20 Ultimate Tricks And Styles To Look Slimmer And Perfect In Indian Wear


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Look Slim in Indian Wear
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We all want to look just perfect in our outfit be it an Indian wear or a western wear. Some of us who prefer wearing an ethnic wear only for occasions like Diwali or other festivals might just doubt their look sometimes. One has to feel confident enough to carry an outfit. Also, for many who have to struggle with a lot of exercises and curbing the urge of eating our favorite food, it is really challenging to maintain an ideal perfect body. What if we tell you there are ways you can dress up to look slim in Indian wear. Be it saree or long kurtas, a few styling tricks which make you look slimmer easily in the Indian wear.

Great Fashion Tricks To Look Slim In Indian Wear

1. Choose the material carefully:

Choose the material carefully
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The foremost thing to remember while styling up your outfit is to know the fabric that will suit your body type. For example, lycra or spandex are the materials which will be body-hugging and shows up your complete body figure. This might make you look bulkier and also might show up the unwanted bulges in your body. You must opt for free-flowing material like silk, cotton or georgette which will help your body breathe and give you a confidence to flaunt your outfit. These fabric just makes an ethnic wear classy and perfectly well-fitted as shown in the picture above.

2. Wear well-fitted outfits:

Wear well-fitted outfits
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Weather you like your outfit comfy or super-fitting, they still need to fit you well. An anarkali dress can make you look great if it fits well or might as well feel like you have pulled it out from your grandmothers wardrobe! A well-stitched dress will give you the perfect silhouette. Do not wear an ill-fit dress to just make it look loose, rather, opt for palazzo pants or anti-fit tunic to style it up. Look for the style displayed in the picture above.

3. Play smart with Kurtas:

Play smart with Kurtas
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When you wear short or knee length kurtas you try to emphasize on your first half of the body and if it is bulky, makes you look fatter. Also avoid body-hugging kurtas as it only tends to show your body bulkier. Wear longer kurtas to hide the heavy torso bit and make it look longer and slimmer. It should be only slightly loose. Straight fit kurtas are also in fashion and especially the ones with a full sleeve or half sleeve, makes an excellent fashion trick to look slim. Look at how Sonakshi Sinha is dressed up in her simple plain long kurta making her look slimmer.

4. How about tiny prints this time?

How about tiny prints this time
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Bigger prints makes you look fat, whereas, a smaller and closely printed cloth makes the outfit give more of togetherness and feels slimmer. This can apply in a suit, a saree or a lehenga. Check out how Vidhya Balan wears a smaller print saree and looks pretty confident carrying it.

5. Longer sleeves look slimmer:

Longer sleeves look slimmer
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Be it saree, lehenga or kurta, full sleeves always look elegant and make you look slimmer. If ever you think any of the above dresses make you look broader, pair it up with a longer sleeves blouse for that slender and sexy touch to your Indian outfit. It is very simple to look thinner in traditional Indian wear like we already said. Avoid sleeveless as the arms can look flabby giving an entire fat look.

6. Be careful with the blouse:

Be careful with the blouse
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Many women complain about the Indian wear makes them look fat, which is not true. It is the style of the blouse or the top which makes them look bulkier. In order to cover your heavy bust area, opt for a beautiful printed blouse or embroidered. A net blouse can make you look fat. When you take a dupatta/ stole, make sure it to be styled longer than the waist. Check out the picture for style and ideas to wear a printed blouse with sari, skirt or lehenga.

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7. The lingerie:

The lingerie
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To look slim in Indian Party wear, you might want to think what you wear underneath the dress. The innerwear has a more significant hand to make a difference to the figure. Wondering how? Saree and other Indian wear come in layers adding the bulkier look to your body frame. To bring your body back to the curvy shape, you need to invest in some tummy tuckers and shape underwear. These not only hide the extra flab but define the contour of your body figure. Also, make sure to wear the right bra as it might not look good if the chest looks too flat or too huge. Take your time in deciding the proper undergarments for each of your Indian wear. Check out how Sonakshi Sinha shows her curvy body in a tight body-hugging long dress.

8. Do not wear frilly tops:

Do not wear frilly tops
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Frills makes you look broader, so, if you have a heavy bust, you must avoid wearing frill tops. Also, wear a blouse showing off lesser skin such that it gives a slimmer look to you. If you have a bulging stomach, showing less is the key here. The longer length of the top also makes your torso look slimmer. Take a look at the picture above where the Bollywood actresses wear their longer tops to flaunt their dress with a slimmer looking torso.

9. Opt for Solid colours:

Opt for Solid colors
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Solid colour with minimal borders is great to make you look slimmer. Since the overall colour is the same on your body, they give an illusion of a thinner frame. Too much of zari work or sequin would give it a broader and heavy look. Be it a sari, a dress or an indo-western style – Jacqueline Fernandez, Anushka Sharma and Kajol have just killed it with the perfect look in bold coloured outfits.

10. Styling your hair

Styling your hair
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Putting your hair up and making a high bun or a high ponytail helps you look slimmer. Having your hair loose and all over the place is not a great look for the Indian wear unless you have some curls at the bottom and well-managed hair. Compare both the pictures of Vidhya Balan with her hair tied up and left loose. The neck-line when it shows up makes you look slimmer and defined.

Few more tips on how to look thinner in Indian wear.

11.Go for vertical stripes as compared to horizontal for a slimmer illusion.

Go for vertical stripes
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12. Black for the slimmer look.

Black for the slimmer look
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13. If you have heavy hips, your kurta should cover your hips.

If you have heavy hips
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14. Avoid huge block prints, they make you look bulky.

Avoid huge block prints
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15. Monochrome Indian wear is not just in trend also but gives a perfect slim look too.

Monochrome Indian wear
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16. Delicate embroidery gives an elegantly slimmer look.

Delicate embroidery gives
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17. Do not tuck in too many pleats with saree, your flab might just show up too much.

Do not tuck in too many plates with saree
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18. Wear long jhumkas and no necklace to give a slim classy neck look.

Wear long jhumkas and no necklace
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19. Avoid very wide borders, it makes you look broader.

Avoid very wide borders
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20. Style up with the correct footwear.

Add the correct footwear
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Right footwear makes a lot of difference to the body structure, body language and the overall outfit. When wearing an Anarkali or long dress, wear gorgeous pumps and get the slimmer look instantly. Stilettos are just perfect to make you a chic-look in a saree. The motive is to add some length to your body and make you look more in shape. Look at Sridevi with her pumps on a long dress flaunting a confident posture with that added length which makes her look elegant.

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