High Protein Diet For Women To Lose Weight Naturally


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High protein diet

You might have heard of people taking protein supplements to increase weight and gain muscles mass. But did you know that in order to lose weight, consuming protein is also important? Well, it might come as a shock, but Protein is one of the most important factors to increase in your diet in order to lose the stored fat and improve muscle mass. Of all the ways and foods for weight loss out there, women tend to miss out on one of the easiest and healthiest options. High protein diet. Yes, it sounds shocking but a high protein diet plan can help you lose excess fat just as well as it is known to improve muscle mass. Losing weight naturally simply requires a protein rich diet with the right mix of protein sources. For quicker weight loss, we suggest combining protein food sources with the right lifestyle habits. Proteins are often referred to as the building blocks of the human body. They help in wear and tear, bone building and muscle strengthening. High protein low fat foods or as some choose to call them high protein low calorie foods help in a variety of ways for your weight loss. Here is how a high protein diet can help you reduce weight.

Lose Weight Naturally with High Protein diet for weight loss

High Protein diet for weight lossProtein rich diets can help you reduce weight naturally by suppressing desires to have high-calorie and high-carbs foods, preserving muscle mass and helping speed up your body’s metabolic rate. Animal sources such as sea food, meat, dairy products etc. tend to be some of the best sources of proteins with all the essential amino acids. There are several great sources of proteins available even in non-animal products such as vegetables, legumes, cereals and fruits which can provide a healthy mix of essential amino acids along with a low calorie intake. The Protein requirements vary based on body type, lifestyle and medical conditions. While proteins are one of the most natural ways to lose weight, Eat foods to eat to lose weight and combine with long-term healthy habits such as exercising and sleeping well. This together can also work wonders to create a balanced health routine.

How Does Protein Help Reduce Weight

1. Protein Reduces Effects of the Hunger Hormone

Protein Reduces EffectsProtein rich foods are some of the best weight loss foods. Protein increase the satiety value of food and naturally reduce levels of the hunger hormone ‘ghrelin’. You intuitively start consuming lesser calories because your high protein diet plan leaves you more satisfied than ever. This means a big reduction in evening junk food cravings or mid-night pastry cravings.  A high protein breakfast can give the perfect start to your daily weight loss routine. It has been shown to reduce cravings of high-calorie foods throughout the rest of the day. Prepare to feel more confident to reject fried food easily.

2. Protein Burns Calories

Protein Burns CaloriesYou heard that right. After you eat, your body uses some calories to metabolize the food intake. Proteins are known to deploy many more calories for digestion and metabolic activities than both carbohydrates and fats. At a minimum of 20% calories getting used up just for your metabolism, only 80 calories out of every 100 calories count. More calories working for your metabolism means faster metabolism and that means you are left feeling healthier and fresher.

3. Protein Prevents Muscle Loss

Protein Prevents Muscle LossIf you are eager to lose weight, eating lesser calories is probably the first thing that comes to your mind. However when you do this, it results in a slower metabolism rate – you might start to feel dull and have more frequent cravings of cheat foods. Some of this can be attributed to muscle loss which gives you a feeling of low energy and lethargy. Protein sources help you avoid this. They keep your metabolism rate high, limit your calories, protect against muscle loss and leave you feeling better.

Best Sources of Protein Food

Protein FoodProteins are made up of 20 different amino acids and it is essential that you have a balanced amount of all the essential ones. Good sources of protein tend to include many of the essential amino acids whereas the best sources of protein tend to include them all. Most animal-based protein sources are excellent sources of all essential amino acids at a given time. Non-animal sources of protein are incomplete – however, the right mixing and matching of these can provide the required levels of protein for your body. This is especially beneficial for individuals with vegetarian or vegan dietary preferences.

 Amount of Protein in Common Food Protein Amount
Milk (1 cup/8 oz) 8 g
Egg (1 large/50 g) 6 g
Meat (1 slice / 2 oz) 14 g
Seafood (2 oz) 16 g
Bread (1 slice/64 g) 8 g
Corn (1 cup/166 g) 16 g
Rice (1 cup/195 g) 5 g
Dry Bean (1 cup/92 g) 16 g
Nuts (1 cup/92 g) 20 g
Fruits and Vegetables (1 cup) 0-1 g
Pizza (1 slice/107 g) 12 g
Hamburger (McDonald Medium) 20 g


We have compiled a list of meat, vegetables, dairy and other protein rich food sources that can help you lose weight naturally.

High Protein Sources – Meat and Sea Food

Meat and Sea Food1-Eggs






High Protein sources – Dairy Products

Dairy Products1-Eggs



4-Low-fat Yogurt

High Protein Sources – Legumes and Dry Fruits

Legumes and Dry1-Peanuts







High Protein sources – Vegetables

Vegetables1-Green Beans





6-Wheatgrass Powder

High Protein sources – Cereals


2-Black Rice


High Protein sources – Fruits

Fruits1-Passion Fruit




How Much Protein Is Good Protein?

Protein Is Good ProteinProtein requirements vary based on your body type, physical work involvement in daily lifestyle, exercising habits and medical conditions. Based on the weight, taking at least 76 – 136 grams of protein per day. Based on the conditions, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend taking 60 – 209 grams of protein per day, which is 10% – 35% of your daily Calorie intake. To get a protein requirement number in grams, that is a reasonable target for daily consumption, multiply your body weight in pounds by 0.7 or multiply your body weight in kilograms by 1.5.

Harvard Health Publishing posits that for a 50-year-old woman who weighs 140 pounds and who is sedentary (doesn’t exercise), that translates into 53 grams of protein a day. There are a number of online calculators available out there that help you calculate the optimum protein intake requirement for your body. You can easily upload all your life details like weight, height lifestyle and age and in the end you will know exactly how much protein is required by your body.

With this simple to follow high protein diet you can very easily lose weight with keeping crash dieting away and eating all the protein rich foods to your hearts content. With simple to follow high protein diet select your own choice of foods and create a variation. Soon you will see the amazing results of this protein diet for weight loss. DO share with us your success stories.

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