silk. The loose fitting tops with intricate details on the hem give the bridal dress a dainty charm.

5. The princess skirt

The princess skirt
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Well, you are confused,  you want the princess gown,  but you don’t want to be traditional or conventional. You also like the crop top Trend, but you just cannot make up your mind. What will you do? We say you choose this style of the two piece wedding gown trend and you have literally the best of both the world. Select a puffy princess skirt and pair it up with the nice panelled sheer or lacy crop top and you have yourself an award winning combo.  this is one of the most popular two piece wedding dress combos that the bride if today is seen sporting. We must tell you that this wedding dress gave us the chills.

6. Panels of sheer

Panels of sheer
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If you’re looking for some nice cropped wedding dresses that have some boldness to it and yet makes it look regal and charming, select this 2 piece wedding dress with sheer panel on the top paired with a bralette underneath. Can it get anymore chic? This is a great two piece wedding gown that is actually on the intersection line of a single piece and two piece wedding gown. The upper portion of the dress is just a sheer panel above and a skirt attached to it below. The bralette inside is the second piece of this wedding dress. While we absolutely love this dress, this can be a great option only for someone who has a well toned upper body. And if you are one of them, this is the best time to show off those perfect abs.

7. High Low Skirt

High Low Skirt
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In case if someone asks us to choose the most pretty bridal two piece wedding gown from this list, we will undoubtedly pick this one up. Instantly. This two piece wedding gown is great for every body. It is just so pretty that is can make any girl look like a bride in an instant. The high low hem looks so edgy and the subtle top brings together the entire look. Be it in silk or in lace, this style can never go wrong. If you want a subtle statement, go for a longer front length. But you’re looking for a bold wedding gown to wear for your wedding select this smart high low hem skirt and top dress with higher front hem. It will make for a perfect chic wedding dress.

8. Off Shoulder crop top

Off Shoulder crop top
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Women have recently been wanting to have the pleasure of wearing Two Wedding Dresses in their entire ceremony. It is more to do with wearing a jacket , cape or a blazer over your dress for the ceremony and later flaunt the inner top for the first dance as a couple. For such situations, this perfect cropped wedding dresses with an off shoulder crop top paired with a pretty puffed up skirt can be a really great option. Women who love to wear comfortable clothing all the time, this two piece wedding gown can be a great a bridal gown to choose.

9. Separates from behind

Separates from behind
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Definitely one of the most interesting two piece wedding gowns in the list, this one is actually a masterpiece. The gown is like a skirt attached to the top but it can only be made out from the back. The beautiful cut out from behind that shows off your well toned figure can be a great option to go with if you aren’t scared of wearing something bold. The skirt has a hook detailing at the back that makes it a two piece wedding dress. But from the front it looks like a single wedding gown. Give it a try if you want a great unconventional gown that has something new attached to it.

10. Gown with pants.

Gown with pants
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Gown with pants
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This 2 piece wedding dress is actually one of the most bold options to choose from the list. The beauty of a well tailored pant with the veil is something unimaginable. But these designer wedding dresses prove what a great combination it is. Can you imagine wearing this amazing combo to your own wedding? It will be the talk of town for ages. If you do not like a staright fit, go for the palazzo style of pants or better even. The embellished set of pants with a nice train behind, we are sure you will look like the most fashion forward person in your wedding. Now who doesn’t want that?

Keep ahead in trend by choosing to flaunt this two piece wedding dress on your wedding day and make heads turn. Select whatever style you like, the one that suits your body type or even better, make a style inspired from these dresses and wear your own creation with style. Choose something different that the traditional, in the end it will all be worth. We hope that this simple list of the most trendiest two piece wedding dresses could help you make your decision. Listen to your gut feeling and say yes to that dress. So, which one was your favorite? Comment below and share with us.

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