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fancy haircuts

There are fancy haircuts for women that can be done. Here are some ways of cutting your hair.

1Round faced haircuts

Round faced haircuts

Round faces do have a tough time selecting an appropriate hairstyle for them. This could happen mainly because of the shape of the face and the haircut that may or may not suit their face. If you are going with medium length cuts, you can always depend on cuts that fall up to your shoulders or a bit longer too. Round faced people with curls look cute and their hair volume looks thicker too. So, if you have medium length hair, go for messy buns, bangs, layer cuts, asymmetrical down-do, trendy low knot, loose up-do, and bouffant up-do.

Long hair would do great with round faces too, mainly because both sides of the face are partially covered and makes your face look narrower. Long bob, centre parting, curly curls, messy ponytails, fishtail braids, straightened hair and so many other hairstyles would look amazing and suitable for round shaped face.

If you have short hair, then probably all cuts may not suit round face. Women mostly feel that they should have long hair when they have chubby cheeks. But, that is not it! You can have classic bob cut, heavy side bangs, versatile bob cuts, messy bob cuts and so many more if you have short hair. The whole idea of making your face look narrower depends on your hairstyle and your cut.

2Pixie haircuts for women

Pixie haircuts for women

Pixie haircut can look great even on older women. Older women generally think that getting a haircut done is a luxury. But as and when you grow older, you might have to consider looking sexier and sassier. Changing and experimenting looks and style could help you figure out the perfect look you would want to stick with in the long run. Pixie haircut screams out loud for comfort, sexiness and obviously easy maintenance. While you can have the advantage of short hair, you will also be able to enjoy longer bangs on top of your head, basically on the upper region of your hair.

Instead of trying to style your hair in a ponytail, you can style your hair in a couple of minutes and look comfortable with the desired pixie cut. There are various styles like two tone short pixie cut, carol braidy inspired pixie hair-do, Wispy feathered pixie cut, short stacked bob, voluminous sassy pixie cut, rounded pixie cut, blunts and modern pixie cut and so many more. You can finally enjoy comfort; trend and luxury in one hairstyle. All you need to do is to pick the right kind of pixie cut and wear it with confidence.

3Short curly haircuts

Short curly haircuts

Curly hair? Is it a blessing or a curse? In fact the opposites always look better and nicer. Straight hair girls would love to get the perm or curly hairstyle done and curly hair girls love to straighten their hair. You may ask if short hair and curly hair would ever go hand in hand. We are going to tell you that short and curly hair have hundreds of styling options and you just have to pick the perfect one for your hair texture and your looks. A lot of women hesitate to cut their curly medium hair wondering if it will curl up and look bad on them. Don’t worry about that at all because the curly short hairstyle is the new trend in the fashion arena.

If you want to feel comfortable and breathe during the summer season, go for curly short hairstyles that suit you. Hairstyles like retro waves, vintage diva, controlled curls, voluminous waves, impetuous side waves, messy curls, very short curls, sassy and wavy pixie hairstyle, bob style and so many more will make you look awesome and cool. Using the right kind of hair products and styling products would help you in getting your short curly look a kick-start!

4Short pixie cuts

Short pixie cuts

Are you tired of having a long hair and maintaining a long and healthy hair since the time you remember? Well, if you are bold enough and ready to chop your hair, then this is the amazing cut you should probably go for. It doesn’t matter what color your hair is. Whether it is black, blonde, brunette or brown hair, the amazing thing about short pixie cuts is that it will make your cheekbone pop and it will frame your face, beautifully. It could feel very intimidating at the starting stages, but once you get comfortable with the hairstyle, you will not miss your long hair.

It is bold, comfortable, brave and makes you look super sexy and strong. If you are one of those strong women, then you definitely need to get this haircut done at least once to see how you look. Some haircuts like long front and short back cuts, extremely short pixie cuts, asymmetrical pixie cuts, ginger pixie cut, short layered pixie cuts, edgy short pixie cuts, short curly pixie cuts are very interesting and make you look younger too. The whole idea of a short pixie cut is to make you feel confident and comfortable. So, try one of these and let us know how you feel!

5Wedge haircuts

Wedge haircuts

Wedge haircut style has been popular since the 1970s, when the Olympic winner ‘Dorothy Hamill’ came up with a beautiful signature cut that inspired hundreds of women and men to get the haircut done. The cut is basically more like a bob cut with hair closer to the neck region. If you are planning for a makeover from long hair to short hair, this is what you should opt for because not only does it look amazing, but it will make you feel sassy and super confident about your hair. It is not completely boyish and short, but is not very long and feminine either. You will be a cross cut between a boyish look and a feminine look.

There are so many types of wedge haircuts for women that can vary from curly wedge cut, Hay cut trend, shiny straight hair wedge cut, colored wedge cut, retro style wedge cut, edgy wedge cut, dora doll wedge cut and so many more that bring out the real ‘you’. You can get wedge cut with bangs as well and to look more stylish, you can opt and experiment with hair colors as well. You can definitely have fun giving yourself a makeover and finding the real you with an impudent wedge cut.

-Pavithra Ravi

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